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Friday Night 2021 Mock Draft: Tyson Nelson's Predictions

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The 2021-22 Friday Night All-Stars draft is just a couple days away! Read as I share my guesses for how the first round will play out based on the current list of bowlers with their names in the draft .

1. Chad Hurd (225) selects Brett Hendrickson (250): Team Average(475)

As a first-time captain Chad is going to going to be looking for a competitive anchor bowler

with a fun and positive energy to build that team chemistry.

2. Craig Enns (225) selects Glen Howarth (245): Team Average (470)

Craig having just snuck back into a captain spot this season will probably look for an anchor

position bowler and who better than a fellow Friday night veteran to fill the spot.

3. Linda Orne (226) selects Karen Armstrong (241): Team Average (467)

Does anyone need anymore reason than the fact that it's KFA, but also longtime friends they already know team chemistry will be great.

4. Andrew LaMonica (227) selects Darren Maxwell (246): Team Average (473)

Andrew one of the younger captains will look to the experience of Darren to provide a solid

3-4 punch to the team.

5. Belle Lourenco (227) selects Tyson Nelson (260): Team Average (487)

This pick would not surprise anyone. First time captain Belle will probably go for one of the

higher average picks to bowl her anchor position this season.

6. Ben Jeffers (229) selects Sam Gelardi (252): Team Average (481)

With high averages flying off the board Ben might feel the pressure and scoop up one for himself to try and set up a dominant young team.

7. Dylan Stevenson (232) selects Ethan Buckman (238): Team Average (470)

Dylan was on a tear last year and will hopefully come in with the mindset to continue right

where he left off. With that he will feel a little more confident in picking Ethan to provide a

versatile 3-4 combo while setting himself up nicely for the next round.

8. Wayne King (234) selects Chloe Fleming (233): Team Average (467)

Wayne could look to repeat his draft success from last year and pick Chloe again after seeing

her potential in the partial season we had. If she continues on the pace she was going she is a steal at a 233 average.

9. Cindy Cousins (237) selects Char Hurd (220): Team Average (457)

Cindy is a very capable anchor for her team and as such she is going to play the strategic

draft and pick a solid middle position bowler in Char and give herself great draft position in

the second round.

10. Chris Jeffers (237) selects Cordell Galbecka (245): Team Average (482)

With a couple higher averages left on the board Chris might jump at the opportunity to add

one of them to his team and create a powerhouse 3-4 pairing.

11. Jennifer Devenney (237) selects Alyssa Campbell (245): Team Average (482)

Previously long-distance friends now with the opportunity to bowl together, these two could give the league a taste of true girl power.

12. Matt Rodych (242) selects Amanda Devenney (227): Team Average (469)

Another repeat from the previous draft. Matt will look to reunite with his YBC coach for what he hopes to be longer than last time.

13. Jeston Bartram (243) selects Robbie Hendrickson (217): Team Average (460)

After seeing his success last season Robbie is another great “bang for your buck” pick

coming in at only 217. This sets up Jeston very well for the next round.

14. Colton Youzwa (247) selects Kevin Naugler (223): Team Average (470)

This was one of the more challenging picks to make as there are many strategies Colton

could go with. Kevin and Colton could fire each other up and build up the competitive

atmosphere on the team.

15. Dwayne Gelardi (254) selects Holly Chaikowski (216): Team Average (470)

Dwayne is all about a good time and team with great chemistry. These two will be the life of

the team. Holly will be a solid middle position bowler with great potential and a very fun social personality.

16. Trevor Cook (255) selects Gillian LaMonica (210): Team Average (465)

Trevor is well known as someone who will pick up one of his young YBC bowlers to help

them grow and get comfortable in the league, I expect him to take Gillian under his wing.

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