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Friday Night All-Stars: Power Rankings #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Friday Night All-Stars Power Rankings! This will be a monthly feature made up of composite rankings from Tim Hooper, Tyson Nelson, and Trevor Cook.

This month, we unanimously ranked Team Hurd #1 and Team C. Jeffers #16... what about in between? Read on to find out!

1 - Team Hurd - Last Rank: n/a The league’s first-place team was unanimously ranked first. 3 bowlers averaging over 230 is a terrifying sight for any team and Ryan has gone 18.5-11.5 in the leadoff spot, too.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 1.0)

2 - Team Gelardi - Last Rank: n/a

The second place team was a unanimous choice, too. They’ve been winning all year long, starting with Mitch Dubell at the top with a 21-4 record and the second-best win percentage in the league.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 2.0)

3 - Team LaMonica - Last Rank: n/a The third straight team to unanimously earn their ranking. They have no clear weak spot and only Sam Gelardi is under .500 on the season, but you know he will average better than 233 as the year goes on.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 3.0)

4 - Team B. Jeffers - Last Rank: n/a The rankings finally start to get interesting here with two analysts ranking this team 4th and the other ranking them 5th. Tyson is averaging 271 over the past 4 weeks. They’ve been on the right end of a lot of close matches so far this season.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 4.3)

5 - Team Stevenson - Last Rank: n/a Ranked as high as 4 and as low as 6, Team Stevenson is definitely well respected as a threat in the league right now. One thing all of the analysts agreed on is that they have great team chemistry; a great job on draft night by first-time captain Dylan Stevenson.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 5.0)

6 - Team Enns - Last Rank: n/a An experienced group that are always in contention and find a way to win. Glen Howarth shot 1100 last week, and it will only make this team scarier if he gets back to form.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 6.3)

7 - Team Orne - Last Rank: n/a Although they have lost two weeks in a row, this is another team that is pretty solid 1-through-4. Linda Orne is a league-best 25.5-4.5 so far this season, giving her team a big advantage from the 3 spot.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 7.0)

8 - Team Cook - Last Rank: n/a They’ve turned it around a bit since only taking 18 points in the first two weeks. A good team on paper but all four members are still playing below their draft average. They’re hoping Jayson May’s breakout week (1082 last week) marks a turnaround in his season.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 7.6)

9 - Team Youzwa - Last Rank: n/a Our analysts ranked them a little higher than their standings indicate, likely because they have as much big-game potential as any team in the league. Three straight rough losses are now behind them after a 20-11 win in Week 6.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 9.3)

T-10 - Team Devenney - Last Rank: n/a

Two straight wins have improved their position with Neil Stewart taking care of business (21-9 record) and Holly Chaikowski starting to turn her season around.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 10.3)

T-10 - Team Lourenco - Last Rank: n/a Ranked as high as 9th by our analysts, they are always competitive but have tough back-to-back losses. Belle Lourenco and Ethan Buckman are a combined 36.5-23.5.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 10.3)

12 - Team Bartram - Last Rank: n/a One really bad week in Week 2 is holding them down, but the bottom of their lineup is struggling. Derek Sanderson has been a nice surprise and if Jeston Bartram and Cordell Galbecka start to get back to normal as the year goes on, they will make a move.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 12.3)

13 - Team Cousins - Last Rank: n/a Consistent throughout the lineup and the whole team boasts a win percentage of at least 43.3%, but they need someone to take the anchor position in order to start grabbing team totals.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 13.0)

14 - Team King - Last Rank: n/a You could say it’s been a disappointing start for this whole team, but it’s been starting to look up the last few weeks and they’ve been on the wrong end of some big scores. Karen Armstrong and Wayne King are slowly starting to boost their averages, and even despite struggling so far they are 35-25 combined.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 13.3)

15 - Team Rodych - Last Rank: n/a It’s been the Matt Rodych show as he does his best to keep his team afloat, averaging over 250 on the season. They’re a very young team and we should see progress from Hailey Roberts and Carter Schade as the season goes on.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 15.0)

16 - Team C. Jeffers - 48 points - Last Rank: n/a Tyson even ranked them below Vacancy. They don’t look bad on paper but have been inconsistent and underachieved so far this season.

Rankings by Analyst (average rank: 16.0)

Power Rankings #1 Summary

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