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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 6 Preview


A matchup between two teams heading in opposite directions as of late, with Stevenson taking 61 points over the past 3 weeks and Youzwa taking 26.5. Stevenson’s lineup is more balanced and consistent, while Youzwa’s lineup is more erratic but has the potential to explode. So far, it has been consistency throughout that has tended to perform better. Will we see the explosive potential of Chloe Fleming and Colton Youzwa tonight?

Key Matchup - Dylan Stevenson vs. Colton Youzwa

With no real weak points in Team Stevenson’s lineup, this match may well come down to the performance of their respective captains - Colton will need to make up for the disadvantage at the top.

Trevor’s pick - Team Stevenson

Tyson’s pick - Team Youzwa


Team LaMonica lost a tight one last week but they remain one of the league’s true contenders with 93.5 points so far this season, while Team King remains searching for answers having not played up to their potential very often. Patrick Walker did put up a 5-point sweep in the second position for them last week and we know that Karen Armstrong (224) and Wayne King (225) are better bowlers than that. Every member of Team LaMonica put up an 800+ block last week, which can be tough to beat, although Andrew LaMonica and Sam Gelardi will be hoping to bounce back from tough individual weeks.

Key Matchup - Chris Fedorchuk vs. Cyndie Barnett Cyndie Barnett has set the table all year long for Team LaMonica, with a 20-5 record in the leadoff position, and that creates a tough situation for anyone to come back from with Andrew and Sam a very quality 3-4. If it’s more of the same this week, it’ll be advantage LaMonica.

Trevor’s pick - Team LaMonica

Tyson’s pick - Team LaMonica


In a matchup between two teams currently bound for the A-side, Team Lourenco is coming off their first convincing loss (they are 2-3, but the first two losses they picked up 14 and 14.5 points still) of the season despite a massive week from Belle Lourenco against Robbie Hendrickson last week as she shot 1127 and took 4 points. They will be in tough this week against a team that possesses 3 230+ averages and has been dominant so far. Team Hurd hasn’t lost a week yet this season and, formidably, boast Brett Hendrickson in the second spot.

Key Matchup - Dave Duncan vs. Brett Hendrickson

When you compare the two lineups, they boast pretty even average spreads at the 1st, 3rd, and 4th position. Dave Duncan has been known to put up some big weeks, so hopefully for his team he has one in him this time around. That might give Team Lourenco the edge they need to hand Team Hurd their first loss.

Trevor’s pick - Team Hurd

Tyson’s pick - Team Hurd

MATCH #4 - BARTRAM vs. COOK Things have started to go better for Team Cook after a bad start, and they find themselves on the verge of entering the A-side picture, sitting in 9th and one point ahead of Team Bartram. Alyssa Campbell had a big week last week, shooting 932 after starting with a 160, helping her team come back for a close win against Team LaMonica, and Team Cook will look for a similar breakout from Jayson May. Team Bartram will also be looking for breakouts from two bowlers who entered the draft with higher averages in leadoff Colton Harris and captain/third bowler Jeston Bartram.

Key Matchup - Jeston Bartram vs. Alyssa Campbell This is an exciting matchup between two anchor-calibre bowlers (though they have both struggled a bit this season) in the third position. Team Bartram will need a good performance against a strong bottom half of the lineup for Team Cook if they are to stay in the match.

Trevor’s pick - Team Cook

Tyson’s pick - Team Cook

MATCH #5 - DEVENNEY vs. ORNE Team Orne had their worst week of the season in Week 5 and they look to bounce back this week against Team Devenney, who broke a three-game losing skid by handling Team Youzwa surprisingly easily last week. For Team Devenney it was a hopeful week as Holly Chaikowski started to turn things around while Mike Devenney (922) and Jennifer Devenney (989) had solid weeks of their own. The whole team was over 800 and posted a very solid 3595 score. Meanwhile, Linda Orne has gone an impressive 21-4 in the 3-spot for her team and will try to continue that hot run against Mike this week.

Key Matchup - Neil Stewart vs. Jennifer Duncan Team Orne’s solid top of the lineup has given them an opportunity to win most weeks, but if Holly and Neil continue to throw well, that will allow Team Devenney to hang around.

Trevor’s pick - Team Orne

Tyson’s pick - Team Devenney

MATCH #6 - ENNS vs. COUSINS Interesting positions all around in this one, with Team Enns anchor Glen Howarth coming off a tough week (his first EVER sub-800 quad in Friday Night all-stars) that moves him up to the 3rd position and Team Cousins captain Cindy Cousins playing in the second spot. You have to figure both will play better this week. Garry Bell, Craig Enns, and Dwight Hurd all had their anchors’ back last week, all posting totals close to or above 900 and taking 12 of their 15 points to help their team to a win. In Team Cousins we have another one of those consistent teams with no real weak points when they are at their best, but they are waiting for everything to come together.

Key Matchup - Garry Bell vs. Cindy Cousins Garry has been playing well and Cindy is due to return to her usual form at some point, meaning this could be a second-position matchup with a little more fireworks than normal.

Trevor’s pick - Team Enns

Tyson’s pick - Team Cousins

MATCH #7 - RODYCH vs. B. JEFFERS Against most teams, Team Rodych’s strength is their bottom two bowlers, Amanda Devenney and Matt Rodych, and they have relied on them to make up for a weaker top of the lineup so far. This is one opponent where that advantage will not be present, as Ben Jeffers and Tyson Nelson are a great bottom two as well. Tyson officially announced his arrival when he shot 1204 last week. Amanda should bounce back from her 749 last week, but Team Rodych will need to find more from their young top two if they are going to keep up in this match.

Key Matchup - Matt Rodych vs. Tyson Nelson Matt was the hottest bowler in the league a couple weeks ago and has the #3 spot on the high average board (250.6) to show for it. One of the two members above him will be his opponent this week, Tyson, who’s 1204 block last week catapulted him to the top of the average leaderboard (254.9). This will be a fun matchup and one where Matt will definitely need to bring his A-game to give his team a shot.

Trevor’s pick - Team B. Jeffers

Tyson’s pick - Team B. Jeffers

MATCH #8 - GELARDI vs. C. JEFFERS Nothing has really gone right for Team C. Jeffers yet, from an injury to Corey Chaikowski to struggles throughout their lineup. There will be an interesting lineup shuffle on Team Gelardi this week as Mitch Dubell moves down to the 3-hole where he will play Tim Hooper, while Robbie Hendrickson moves into a leadoff spot that he is realistically much too good for. That’s a good spot for them to be in, and Team C. Jeffers will be at quite a disadvantage if they can’t find some answers this week.

Key Matchup - Robbie Hendrickson vs. Al Bristow In the leadoff position, Robbie will be a difficult matchup for Al. For Team C. Jeffers, they will need a good week from Al to start things up and give themselves a chance.

Trevor’s pick - Team Gelardi

Tyson’s pick - Team Gelardi

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