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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 2 Review

Match #1 -- LAMONICA (14) vs. LOURENCO (17)

These two teams seem to have an affinity for tight matches as it was another close one this week, with Team Lourenco ultimately taking team total by 47 and winning the match 17-14 as a result. While Sam Gelardi bounced back from a tough Week 1 by shooting 1018 and taking 4 points in the anchor position from Ethan Buckman, the Lourenco squad won big at the top of the lineup taking 8 of a possible 10 points. Dave Duncan’s 942 in the second spot earned him a sweep.

Top Performers Dave Duncan (Lourenco) - 318 (1), 5 points Sam Gelardi (LaMonica) - 1018 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( X )

Match #2 -- DEVENNEY (6) vs. ENNS (25)

In a matchup where both teams kind of struggled (Enns won total with 3237), Team Enns did just enough to win most of the time and came away with a convincing win. Craig Enns picked up a sweep in the 3-hole winning a lot of games where Mike Devenney hung around but wasn’t able to keep up in the end. His team won by 41 in Game 1 and 36 in Game 3, then when both teams woke up in Game 4 they pulled out a 987-933 win to close out a night in which they took 25 points.

Top Performers Garry Bell (Enns) - 285 (1) Craig Enns (Enns) - 5 points

Author’s Pick: Team Devenney ( X )

Match #3 -- COUSINS (7) vs. YOUZWA (24)

Team Cousins ended up needing two spares for this one, including a late spare for Gillian LaMonica who had a huge Week 1. Mark Prystupa made his season debut a good one, sweeping spare Lana Wachal in the leadoff spot with a 791-715 win. The Youzwa team got some big scores in the middle of the lineup thanks to their own spare, Chris Dewar, who shot 892 and Chloe Fleming, who posted the second best scores of any third in the league this week with her 312 single and 999 quad. Cindy Cousins fought back against Colton’s 582 double to start by winning both of the last two games and making her match close, but ultimately the depth of the Youzwa lineup just put up too many big scores. They shot 3724 for the week and won 24-7.

Top Performers Mark Prystupa (Youzwa) - 5 points Colton Youzwa (Youzwa) - 338 (1), 1032 (4)

Chloe Fleming (Youzwa) - 312 (1), 999 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team Youzwa ()

Match #4 -- STEVENSON (13) vs. RODYCH (18)

In a rare matchup that actually played out how it looked on paper, Team Stevenson controlled the match at the top of the lineup but Team Rodych took it at the bottom. In the end, Matt carried his team to victory with a league-best 1168 quad including a 377 single as he took a sweep from opposing captain Dylan Stevenson. Amanda Devenney threatened 1000 in the third spot, with one off game but still finishing up with a solid 951 triple and 4-1 win over Jayden Nickerson. This advantage at the bottom helped propel Team Rodych to a 71-point victory in team total and an 18-13 victory.

Top Performers

Matt Rodych (Rodych) - 377 (1), 1168 (4), 5 points

Author’s Pick: Team Rodych ()

Match #5 -- B. JEFFERS (21) vs. C. JEFFERS (10)

With two spares in the lineup and no real standout performances, Team B. Jeffers found a way to pull off wins and in the end, that’s all that matters. Team C. Jeffers put up a sweep with a 987 total in Game 2, but it fell off from there as they shot 716 and 697 over the last two games. Simply steady bowling from Ben Jeffers in third and leadoff spare Glenn Crockett provided the B. Jeffers team with enough to win those two games, rally back from the 7-5 deficit, and come away with the win.

Top Performers Tim Hooper (C. Jeffers) - 287 (1)

Anthony Novak (C. Jeffers) - 285 (1)

Author’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ()

Match #6 -- KING (9) vs. GELARDI (22)

Mitch Dubell’s 851 from the leadoff position earned him 4 points and gave Team Gelardi a big advantage in the top two spots, where they took 8 out of 10 possible points. Similar to the B. Jeffers/C. Jeffers matchup above, Team Gelardi trailed 7-5 after being swept in Game 2 but they responded with some big scores in the final two games (948, 966) to turn the tide and take 17 of the final 19 points available. Karen Armstrong took 4 out of 5 points in the third position to provide some form of salvage for Team King.

Top Performers

Dwayne Gelardi (Gelardi) - 333 (1)

Author’s Pick: Team King ( X )

Match #7 -- COOK (9) vs. HURD (22)

It was a second straight rough night for Team Cook, but they can at least take some solace in the improved scores from Jayson May and Trevor Cook. Alyssa Campbell, who took 5 points last week, ran into red-hot Kevin Naugler in the 3-hole for Team Hurd, who started with a 608 double and finished strong too, shooting 1088 for the night. Despite the 22-9 score, the two teams actually played things fairly close for most of the night - including a total decided by 9 points and five individual matchups decided by 11 points or less, but Kevin’s big score and a bounce-back night from Chad Hurd (939-834 win in second) powered Team Hurd to a big win.

Top Performers

Kevin Naugler (Hurd) - 287, 321 (1), 1088 (4) Trevor Cook (Cook) - 321 (1), 1066 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #8 -- BARTRAM (2) vs. ORNE (29)

With anchor Cordell Galbecka missing the night late, Team Bartram came out flat and it never really got better. Unfortunately for them, in addition to their league-low 2877 score, they were up against the league-high score with 3843 from Team Orne, who didn’t have a single bowler shoot less than 866 for the night and only shot two games under 200 as a team. They opened with a big 1029-720 win and kept their feet on the gas from there, cruising to a 29-2 win.

Top Performers Jennifer Duncan (Orne) - 948 (4), 5 points Linda Orne (Orne) - 5 points

Derek Orne (Orne) - 304 (1), 1049 (4)

Author’s Pick: Team Bartram ( X )

Scores in general picked up a little bit this week, but there is still plenty of rust around the league as bowlers get back into things after a long layoff. As with fellow analyst Tyson Nelson, my picks didn’t fare so well (3-5), although hey, at least I did a little better than 1-7…

If anyone has any moments to share or anything that was missed, feel free to let us know in the comments! Tyson’s Week 3 preview will be available shortly - thanks for reading, and to all bowlers in the league this week, good luck!

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