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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 5 Preview

Match #1 – COUSINS vs. RODYCH

Team Cousins and Team Rodych, two teams with very different structures currently. Team Rodych has relied heavily on its anchor and third bowler, Matt Rodych and Amanda Devenney, respectively, to support a struggling top half of the lineup. Team Cousins features a much more balanced lineup, leaving them with a strong first and second positions but leaving them at a sizeable disadvantage at the third and anchor positions. Captain Matt Rodych being one of the highest averages in the league currently will play a major factor in this match. Based on current averages, Team Cousins would appear to be the favourite, but I don’t see Hailey Roberts and Carter Schade continuing to score as low as they have.

Key Matchup

Watch the top half of the lineup. If Hailey and Carter can hold off Shannon Pruden and Gillian LaMonica this match will most likely go in favour of their team. If not, this match could slip away very quickly for Team Rodych.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Team Lourenco has been on a tear the last couple weeks and looks to continue it this week versus Team Gelardi. Both Ethan Buckman and Belle Lourenco had big weeks last Friday, sweeping their respective opponents. Dwayne had a good run at the Autumn Open and we should expect him to have a similar week tonight after seeing his solid performance at Masters over the weekend. This match is fairly even with Team Gelardi having a slight edge at the anchor position.

Key Matchup

The key matchups to watch will be the second and third positions. Wayne Wolanski versus Dave Duncan could go either way and it will come down to who gets hot early. At third you have captain Belle Lourenco against Robbie Hendrickson. Robbie showed us in Calgary that he can find that groove and put-up bigger numbers than we have seen from him this season, and Belle is carrying momentum after shooting her biggest total of the season last week.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Match #3 – LAMONICA vs. COOK

Team Cook is coming off a slow week where not many large totals were thrown, while Team LaMonica will look to build off its captain’s big week last week. That being said, team captain Andrew LaMonica was the high total last week shooting over 1100. On the opposite end of the spectrum Alyssa Campbell is coming her worst week of the season and will look to improve upon that this week. The matchup between seconds Jayson May and Jeff Bradshaw should be a close one.

Key Matchup

Look for this match to come down to two factors; which lead-off takes control and sets the pace for their team and what kind of bounce back weeks Andrew and Alyssa have. We haven’t seen anything big yet from Dave Priestley of Team Cook which means he is more than overdue for a couple big games. At third position we have bowlers coming off completely opposite weeks and both capable of throwing big games so anything could happen.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #4 – ORNE vs. HURD

Two of the hottest teams in the league going head-to-head, it should be a battle. Team Hurd is having a couple lineup changes after last week, where captain Chad Hurd shot just shy of 1100, at 1095. That combined with an off week from Brett Hendrickson will cause Brett to drop into the middle of the lineup. Leaving me to feel a little a little sorry for Jennifer Duncan or Linda Orne whoever gets him as their matchup this week. Team Orne has just been cruising through teams and will hope to do the same thing to team Hurd, maybe with a few less corner pins from captain Linda Orne than at Masters on the weekend.

Key Matchup

I call to watch the matchups of Chad Hurd and Brett Hendrickson. With the lineup flip flopping both are in new positions and we will have to see if that changes any team dynamics. That being said, how will Team Orne handle facing an anchor level bowler in the middle of the lineup? I see it going in favour of Team Hurd.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #5 – ENNS vs. BARTRAM

Team Enns has had a good start to the season, while Team Bartram has struggled out of the gate. Jeston Bartram and Colton Harris are looking to make this week a turning point and start the climb back to the averages they entered the season with. Week 4 saw the debut of Team Bartram’s anchor Cordell Galbecka. Team Enns has had what I would call a fairly average start score wise, with each player sitting close to what they were drafted at. Craig Enns and Glen Howarth are due for a couple big weeks.

Key Matchup

The key match to watch here is the captains, at third position, as Jeston now has his anchor back and he should be able to build up momentum having that support system behind him. Craig will be solid and consistent I have no doubt, but the decider will be how Jeston builds up and uses the team energy this Friday.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Bartram

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns

Match #6 – DEVENNEY vs. YOUZWA

Team Youzwa saw the return of its last bowler, Jenna Gillrie, this past week. This will be a tough week for Team Devenney as they are at an average disadvantage in every matchup. Captain Colton Youzwa has been on fire these past few weeks between his stunning Autumn Open performance to a commanding showing at Masters this past weekend.

Key Matchup

Team Devenney captain Jennifer Devenney will have to step up to the plate and match whatever Colton throws at her if she wants her team to have a chance. This match will be lead by the pace that the respective anchors set.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Stevenson has been a steady and consistent force so far this season, while Team C. Jeffers has not been a picture of stability. With team Captain Chris Jeffers currently bowling in the second position and Corey Chaikowski sidelined with an injury, it is hard to find your rhythm with lineups changing week in and week out. Whoever is sparing for Corey will have to provide a strong performance to keep Team C Jeffers in this match. Team Stevenson currently has the highest averaging lead-off showing just how solid this team is throughout.

Key Matchup

Watch for the anchor match this week to be a good indicator of how the night is going. If Dylan Stevenson takes control in this matchup, I could see his team coasting to a comfortable win.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #8 – KING vs. B. JEFFERS

Team B Jeffers took their first loss of the season last week and will hope to rebound against what has been a struggling Team King. Team Jeffers newbie Adam Williamson appears to be getting more comfortable with his new team after an improved performance last Friday. Karen Armstrong was another victim of corner pins over the weekend at the Masters tournament and will look to turn a few more of those into strikes tonight. This match is fairly even across the board, but with slight advantages to Team B Jeffers in the lead-off and anchor position.

Key Matchup

Watch the lead-offs in this match, Adam Williamson versus Chris Fedorchuk. If one of them has a hot or cold night it could be enough to turn the tides for or against their team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team B Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

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