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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 11 Preview

Prediction Records

Tyson Nelson: 23 – 25 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Trevor Cook: 25 – 23 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Match #1 – B. Jeffers vs. Stevenson

Two teams coming off big wins in Week 10, with Team B. Jeffers taking 26 points, while Team Stevenson took 23 points. Both teams for the most part had a very average night, with the exception of two players; Team Stevenson’s captain Dylan Stevenson who struggled, averaging only 209 and Team B. Jeffers third Adam Williamson who had a close to season high 984. Scott Saunderson has been in a bit of a cold streak lately, failing to reach the 800 mark the last four weeks. I would expect to see him bounce back after having a two-week rest.

Key Matchup

Both teams match up pretty evenly so everyone will look to the anchors to take control of the pace of the game. This week will most likely come down to the anchors, Dylan Stevenson comes in at a 20-pin disadvantage to league high average Tyson Nelson. Another matchup to keep an eye on is the battle at second. Tyler Reynolds is yet to lose a week this season, while Ben Jeffers only has three winning weeks. Ben will need to figure out his game if he hopes to bring down Tyler.

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Match #2 – LaMonica vs. Gelardi

Another two teams coming off wins, Team Gelardi with a solid 23.5 points, while Team LaMonica

squeaked out a 16.5-point win. This match will feature another brother versus brother matchup with the two Gelardi’s going head-to-head. I would expect with Dwayne having just won the Manitoba Open his confidence on the lanes must be at a high point. Despite that, the other side won’t be a walk in the park, with Andrew LaMonica having made the cut at the Manitoba Open, and anchor Sam Gelardi making the top 16. Not to mention Jeff Bradshaw has been on a tear the last four weeks averaging 237.

Key Matchup

The bottom half of this match is where this match will be won or lost. Sam has been up and down this season, a bit of a wildcard. He appeared to find his groove last week but we will see if that continues versus his brother who has recently broken out of a somewhat slump during weeks 3 to 8. I would expect to see this match be a shootout all night, with lots of big scores.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Match #3 – Hurd vs. Bartram

A win has been un-Hurd of for Team Hurd as they put up their 4th consecutive loss in Week 10. Team Bartram has not fared much better its past two weeks either, recording back-to-back single digit point weeks. The leadoffs in this match are fairly even, only separated by two points in average: Colton Harris, 184, and Ryan Bannerman, 186. The same thing cannot be said for the bottom three positions, especially at second where Derek Sanderson comes in at a whopping 37-point underdog to opposing captain Chad Hurd. Especially after Derek having shot his lowest week of the season, 623, he will need to bounce back in a big way.

Key Matchup

I am expecting this match to be a blowout. Team Bartram’s bottom half Jeston Bartram and Cordell Galbecka will have to bring some big scores this week to close the gap, otherwise Team Hurd will run away with this one early.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #4 – Rodych vs. Enns

These two teams are coming off very different weeks, Team Rodych is coming off their second lowest week of the season, 4 points, and Team Enns coming off a season high 25 points. This big week was led by Garry Bell who had a season high 1006, and swept his points in dominant fashion. That was complimented even further by Glen Howarth shooting 990. Glen is another player coming off a strong Manitoba Open performance, finishing in the top 8. Between cooling down from the Manitoba Open, getting ready to move and nursing a foot/leg injury it will have to be seen how focused Amanda Devenney is on the lanes this week for Team Rodych.

Key Matchup

Watch the second position, Garry Bell is away this week but whoever spares for him will be facing Carter Schade. Carter will have to keep it close with his opponent if he hopes to give his team a chance tonight, as currently it was already a 28-pin advantage in favor of Garry, the spare might widen that gap even more. The big wildcard of the night will be Amanda, keep an eye out for her, if she is mentally and physically with it, she could provide a big boost for her team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns

Match #5 – C. Jeffers vs. Youzwa

Just like the previous match, this one features teams who had very different outcomes in Week 10. Team C. Jeffers added to their league leading sixth single-digit point week with 6 points. Team Youzwa on the other hand had the most points in Week 10, posting an impressive 27 points. Jenna Gillrie shot a season high 932, featuring the second game over 370 that night for her team alone with a 388. The other high game came from captain Colton Youzwa, 371, who continues to bowl lights out and is coming off a top 16 finish at the Manitoba Open. Another season high was shot last week, this one came from Chris Jeffers, 840, not necessarily a stat you want from your anchor, but hopefully it is a sign of things starting to turn around. However, I would expect Chloe Fleming to effortlessly handle Tim Hooper if he decides to replicate his season low of 655 from the previous.

Key Matchup

This will be Anthony Novak’s first week after taking over for Corey Chaikowski, and he gets thrown into the fire facing one of the strongest bowlers the league has to offer in Colton Youzwa. If Anthony and Tim can keep their respective matches close, they could put their team in a spot where the top half of the lineup could give them enough for a win.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #6 – Cousins vs. Devenney

These two teams combined for 13 points last week. Week 10 was a week most of the people in this match would probably rather forget, with the exception of Cindy Cousins. Cindy is the lone person to have won her week, and did so with a sweep and another big week of 1003. Cindy continues to run hot averaging 245 for her last four weeks. If she continues this pace, she will be a difficult match for Jennifer Devenney who is ideally coming in with confidence after a top 32 finish in the Manitoba Open. This match on paper is almost completely even, but just given how the last few weeks have been trending for each team, I think Team Cousins is a slight favourite.

Key Matchup

I think the match to watch is the second matchup, Shannon Pruden versus Neil Stewart. Neil had a tough last week, but prior to that was bowling much better than he had started the season. The key will be for Shannon to jump out of the gun early and try her best to keep pace with him after that.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cousins

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cousins

Match #7 – King vs. Cook

Both these teams grinded out small wins thanks to a couple of season high nights. Team Cook saw Dave Priestley shoot 993, a season high beating out his previous high of 705, talk about a jump! On the other side Team King’s captain Wayne King shot the high four of the week with 1164, featuring a 377 game one. In addition to those two, this match features two bowlers who made the cut at the Manitoba Open; Trevor Cook and Alyssa Campbell. The one coming in with the most confidence from the weekend has to be Alyssa who had the 8th highest qualifying shift of the tournament and finished top 32.

Key Matchup

I would keep an eye out on the third position where you will see veteran Manitoba bowler Karen

Armstrong take on Manitoba newbie Alyssa Campbell. Karen has been up and down the last few weeks so we will have to see if after a subpar Week 10 if she comes back with a bang in this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #8 – Orne vs. Lourenco

At this point even the weather is warmer than Team Lourenco’s score sheets, currently tied for the longest losing streak this season at six weeks. Team Orne will look to take advantage of a struggling team as they are looking to push themselves even higher in the standings after taking a close 13-18 loss in Week 10. Linda Orne and Darren Maxwell were two more competitors who made the cut at the Manitoba Open, and should be looking to pick up right where they left off and have a couple solid nights. Team Lourenco’s Sam Hunt was put on the season ending IR this past week with a devastating knee injury, she will be replaced full time by Tabatha Gelardi. David Wastle is coming off back-to-back strong weeks averaging 239 over that span, look for him to stay hot.

Key Matchup

Another match where the bottom half will be crucial. Linda Orne remains undefeated, while her

opponent Belle Lourenco has mustered only three points in the last three weeks. Both ladies are

notorious for their corners and this matchup will come down to who grinds it out. Alycia Mann will be making a guest appearance in this matchup to take on Darren at the anchor position, should make for some close games.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne

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