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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 23 Review

Match #1 – Cook (19) vs. B. Jeffers (12)

Team B. Jeffers had a strong start to this match, winning both totals and taking 8 points, but it was quickly derailed in game three when Team Cook managed to beat them by almost 200 before even factoring in the absentee score of Dave Priestley. Game three saw Team Cook combine for 942 from their 2-3-4 portion of the lineup, the second highest three player total for a single game this season. Despite how they came into the night both Tyson Nelson (909) and Trevor Cook (1024) cooled off slightly from their hot streaks. Team Cook also dominated the interior positions with Jayson May (1000) and Alyssa Campbell (1004) winning their totals by a combined 397 and only giving up two points on the night. The lone saving grace for Team B. Jeffers was that Jon Linley (896) making his spare debut swept the ghost of Dave Priestley (632) keeping them at a respectable 12 points on the night. Season series

Team Cook (31) 1 - 1 Team B. Jeffers (31)

Dominant Performances

Jayson May – 353 (1), 1000 (4)

Alyssa Campbell – 1004 (4)

Trevor Cook – 327 (1), 828 (3), 1024 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( ✓ )

Match #2 – Rodych (25) vs. Bartram (6)

One of these teams decided to come out to play last week and unfortunately for Team Bartram it was Team Rodych. Fresh off her vacation, Lexie Sutherland (1017) took no time picking up right where she left off smoking Jeston Bartram (912) in the process. What better way to welcome Mark Goldsworthy (762) to the team than with a 347-pin beat down from Matt Rodych (1109), on the bright side it should get closer next week most likely. A definite positive note for Team Rodych is the top half, Hailey Roberts (627) and Carter Schade combined for a season high 5 points on the night, hopefully a good sign for how the season will finish for these two. The 25 points from tonight is a new season high for Team Rodych as well. They’ll ideally be looking to build up some momentum for themselves heading into the roll-offs and possibly take a crack at winning the B-side. Season series Team Rodych (36) 1 - 1 Team Bartram (26)

Dominant Performances

Matt Rodych – 301, 313 (1), 838 (3), 1109 (4)

Lexie Sutherland – 1017 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Bartram ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych ( ✓ )

Match #3 – LaMonica (18.5) vs. Enns (12.5)

Team LaMonica may have snuck out a win last week with one of their lower totals in the second half, 3429, not the usual big scores we expect to see from them. When Team Enns’ top half Dwight Hurd (612) and Garry Bell (784) only put up a single game over 190 against one of the league’s best 1-2 duos Cyndie Barnett (885) and Jeff Bradshaw (766) you knew it was going to be a rough night. Things definitely greatly improved with Team Enns winning the battle in the 3-4 positions. Craig Enns (964) took no mercy on spare Brooke Goulet (841), throwing nearly a season high total, even despite a 157 start. At the anchor spot it was a bit more of a grind with Glen Howarth (1026) taking a couple close wins over Sam Gelardi (937) early in the night and really put it home with a big 328-223 win in game four. Season series Team LaMonica (29.5) 1 - 1 Team Enns (32.5)

Dominant Performances

Craig Enns – 323 (1), 807 (3), 964 (4)

Glen Howarth – 328 (1), 1026 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Match #4 – Youzwa (17) vs. Hurd (14)

Another tough match for Team Hurd extends their losing streak to four games, despite having no weeks under 14 points during that span. I am not sure which is going to be sorer after last week, Colton’s shoulders from carrying his team to victory or Brett’s butt from being on the receiving end of Colton’s ass-kicking all night. Team Hurd, specifically Brett Hendrickson (947) has now had the two highest triples in the league thrown at him, with Colton Youzwa (1239) setting a league high 1016 triple. Even with this, Chad Hurd (971) managed to make up 198 pins in his match over Jenna Gillrie (773) bowling just a solid, well-rounded night. Team Youzwa was able to hold onto the win tonight thanks to both Mark Prystupa (808) hanging onto his total by 43 pins and Chloe Fleming (924) taking her total by 10 pins over Kevin Naugler (914). Season series Team Youzwa (43) 2 - 0 Team Hurd (19)

Dominant Performances

Colton Youzwa – 363, 385 (1), 748 (2), 1016 (3), 1239 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( ✓ )

Match #5 – C. Jeffers (10) vs. Devenney (21)

I am very happy to finally be able to write that Team Devenney took their first win since Week 9 and have finally ended their losing streak. Once again, this match saw a captain put their team on their shoulders and show why they are the captain. Jennifer Devenney (1060) put up a season high total on a week where she needed it. Without the strong finish from Jennifer this match was extremely close. The leadoff total was decided by 3 pins, Al Bristow (876) over Neil Stewart (873) with a 12-pin win in game four. That wasn’t even the closest matchup in this match, the third position was decided by a single pin Holly Chaikowski (820) and Tim Hooper (819), and give credit to Tim for trying he came back with a 263-193 win in game four to fall just shy of that total. Season series Team C. Jeffers (24) 0 - 2 Team Devenney (38).

Dominant Performances

Jennifer Devenney – 311, 328 (1), 639 (2), 1060 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Devenney ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Devenney ( X )

Match #6 – King (12) vs. Cousins (19)

This was a match Team king did not to lose, as they are now on the verge of being knocked out of the top 8. Team Cousins had a strong showing though tonight, definitely worthy of the win over Team King. As is the theme with many matches tonight anchor Cindy Cousins (1089) put up her season high total and it paid off big time. Wayne King (880) continues to struggle, being shut out for the second time in the last three weeks. The other highlight of the night though was Char McIvor (985) throwing bombs all night, no games under 230 and taking a very important win over Karen Armstrong (902). The silver lining for Team King is that Patrick Walker continues to below well and has now won six of his last seven weeks. Season series Team King (21) 0 - 2 Team Cousins (41).

Dominant Performances

Char McIvor – 985 (4)

Cindy Cousins – 333 (1), 630 (2), 1089 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team King ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team King ( X )

Match #7 – Stevenson (16) vs. Lourenco (15)

This may be the top candidate for shootout of the year, 3907-3870 in favour of Team Stevenson. Both teams were firing on all cylinders in the 2-3-4 positions, combing for a 261 average, and the anchors were the lowest of those scores with Ethan Buckman (1026) making a late comeback on Dylan Stevenson (1001). The thirds saw Jayden Nickerson (1102) win the battle over Belle Lourenco (1021), with his new season high total. Much to Team Lourenco’s dismay a season high from Dave Duncan (1043) in the second position was not enough to subdue a big game four comeback from Chelsea Kehler (1074) with her making up 192 pins in the last game 388-192 for her only win of the night but a big point for total as well. Five individual players had 300s in this match, the most of any single match this season. Season series Team Stevenson (36) 2 - 0 Team Lourenco (26).

Dominant Performances

Chelsea Kehler – 388 (1), 1074 (4)

Jayden Nickerson – 304 (1), 877 (3), 1102 (4)

Dylan Stevenson – 331 (1), 1001 (4)

Dave Duncan – 312 (1), 849 (3), 1046 (4)

Belle Lourenco – 301 (1), 1021 (4)

Ethan Buckman – 1026 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Match #8 – Orne (24) vs. Gelardi (7)

Team Orne showed it tonight why they are amongst the top three teams in the league, taking down the now former top team in the league, Team Gelardi. This drops Team Gelardi behind Team LaMonica in the standings, and gives Team Orne a 20-point buffer between them and fourth place. Team Orne was solid all down the lineup, taking every individual total and all but one game totals. David Wastle continues to run hot (983) handling Wayne Wolanski (835) with ease. The same can be said for Jennifer Duncan (837) saving her night despite a 138 start, to take four points off Mitch Dubell (185). And finally in anchor, Darren Maxwell (1038) takes a big victory off the winningest player in the league Dwayne Gelardi (950), even despite a 70-pin deficit after game one. Season series Team Orne (42) 2 - 0 Team Gelardi (20).

Dominant Performances

David Wastle – 331 (1), 984 (4)

Darren Maxwell – 349 (1), 831 (3), 1038 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

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