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Friday Night All-Stars Week 6

Trevor (22-18-0) : Tyson (19-21-0)



Team Youzwa grinded out their win last week over Team Howarth. The teams had offsetting blowouts on the top and bottom with Dwight Hurd (644) getting swept by Mike Devenney (860) but Jeston Bartram (1019) making up for it taking four points off Craig Enns (789). In the middle Tracy Jubinville (733) pulled off the uncommon loss despite winning total, but this easily could have been a win if not for the two single-digit losses in games 3 and 4. The team was probably most happy to see signs of life from Ethan Buckman (985) with his 348 in game two. Team Meurrens saw their winning streak come to an end, in what was an extremely close match with Team Costello. A 106-pin loss in game 4 ended up costing the team grand total, as they lost by 35 pins, 3635 – 3670. The girls seemed to carry their weight fine, but the 357-double from the boys up top could definitely have been a contributing factor to the choking at the end of the night. Despite the untimely finish, both Chad Hurd (875) and Jesse Gagnon (877) had their best night as a pair. Jessica Meurrens (945) also saw her own personal winning streak broken again in a game 4 finish that saw Kyle Costello (983) squeak ahead.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Team Nelson now stands as the lone undefeated team after last week, putting a clear target on their back moving forward. Much like his team Ray Bartel (959) also remains one of the few players yet to lose a week as well, putting a boot to the only member of Team LaMonica you can guarantee will be there, Chris Dewar (869). Erik Stewart (833) and Geoff Born (923) might need a strategy meeting, as last week’s plan of shoot 180s or 280+ fell through when only two games were the latter and five were in the 180s. Team Armstrong has had an up and down start to their season, but last week they kept it up. The team walked away with 20.5 points, also making them the only team this season to have no matchups between 10-20 points, they have either had 20+ or been under 10. Kevin Boyko (1136) made a big showing with a well-rounded night, only missing the sweep on Trevor Cook (926) due to a 6-pin loss in what ended up being his low game of the night 250-256. The top half also did not disappoint as both Richard Parisian (979) and Holly Chaikowski (874) had season highs, and Holly and Char Hurd (924) becomes the first tied week of the season.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

Match #3 – LOURENCO vs. RODYCH

Team Lourenco saw their undefeated run come to an abrupt end last week mostly at the hands of Darren Maxwell (1246) who just showed up and gave the league its first 1200 of the season. This team will yet again be changing lineups as James Jubinville (1075) flies from leadoff to anchor, also making them the only team to now have had two separate leadoffs shoot over 1000. Also making it a tough night for Robbie Hendrickson (1015) who as a leadoff probably didn’t expect to only take a single point shooting over 1000. The night was just as rough for Belle Lourenco (793) who will become the first captain this season to try their hand at the leadoff position, after taking a 4-1 loss to Cam Boon (924). Team Rodych has had a slow start to the season and last week was no exception, just making into double digits for points. The one silver lining in their playbook has been Cindy Cousins (927) who now has back-to-back weeks over 920. The team will be eager to welcome back Brandon Mansell after his successful weekend at the Autumn Open. Even more so, the team will look to get Gillian LaMonica back on track as she is currently riding a four week losing streak and a solid night from her could highly boost the teams chances of picking up the win.

Over/Under: Bowlers over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #4 – COOK vs. STEEVES

The last couple weeks have been good to Team Steeves as have had sub-par performances from their opponents coupled nicely with a collective 241 team average over that span. With Team Cook sitting second last it’s looking like a favorable matchup for them once again. The Duncan’s are taking turns as two weeks ago Dave popped off, and last week saw Jenn Duncan (993) toss up an 834 triple in leadoff, meaning she could have not bowled her first game and she would have still won total over Jeff Fraser (666) by 168 pins. I am sure Mark Steeves (1039) would love to have a redo on his last two games after starting with a 614-double. The high-low bowling has been bane of Marc’s start to the season as now 4/5 weeks contain both a 530+ double and a sub-430 double. Facing off with Trevor Cook (926) this week the 530 double seems like a safe mark as Trevor has only hit that mark once this season, but has kept low games to a minimum only having a single double below 430. Team Cook actually had their highest scoring week last week, with both Char Hurd (914) and Amanda Devenney (962) setting season highs, but neither able to pick up the win. Amanda had her match but saw her 76-pin lead dwindle away as Richard Parisian (979) took game four 303-210. I think the Dunca’s will be the decider in this match, their success seems to be directly linked to the success of the team.

Over/Under: Players Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #5 – HOWARTH vs. LEYTE

Team Leyte has been the second hottest team in terms of points over the last four weeks, even more interesting when you consider they currently have only broken 3600 once over that span, showing you don’t need to bowl huge weeks, just better weeks than your opponents. Linda Orne (917) fell 10-pins shy of making it five straight wins to start the season as she ended up going back and forth with Cindy Cousins (927). Luckily, she handed the torch off to Alycia Mann (847) who will be going for her fifth straight win this week facing Mike Devenney (860) at leadoff. Mike isn’t going to go down easy though as he comes in off his highest week this season, and fresh off sweeping Dwight Hurd (644). You know the top two must have been having a good time when for the first time this season Mike and Mark Prystupa (723) both picked up wins. Apparently only one half can click at a time though as Craig Enns (789) has now averaged 202 the last two weeks, and still maintains his spot at anchor giving himself a chance at redemption.

Over/Under: Bowlers under 750 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte

Match #6 – MAY vs. STEVENSON

Team May is turning more into Team DisMay as coming in on paper they were set to do very well, but have really fallen flat to start the season. Their spares did a pretty good job looking like them as the bottom three spares of Tyler Reynolds, Ryan Lake, and Randy Morrissette combined for just 5 points, and three of those came in the last game to salvage the night from true disaster. Even with taking those three points the team actually lost game four due to a 154-pin win by Jennifer Duncan (993) over Jeff Fraser (666), 294-140, giving the team a 877-934 finish. Team Stevenson had a much more promising looking night with their bottom three averaging 251 in a shootout loss to Team S. Gelardi. Leading the charge was most definitely Michael Linsenmeier (1103) who didn’t even give Kelly Smith (961) a sniff with her 961. This makes it Michael’s second sweep this season. The key to playing him will be winning game one, whoever wins game one is his matchups has 100%-win success. This will be a proving match for both teams as Stevenson looks to pushout of the middle of the pack, while May hopes to pick themselves up from near the bottom.

Over/Under: Games over 250 by Team Stevenson (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team May

Match #7 – S. GELARDI vs. LAMONICA

Team S. Gelardi was on the winning end of a shootout with Team Stevenson. This was really the first glimpse we have got of the true potential of this team, from how they were drafted. The team had a slow start taking only 3 points in the first two games, but took advantage of a drop in scores by their opponents to push ahead taking 15/19 to finish the night. Sam Gelardi (1088) is currently on the hottest streak in the league averaging 276 over the last three weeks, and only losing a single point in that span. The big positive takeaway for their team has to be seeing Kelly Smith (961) at least bowl well for the first time this season, just bad timing it was on the same night she got raked over the coals by Michael Linsenmeier (1103). Team LaMonica which was getting dangerously close to being revised to Team Dewar and friends, held their own last week against the leagues top team. Lisa Carvalho (939) was out for blood after being called out last week, and since Tyson was away, she took it out on poor Erik Stewart (833) instead. The team was most likely happy just to have their captain Andrew LaMonica (807) back even if the time off was very evident by the three 190s to finish the night. I would think the weight of this match is going to fall on Andrew and Jennifer, to try and keep pace with Sam and Kelly.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 1000 (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #8 – D. GELARDI vs. COSTELLO

Team D. Gelardi was another very spare heavy team last week with only Robbie Hendrickson (1015) around from the original lineup. After a slow start to the season a 1015 was much welcomed by Robbie, however the 1075 he had thrown at him by James Jubinville was probably less so. However, that paled in comparison to the luck they had winning the spare lottery with Darren Maxwell (1246) who puts up a season high total contender, and in his own words, “Maxwell on crack again” which I think sums it up beautifully. The rest of the team is simply along for the ride with him. The stat they will be looking to break tonight is their 0%-win percentage with Roland Flaig present. Team Costello also pulled off an upset last week on Team Meurrens. The team honestly had a pretty average scoring night but managed started with an 1104 in game one to give them a buffer which was chewed after shooting an average of 825 for the next two, and forced them to make a late push to steal the total back, winning by only 35 pins. Also leave it to Derek Sabourin (923) to start with a 326 and still make a 900 look way too hard. Garry Bell still comes in as one of the winningest players this season but Robbie Hendrickson fresh off his big week will be the biggest test Garry has faced thus far.

Over/Under: Bowlers Over 900 (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

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