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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 3 Preview

Match #1 – KING vs. HURD

Two teams trending in very different directions, Team Hurd (2-0) and Team King (0-2). Team King has been off to a slow start, especially intended anchor Karen Armstrong who has not found her rhythm yet this season. They will look to turn that around on Friday versus a team that saw both Kevin Naugler (1088) and Chad Hurd (939) get hot last week. Watch to see them carry that momentum into this week and hopefully spread it to lead-off Ryan Bannerman who will be looking to bounce back after a rough finish to Week 2.

Key Matchup

Keep an eye on Karen Armstrong and Brett Hendrickson, both had off weeks last week and should be looking to rebound with some big games. Karen’s matchup in particular versus Kevin will be pivotal as team captain Wayne King already faces a big challenge in Brett and if Karen and Kevin continue on their respective trends this could turn into a blowout.

Author’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #2 – COUSINS vs. ORNE

Team Orne is red hot after coming away with a nearly flawless 29-point week. These two teams had a combined three spares last week. Jennifer Duncan (948) and team captain Linda Orne (866) both swept their matchups last week in dominant fashion, they will be hungry to keep that going into this week. However, Team Cousins’ captain Cindy Cousins is coming off a solid 970 in Week 2 and will provide stiff competition for Darren Maxwell who did not bowl last week.

Key Matchup

With both teams fairly evenly matched up, watch the anchor matchup closely, Cindy Cousins versus Darren Maxwell, as both are capable of breaking off big nights and that could be the difference maker on a night like this.

Author’s Pick: Team Orne

Match #3 – ENNS vs. STEVENSON

Team Stevenson is coming off a very neutral/average week with no big scores but no real low ones either. The same can be said for Team Enns with the exception of a few bigger games mixed in. I am thinking one of these teams is going to break out this week, and in my mind it’s going to be Team Stevenson. We are going to see Tyler Reynolds come out of the gate strong and get his team fired up and that will translate into some big games. Team Enns will look to veterans Craig Enns and Glen Howarth to anchor down the team and provide consistent support for the top of the lineup

Key Matchup

Lead-offs will be the feature of this match, Dwight Hurd versus Tyler Reynolds, for Team Enns and Team Stevenson respectively. Tyler (809) is coming off a solid Week 2 sweep, while Dwight (683) had a less than thrilling Friday last week. Dwight has his work cutout for him and will need to show he can throw some big games to put the pressure on Tyler.

Author’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #4 – B. JEFFERS vs. YOUZWA

Two teams in the top half of the standings, one will be looking to distance themself from the other with a big week this Friday. Team B. Jeffers has found its success through close wins and strong finishes while Team Youzwa has been cruising, throwing a lot of big totals. Look for this to be an uphill battle for Team B. Jeffers as Ben Jeffers (864) faces Chloe Fleming (999) who is carrying a lot of momentum after last week. The same can be said for the anchor position where Tyson Nelson (918) struggled at the end of last week while Colton Youzwa (1032) had another strong performance. This match will also debut Adam Williamson as the new lead-off for Team Jeffers, taking the place of Cody Oullette, this should provide an even matchup for Mark Prystupa who swept his points last week.

Key Matchup

The big factor in this will be the 3rd and anchor position battles, if Ben and Tyson keep on the pace they have started this season they will be at an early disadvantage to Chloe and Colton. Watch to see some big scores regardless though from someone in this grouping.

Author’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #5 – RODYCH vs. GELARDI

Team Gelardi continued their early season tear last week and will be take down a Rodych team that came out firing last week. This match features the bowlers with the two highest totals in the past two weeks, Dwayne Gelardi (1244) and Matt Rodych (1168). Amanda Devenney (951) at the 3rd position had a strong showing last week. The matchups in this match all seem to have one player seemingly at an advantage with; Mitch Dubell (851) taking on Hailey Roberts (632) who has struggled to start the season, Wayne Wolanski (839) facing Carter Schade (852) a 20-point average gap in favour of Wayne, Amanda Devenney going against an injury riddled Robbie Hendrickson (804) and finally Dwayne Gelardi taking on Matt Rodych who has had a rollercoaster start to the season and will be a wildcard tonight.

Key Matchup

Two key things to watch in this match, the first being the health of Robbie. If Robbie is feeling good and nothing is bothering him physically then look for him to get on a roll and shoot some big games. Secondly, watch for Hailey to try and turn things around this week, she’s a young bowler new to the league who probably has just had nerves get the best of her the first couple weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts to settle in this week and we see some bigger games.

Author’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Match #6 – C. JEFFERS vs. LAMONICA

Two teams coming off close losses last week, looking to bounce back with a win in Week 3. Sam Gelardi (1018) looked like he started to find his rhythm last week after a tough start on Week 1. Team captain Chris Jeffers (762) was the opposite, struggling to find consistency last week and hoping to come back around this Friday. In the same boat as Chris is Team Lamonica’s 2nd bowler, Jeff Bradshaw (766), who was shut out in Week 2.

Key Matchup

Watch for those bowlers who struggled last week, primarily Chris and Jeff to come back with big games. when they need them. A key factor in this match will be who Sam Gelardi is bowling, Corey Chaikowski was sidelined with a back injury last week and this may extend into future weeks as well. If so, will Anthony Novak fill in as he did in Week 2? If that’s the case then look for a grind of a battle at the anchor position. If Corey is unable to bowl and no spare is found, Friday will be an uphill climb for Team C. Jeffers.

Author’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Team Bartram has got to be thinking it can only get better than last week where they took a total of two points and failed to have any of their three bowlers present break the 700 mark. Team Lourenco evened up their record last week as the team found its groove being led by a strong performance from 2nd bowler Dave Duncan (942). I expect Team Bartram to make a big recovery this Friday, hopefully with anchor Cordell Galbecka there to give them the match needed boost.

Key Matchup

This match has two captains Jeston Bartram (680) and Belle Lourenco (775) who struggled last week but will be battling it out in the 3rd position Week 3. Both are more than capable of finding the middle and going on big runs, the key here will be who can find it and hang onto it first.

Author’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #8 – COOK vs. DEVENNEY

Team Cook has drawn the short straw in matchups so far this season having one of the highest grand totals thrown at them each night, but will be looking to change that luck tonight versus Team Devenney. After a strong Week 1 Team Devenney lost some traction in Week 2. Neil Stewart and Holly Chaikowski are still figuring things out this season but I am expecting that one if not both of them will have their best weeks so far in the season this Friday. This may put the pressure on their counterparts Dave Priestley and Jayson May who are in a similar situation and should also be looking to break out in Week 3. With Mike overtaking Holly for the 3rd position on Team Devenney, he now faces a mountain of a climb on Friday taking on Alyssa Campbell.

Key Matchup

The team who will take this match is the one who has their lead-off and 2nd bowlers find their marks and bowl well tonight. I feel it’s a pretty even matchup in these positions so it will all come down to who gets hot in Week 3.

Author’s Pick: Team Cook

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