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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 12 Preview

Prediction Records

Tyson Nelson: 28 – 28 – 0 Previous Week: 5-3-0

Trevor Cook: 29 – 27 – 0 Previous Week: 4-4-0

Match #1 – Gelardi vs. Devenney

Two teams coming off 11-point weeks, but with very different positions in the standings. Team Gelardi dropped to the number two spot in the league, while Team Devenney currently sits in 10th. On paper Team Gelardi has the advantage in every position. I think the most notable of these will be at the second and anchor positions. Robbie Hendrickson is always a threat to shoot some big games, and as per most of the season I would expect him to shoot in the 850-890 range, so Neil Stewart needs to be looking at the 900-mark to give himself a good chance.

Key Matchup

Anchor is going to be where this match is truly won or lost. Dwayne Gelardi comes in at a 27-point favourite over fellow captain Jennifer Devenney. Jennifer has struggled this season only breaking the 900-mark twice this season, while Dwayne has only gone below that mark once in that same timeframe. Jennifer will need to keep this close and get some support from the rest of her team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Match #2 – Bartram vs. B. Jeffers

Team Bartram is coming in hot after a big 23-point week against one of the stronger teams in the league. Meanwhile, Team B. Jeffers is one of two teams coming off back-to-back 20+ point weeks. This is another match that will really come down to the second and anchor positions. As a league rookie Derek Sanderson going against the opposing captain Ben Jeffers was probably not something he was expecting, hence the 23-point average gap. This gap is still secondary to the difference in anchors as Jeston Bartram comes in 31-points down facing league high average, Tyson Nelson.

Key Matchup

As mentioned above, keep an eye on the second/anchor matchups. Ben is typically in the mid-800s so Derek will need to elevate himself to that level to really compete. Jeston is coming off one of his best weeks this season so he should be feeling confident and if he keeps it going should make for a great match at anchor.

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Match #3 – King vs. Enns

The two most experienced teams in the league going head-to-head in this match, both coming off 21-points wins in Week 11. Evenly matched in most positions the numbers give a slight edge to Team Enns. None of the bowlers in this match had particularly high totals last week, so I would expect to see some bigger bounce back scores throughout this match. Dwight Hurd with his 877 last week should be looking to repeat his success against Chris Fedorchuk who will try to spark his team with some youthful energy. I don’t expect we will see any runaways in this match.

Key Matchup

Look out for the second position, this is where Team Enns has their greatest advantage, with Garry Bell coming in 12 pins higher than opponent Patrick Walker. If previous numbers play any part in this matchup game one will be low scoring, game two will be a bigger game and then the last two will be a grind to determine who gets total.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #4 – Youzwa vs. Lourenco

Both teams here coming off losses last week. Team Youzwa hoping to get back on the hot streak they were on all November, while Team Lourenco is just looking to break their cold streak. This match will be the first week Tabatha Gelardi will be taking over full time. Jenna Gillrie is coming off back-to-back good weeks and if she continues that pace, Dave Duncan will have a tough night to say the least. I think we will see a good match in the third positions, two up and coming female bowlers in the league with Chloe Fleming facing opposing captain Belle Lourenco. Chloe has been deadly consistent in the 890-920 range so that’s probably the area I would expect her to be in again tonight.

Key Matchup

Alycia Mann will be sparing for Ethan Buckman once again this week, but will definitely need some bigger scores going up against Colton Youzwa. Given how rough Colton’s last week was, I would be very surprised if we see him shoot under 1000 this week. If Alycia keeps it close Team Lourenco will have a good shot at taking the win.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #5 – LaMonica vs. Cousins

After a big win last week, Team LaMonica jumps to the top of the standings with a 0.5-point lead on Team Gelardi. Team Cousins is hanging on to the 8th spot, but would like to give themselves a little breathing room going into the Christmas break. With Cindy Cousins looking to be back in peak form I would say she should have a fairly close match with opposing anchor Sam Gelardi. The interior of these lineups is where some disparity will come into play, Andrew LaMonica and Jeff Bradshaw combine for 455, while Char McIvor and Shannon Pruden come in at 418.

Key Matchup

I would watch out for Jeff Bradshaw, since Week 5 he has been averaging 233, the second highest on his team during that stretch. Shannon will need to elevate her game to Jeff’s level most likely tonight if she is looking to keep her team in it. If Jeff starts off strong though I could see him pulling away quickly.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #6 – Orne vs. C. Jeffers

Team Orne will look to crack back into the top 3 this week, sitting just 4 points back of Team B. Jeffers, and Team C. Jeffers has been the team to get points from this season, as their opponents average 21.8 points per week. That being said, Team C. Jeffers is coming off a big win, confidence should be high and captain Chris Jeffers is trending back in the direction we would expect to see him in. Linda Orne should be looking to bounce back this week after a season low last week that gave Linda her first loss of the season.

Key Matchup

Chris Jeffers making his climb up the past couple weeks has certainly been something to keep an eye on. He will be facing David Wastle who has been on a tear the last few weeks and comes in a heavy favourite. If Chris continues his trend upwards, I think this could turn into a really tight match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne

Match #7 – Hurd vs. Stevenson

Team Hurd has fallen apart recently, losing their last five weeks after starting the season 6-0. Team Stevenson is coming off a heartbreaking collapse so both teams will hope to use this as a confidence booster going into the break. Brett Hendrickson finally looked like himself last week, and seems to be more confident in his shot. I would expect that to roll over into this week, leaving a tough matchup for whoever is sparing for Jayden Nickerson tonight. Chad Hurd might need some advice from Dwight after his season low 728 last week, look for him to rebound with a vengeance against Tyler Reynolds.

Key Matchup

Tyler Reynolds is also coming off his first loss of the season, so watch to see if he finds his groove again in his match with Chad. Going against a captain is never easy and I don’t expect Chad to give him too many free points.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #8 – Rodych vs. Cook

Team Cook has had one win in their last five weeks, and currently sit in the bottom half of the league while Team Rodych is currently trying their best to not fall to last place. I see this as the week Trevor Cook finally eclipses the 250-mark for his season average. The last week Dave Priestley was here he shot 993, so it will be interesting to see if he carries that momentum into this week after having a 2-week break. Based on averages, him and Hailey Roberts should have a couple close games. The third position will see another pair of strong female bowlers go head-to-head with Amanda Devenney taking on Alyssa Campbell.

Key Matchup

This match could get really blown open if Jayson May comes out firing tonight versus Carter Schade. Jayson comes in at a 21-point favourite, and that is with his average being down almost 20 pins from his draft. I would expect this matchup to be slightly lopsided with Carter needing some extra support from his teammates

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

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