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How it All Began : Renovations Behind the Scenes - Part 1

Anyone who knows my dad Mike knows he isn’t good at sitting around doing nothing. So when Winnipeg Health & COVID-19 forced us to shut our doors in March and we found ourselves sitting in an empty St James Lanes, it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves something to do.

And so we found ourselves cleaning up clutter around the bowling alley. The recent sale of Park Alleys meant we had a lot of items coming over that needed a new home, and the centre could use a cleanup anyway (just ask mom)... even better if the new items didn’t have to be just shoved in a corner. That led to thinking about ways we could optimize the space we had for future use.

We began the process of measuring, planning, & drawing floor plan after floor plan for the storage room… and then it was time to get to work. We started with emptying the storage room and moving Mike’s tools to the back (does anyone really need 47 phillips screwdrivers?) to open up space for inventory and stock at the front, for easy access on a busy day. Arguments ensued and plenty of things that probably didn’t need to exist were found, but after a long few days, we were happy with the results.

A storage area between bowling lanes 10 & 11 was also reorganized, and we opened up so much extra space that we had room for 4 new plastic shelves. Now we were on a productivity high, and decisions (and motivation) came easier.

It was time for phase 2 - counter renovations and big changes to the “high side” (lanes 11-16) that Mike had been wanting to do for quite some time…

To Be Continued…

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