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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 7 Review

Match #1 – Enns (10) vs. B. Jeffers (21)

Despite the mental games Team Enns leadoff, Dwight Hurd, was trying to play Team B. Jeffers pulled out another solid win this week. Team Enns had a slow start but finished quite well. Unfortunately, they ended up on the wrong side of a lot of close matchups in game 4, losing three matches by a combined 7 pins. Garry Bell (917) had a pair of good games in the middle to give him a much-needed comeback week. Despite solid weeks from Adam Williamson (850) and Ben Jeffers (897) they had their totals stolen in the last game by Garry Bell and Craig Enns (906) respectively.

Dominant Performances

Garry Bell – 534 (2)

Tyson Nelson – 348 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns ( X )

Match #2 – C. Jeffers (20) vs. Hurd (11)

This may have been the upset of the season. Out of nowhere Team C. Jeffers came out and stole their first winning week of the season from Team Hurd. Captain Chad Hurd (940) had another solid night however the rest of his team appeared to struggle as only Ryan Bannerman was able to shoot a game over his average. The team of the night, C. Jeffers, appears to have been brought back to life with the help of anchor spare, Jack Johnson (994). Al Bristow (877) and Tim Hooper (908) seemed to handle Ryan Bannerman (678) and Brett Hendrickson (880) with ease most of the night taking 10 of 12 points. We even saw a few Tim Hooper run-offs throughout the night.

Dominant Performances

Al Bristow – 718 (3)

Jack Johnson – 564 (2)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Match #3 – Bartram (12) vs. King (19)

Potentially fueled by remarks on the power rankings released that afternoon, Team King was out for blood against Team Bartram. Team King swept all individual totals, but took three of them by less than 40 pins, including a tight matchup between Karen Armstrong (940) and Jeston Bartram (935). For the most part the totals seen in this match were all around average with the exception of Cordell Galbecka (839) who appeared to be all over the place Friday having a 522-double sandwiched between two sub170 games. It was good to see some solid weeks from Karen and Jeston as they have both struggled a little to start the year.

Dominant Performances

Karen Armstrong – 534 (2)

Jeston Bartram – 735 (3)

Tyson’s Pick: Team King ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team King ( )

Match #4 – Lourenco (7) vs. Devenney (24)

Team Lourenco fell victim to yet another high scoring night against them. Team Devenney dominated the leadoff through third positions, none of which shot lower than 900, Holly Chaikowski (901), Neil Stewart (928), Mike Devenney (993). This was much needed to support captain Jennifer Devenney (836) who started fine but struggled towards the end of the night. Team Lourenco’s Dave Duncan (768) was another who has struggled of late, and this week will continue to drop his average lower than we are used to seeing from Dave. Team Lourneco as a whole has struggled the last few weeks, putting up single digit points for the second straight week.

Dominant Performances

Tabatha Gelardi (Spare) – 301 (1)

Neil Stewart – 286 (1)

Mike Devenney – 993 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( X )

Match #5 – Cousins (16) vs. Cook (15)

Team Cousins held off a game four comeback from Team Cook to hang onto the grand total 3399 - 3357. Team Cook made-up 130 pins in the last game however it was not enough to make up for the sub average scores put up in the first three games. A rare 142 game from captain Trevor Cook (917) really became critical when you consider the team only lost by 42 pins. At the other end though Cindy Cousins (990) finally came back to life with a consistently solid night. She is making a push to get herself back to that anchor position on her team.

Dominant Performances

Trevor Cook – 326 (1)

Cindy Cousins – 990 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #6 – Stevenson (7.5) vs. Orne (23.5)

Team Stevenson was in for a rough night when captain Dylan Stevenson was unable to make it out and the spare picked up in his place ended up bowling in the leadoff position, forcing Jayden Nickerson (749) into the anchor position. Team Orne took full advantage of the lineup shift with a well-rounded night from the whole team, with strong performances from David Wastle (893) and Linda Orne (984). These strong performances were highlighted even further by the struggles of Erik Stewart (712) and Jayden Nickerson (749), both seemed to struggle to get anything going but should look to bounce back in Week 8.

Dominant Performances

Lina Orne – 301 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team One ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team One ( )

Match #7 – Youzwa (16) vs. Gelardi (15)

What should have been a shootout between two of the higher scoring teams in the league turned out to be a dud, with next to nothing for high games and only one bowler notably shooting over average. Mark Prystupa (806) was the lone man shooting about 20 pins over his average each game, and moving himself back towards his draft average. With three bowlers away at the TPC tournament in Edmonton, a third position spare was brought in Matt Sutherland (801) as well as two anchor spares, Dan Sim (845) and Anthony Novak (823). Overall despite the low scores, this match was quite intense and featured a comeback in game four from Team Youzwa that shot them up over Team Gelardi for grand total and ultimately the win for the week.

Dominant Performances

Chloe Fleming – 303 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( X )

Match #8 – LaMonica (28) vs. Rodych (3)

This match was expected to be slightly one-sided but I definitely did not see a 28-3 hammering by Team Lamonica, especially without their third and anchor bowlers. It was mentioned Team Rodych has struggled to get points from their top half and tonight was no exception as both Hailey Roberts (628) and Carter Schade (763) were swept by Cyndie Barnett (775) and a massive week from Jeff Bradshaw (990). Despite her team’s performance Amanda Devenney had a good showing in Week 7, that was muddled by an early 156 game. Team captain Matt Rodych was in a battle all night, back and forth with three matches being decided by 20 pins or less. Unfortunately for Matt only one of those went in his favour. This week will shoot Team LaMonica into first place, while Team Rodych will be flirting really close with the bottom of the standings.

Dominant Performances

Jeff Bradshaw – 990 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( )

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