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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 11 Review

Match #1 – B. Jeffers (21) vs. Stevenson (10)

Team Stevenson jumped out to a hot start in this one with a big 1073 giving them a 364-pin lead on Team B. Jeffers who only shot 709, this game was highlighted by Dylan Stevenson (975) shooting a 342. Unfortunately, for them they appeared to burn up after game one as 50% of the remaining 12 games were under 200 and none above 230. Team B. Jeffers swept the last two matches and won all totals but one to complete the comeback. Ben Jeffers (832) became the first to win a week against the previously unbeaten Tyler Reynolds (804). Lastly, Tyson Nelson (1069) bounced back after a 171 start to finish as the high four on the night.

Dominant Performances

Dylan Stevenson – 342 (1)

Tyson Nelson – 356 (1), 898 (3)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

Match #2 – LaMonica (20) vs. Gelardi (11)

Team LaMonica was all over Team Gelardi early in this one, sweeping the first two games, building nearly a 300-pin lead. Team Gelardi did fight back the last two games, taking 5 points each but ultimately fell short with only captain Dwayne Gelardi (1043) making the comeback to steal his total point, from his little brother Sam Gelardi (953). I think the big game changer in this match was Jeff Bradshaw (952) in the second position with the largest margin of victory, beating Robbie Hendrickson (824), 128 pins.

Dominant Performances

Dwayne Gelardi – 825 (3), 1043 (4)

Jeff Bradshaw – 952 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Match #3 – Hurd (8) vs. Bartram (23)

I may owe Team Bartram a retraction after saying this match would be a runaway, it was, but clearly in their favour. The lone silver lining for Team Hurd was a solid week from Brett Hendrickson (1008), and sweeping all 5 of his points. Jeston Bartram (990) brought his A-game, shooting his highest total of the season since Week 1. The most unexpected victory in this match was Colton Harris (811) taking total over captain Chad Hurd (728). A big boost for Team Bartram was Dixie (935) in the leadoff position sweeping Ryan Bannerman (663) in the biggest blowout of the match, 272 pins.

Dominant Performances

Brett Hendrickson – 321 (1), 586 (2)

Jeston Bartram – 320 (1), 596 (2)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Match #4 – Rodych (10) vs. Enns (21)

This match went down fairly closely to how we expected. As he has done most of the season, Matt Rodych (1017) provided another quality night. Amanda Devenney (833) held onto a narrow victory over opposing captain Craig Enns (831). Team Enns really gained the upper hand in this match by taking three out of four game totals, and spare Matt Sutherland (1009) providing a large boost towards grand total, taking his matchup with Carter Schade (692) by 317 pins. This was complemented further by Dwight Hurd (877) having his first 800+ week since Week 6.

Dominant Performances

Matt Sutherland – 1009 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Match #5 – C. Jeffers (17.5) vs. Youzwa (13.5)

Team C. Jeffers picks up their second win of the season in what was certainly not a favorable matchup for them. The second and third positions for Team Youzwa held their own with Jenna Gillrie (964) and Chloe Fleming (913) providing a 244-pin advantage. Unfortunately, this was not enough to offset the pins lost at the leadoff and anchor position. Anthony Novak (1064) had a statement week after a 185 in game one, proceeding to take the remaining points off opposing anchor Colton Youzwa (890) who struggled compared to what we are used to seeing. Chris Jeffers (888) played a strong supporting role with a new season high. Chris and Anthony combined for 8.5 points on the night.

Dominant Performances

Jenna Gillrie – 305 (1), 964 (4)

Anthony Novak – 366 (1), 879 (3)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Match #6 – Cousins (20) vs. Devenney (11)

This match saw the end of Cindy Cousins (842) hot streak she had been on, but the timing worked perfectly as the rest of her team was there to provide support. The top three positions for Team Cousins combined for 11 points, while averaging 222, compared the 203 they were coming into the night. Team Devenney came out flat in this match with only spare Chris Dewar (1036) putting up a total notably over average. Mike Devenney (790) finished with a clutch 258 game to at least get his team to a tie on the total that game, as well as salvage his night from what could have been a low total.

Dominant Performances

Chris Dewar – 301 (1), 1036 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cousins ( ✓ )

Match #7 – King (21) vs. Cook (10)

This was the lowest scoring affair of the night 3342 - 3301. Overall, on the night every game was close for team total, with the biggest win coming at only 39 points. Team captain Trevor Cook (1013) tried his best to carry his team, all of which appeared to struggle tonight. Team King took advantage and grabbed up all the totals in the top three positions, bailing out captain Wayne King (818) who went from his highest week of the season to his second lowest. Patrick Walker (855) found himself off to a hot start with a 511 double, but cooled off in the second half of the night, finishing with just a 344 double, but still fended off Jayson May (784) with ease.

Dominant Performances

Patrick Walker – 511 (2)

Trevor Cook – 1013 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #8 – Orne (21) vs. Lourenco (10)

As previously expected, Team Orne dominated this match in a lot of ways, predominantly at the top position. Leadoff spare, Sandi Anderson (949), beat fellow spare Lana Wachal (710) in a lopsided 239-point victory. Team Orne only gained an additional 6 pins overall from the remaining three positions, showing how critical that leadoff matchup was. David Wastle (961) clinched his total with a 325-212 in game four over Dave Duncan (869), the two were even after the first three. Belle Lourenco (920) handed Linda Orne (803) her first loss of the season, meaning there are no longer any undefeated players in the league. Darren Maxwell (847) should probably consider himself lucky, as winning total in the anchor position with an 847 will almost never happen, but nonetheless grinded out a win over Alycia Mann (814).

Dominant Performances

Sandi Anderson – 949 (4)

David Wastle – 325 (1), 961 (4)

Belle Lourenco – 309 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne ( ✓ )

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