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Friday Night All-Stars Week 17

Week 16 Recap

Trevor (70-58-0) : Tyson (74-54-0)



Both these teams were 20-point winners to start the second half. Team Howarth finished last half beating Team D. Gelardi, and start this one taking down Team S. Gelardi. On a rather low scoring night across the league Team Howarth was the only team to manage three 300+ games. The match saw Mike Devenney (862) end his eight-week losing streak beating Holly Chaikowski (809). The most critical match for them came at second with Ray Bartel (983) holding on to win his shoot out with Corey Chaikowski (951), despite Ray even losing 46 pins with his 312 game thanks to Corey’s 358. Team Stevenson found themselves in a similar situation but luckily Michael Linsenmeier (1077) managed to be on the winning side of his 310-307 match with Tim Hooper (867). Aside from Michael only Jayson May (982) was able to find the win column at the end of the night, thanks to a couple close wins against Karen Armstrong (924). Both Erik Stewart (804) and Darren Maxwell (920) could have been winners too but losing their last games by 72 and 74 respectively saw both their totals slip away.

Key Matchup

The bottom half of Team Howarth has proven they are able to compete week in and week out, this will be a good test to see the top half can continue their winning pace as well. If both Mike and Ray can keep it over 850 I think they’ll give their team a fair shot, the wildcard factor will be what Michael throws at them.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #2 – COOK vs. LOURENCO

The current #2 and #3 teams going head-to-head always means it will be a good match. Team Lourenco holds a small three-point lead and will look to widen it tonight after starting the half with a win over Team Hendrickson. The team had a strong start with all three team members present shooting over 930. Jon Linley (974) salvaged his night after a 387-double, finishing with a 587-double to give him his third week over 950 in the last four weeks. The same could be said for James Jubinville (983) who now has three weeks over 980 in the same span, giving the two of them a combined 241 average in the last month. Team Cook did not start as hot, with Char McIvor (906) at leadoff being their only win and also their only total over 900 on the night. Derek Sabourin (816) looked about as sharp as the bowling ball he kept throwing into the 3-pin, and basically handed Dave Duncan (824) the win at the end of the night. Things did not get much better by the time you got down to anchor with Trevor Cook (880) putting up his first sub-900 week of the season, losing 4-1 to Tyson Nelson (1016). This was Team Cook’s lowest week going all the way back to Week 5.

Key Matchup

Assuming Trevor’s performance was a one-off bad week, we can assume he will be back over 1000 this week. That being said, I think the real determinant of which team will win this match will be who comes out ahead when you combine the anchor matchup Belle (934) vs Trevor and the seconds matchup which is Jon vs Derek.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Neither of these teams had big scoring weeks but for the most part just average scores. Luckily for Team Nelson their opponent did not put up the same scores as Team Armstrong’s, giving them twice as many points to start the half. There were positives to take away from both matches though. Linda Orne (903) now has back-to-back weeks over 900 for the first time this season, keeping the very low games away has been a real key to success for her in the past couple weeks. At anchor Randy Morrissette (930) salvaged a slow start, 385-double, with back-to-back 270s to make a 64-pin comeback against Darren Maxwell (920) in the last game. After Week 16 Team Nelson is 3-0 when facing #2 ranked teams this season. A lot of their recent success has come from their bottom half over the last six weeks. Cindy Cousins (891) is now 6-0 over that span, most recently taking down Zach Friesen (863), 4-1. This has paired up nicely with Tyson nelson (1016) improving his record to 5-1 over the same span and knocking off back-to-back Snowmen, with Trevor Cook taking the 4-1 beating this week.

Key Matchup

The leadoffs could play a big part in this match. Tim Hooper (867) is currently averaging 159 against Team Nelson, a number he will look to improve upon in Week 17. While Shannon Pruden (879) will be sparing once again after making a good impression last week. Both can be big motivators if they can start running some marks.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #4 – D. GELARDI vs. CAMPBELL

Team D. Gelardi had two losses in their first 14 weeks, they have now doubled that with back-to-back losses in weeks 15 and 16. Given almost 40% of this matchup lives in the same household you could see it get a little rowdy. The struggles for Team D. Gelardi last week really came from the top half of their lineup, a top half that has been fairly consistent at keeping even their low totals still close to the 800-mark. Chris Jeffers (736) had a season low, managing to avoid the sweep thanks to a 183-182 win over Jesse Gagnon (880) and Kevin Grabowski (756) also managed one win in what could have easily been a 4-1 victory for him if he could have been on the other side of a couple close games with Jennifer Duncan (779). Team Campbell did not have a great performance from their top half either, but their bottom half carried them to a big win. Specifically, Jessica Meurrens (1130) throwing her second 1100 of the season, just hosing Matt Sutherland (807) who was fighting uphill after being down 193-pins after game one, 351-158. The loss from Tabatha Gelardi (767) now slips her into a three-week losing streak that she will be looking to snap this week when she plays Chris Jeffers.

Key Matchup

With both leadoffs and seconds coming off slow weeks, I would say they will be the focus of this match. If just one of those players can break away from the pack, it could have big implications when it comes down to totals.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #5 – NAUGLER vs. FLEMING

This will be a big revenge match for Team Naugler, as one of the two teams that lost to Team Fleming the first time around, they will look to not make the same mistakes again. This time they will have captain Kevin Naugler (896) who has led the team on a resurgence since his return in Week 11. Last week was a slow start with 9/16 games under 200. The only one over average was Jordan Nickerson (846) who just had an unfavorable matchup with Jeff Bradshaw (880) who took four points from Jordan. The real shocker was the nose dive Jeston Bartram (821) took, being over 200 pins lower than the next lowest week he has had since Week 11. His team will really be needing him to bounce back in a big way if they wish to continue their push towards A-side. Team Fleming had a slightly better start than last half and will be looking to sweep Team Naugler on the season. Gillian LaMonica (814) is starting to find her old form and also has wins in consecutive weeks for the first time this season, last week defeating Tabatha Gelardi (767). Her team will need both mark Prystupa (787) and Brooke Goulet (879) to get into the win columns as both only have one win since Week 10.

Key Matchup

The key for Team Fleming will be if they can get both Mark and Gillian over 800 and both Brooke and Chloe over 900, that is the most realistic way of giving them a fighting chance. Team Naugler just needs to limit how many low games they throw, especially 120s, and they should be heavy favourites.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Naugler

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler


Both these teams lost their opening weeks of the second half. Team Hendrickson drops down to 11th now sitting 8 points back of the 8th place Team LaMonica, thanks to a 18-3 loss to Team Lourenco. As they were warned, in a season where the scores are much higher than previous ones, 800s will not cut it. The lone exception to that in the previous matchup was Chad Hurd (896) taking four points off a weak night from Ralph Gelardi (770). Otherwise as Brett Hendrickson (950) found out, even 900s won’t cut it in third position necessarily as James Jubinville (983) made the late game four comeback for his match and total. Team S. Gelardi had its own fair share of struggles last week, none more so than Sam Gelardi (789) who only had three sub-200 games up till that point and nearly doubled it with his season low total against Glen Howarth (981). The rest of his team kept their matchups within 50 pins but unfortunately none were on the winning side of total. Corey Chaikowski (951) should be happy with his 951 as it’s a big jump up from the 800-mark he has been hovering around the past few weeks, maybe not the most consistent way of doing though, winning game two 358-312 and then following it up with a 142.

Key Matchup

The focus for Team Gelardi needs to be to limit the low games under 190, as they have killed them this season, especially once they start dropping into the 160s and lower. For Team Hendrickson they need some big game energy, the last three weeks they have a combined nine games over 250, meaning they are typically battling back in every match. Since it looks like Team Hendrickson got a “break” from Chad for a few weeks I think it will definitely have an impact, I am still undecided if its good or bad for the team, lets just hope it doesn’t fracture their team spirit.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #7 – KING vs. LAMONICA

This is the second of two matches on the night that will see two winning teams from last week face off. They didn’t exactly have to try very hard for those wins though with a combined 202 average between their opponents. Team King had a slow start, being swept in game one but were off to the races after that taking 23/25 points available in the remainder of the night. I finally get to say Chris Dewar (981) broke his losing streak after six weeks, after finishing nearly a full game ahead of Jennifer Devenney (777). Though he did not win by quite as much Garry Bell (847) still picks up a big win over Shane D (741), giving Garry his first back-to-back wins of the season. Team LaMonica had a similar night losing their first two games and then pretty much running the sheet after that. Jayden Nickerson (774) was previously 0-8 when throwing below 900, but picked up his first win in Week 16 defeating Adam Williamson (726). Matt Turanski (842) has similar numbers, 5-0 over 900, but only 1-10 after last week for weeks under 900. The Week 16 matchup against Kevin Naugler (896) had him in a 163-pin hole after two games and he could only make up so much of it.

Key Matchup

Wayne King (862) struggled the last couple months falling to 1-6 over his last seven weeks. He will need to get back to where he was earlier in the season if he wants his team to make any kind of a push up the standings. If he has a good night, it will be a close matchup.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #8 – YOUZWA vs. RODYCH

Team Rodych looked like a hockey team last week, unfortunately that team was USA in the semis facing Canada… good for about 10 minutes and then got absolutely ran over. The team averaged 242 game one and proceeded to average 185 for the rest of the night, probably the biggest derailment we have seen by a whole team this season. The power couple of Derek Sanderson (750) and Jennifer Devenney (777) took a power nap, after game one. Starting with a 500 double between them, and then subsequently had 488 and 536 triples respectively for the next three. Matt Rodych (912) was the smaller glimmer of hope for his team taking three points off Wayne King (862), and only missing the sweep due to two 3-pin losses in games two and three. Team Youzwa had wins coming out the wazoo last week, only slipping up in game three, otherwise they had a perfect night for the other games. Jen Duncan (779) extended her win streak to six weeks, taking down Kevin Grabowski (756). The opposite can be said for Colton Youzwa (1044) despite his average continuing to go up, averaging 255 over the last few weeks, he is now riding a three-week losing streak thanks to Geoff Born (1063). The team win though bumps them up to 5th position, neck and neck with Team S. Gelardi and Stevenson on either side.

Key Matchup

Marc Steves (981) versus Jennifer will undoubtedly be the make or break of this match. Marc has been throwing up fairly consistent high 900 totals, but at the same time slightly padded totals thanks to usually one big 300 each week. If he can limit his low game to above 220 this is his matchup to lose.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Meme of the Week

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