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Calm Before the Storm: Taking Each Day One Step at a Time.

There’s something oddly satisfying about sitting in an empty, dark bowling alley at the beginning of the day. You can hear the traffic rush by and, on days like today, rain hitting the metal of the emergency exit, and it’s peaceful.

At some jobs, looking ahead at your busy schedule for the day can be a dreadful task, but for some reason at the bowling alley, it never feels that way. It’s exciting thinking about how we can take steps in the right direction, of ways to solve new challenges, and of the potential we have to accomplish something special.

Normally I reference my “season at a glance” or “week at a glance” plans, but lately, especially during the unprecedented times we are all going through and the uncertainty that comes with them, I’ve found it helps to look at a small picture instead.

I’ve really missed the feeling of planning the next party, the next special for the bowling lanes, or even the next tournament. There’s nothing I look forward to more, but right now we all have to find little things to do and new ways to get by to replace the things we are used to. “What can I accomplish today?” is something I can think of to help stay on track, make progress towards our goals.

While we wait for people to stop in, the peace and quiet is a good way to start the day and get me excited thinking about what we are doing here at the lanes, and what the future will bring. Even if the only thing on my to-do list today is clean.

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