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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 8 Preview

MATCH #1: Devenney vs. C. Jeffers

Team Devenney put up a big 24-7 win last week and jumped into the A side as a result, while after all of our analysts ranked Team C. Jeffers 16th in the league they responded with a 20-11 win, their first of the season, over 1st ranked Team Hurd. Riding three straight wins and with things looking up for most of their lineup, look for Team Devenney to continue to improve and have the advantage in this one.

Key Matchup

On paper there is an advantage at every position for Team Devenney. Holly Chaikowski is averaging 212.5 over the last four weeks which will make her a formidable opponent in the leadoff position for Al Bristow, with the ability to get an edge early for the Devenney team.

Tyson’s pick: Devenney

Trevor’s pick: Devenney

MATCH #2: B. Jeffers vs. Cook Team Cook finds themselves in a glut of teams in the middle of the standings, looking up at Team B. Jeffers in 5th, although they have been among the league’s better teams from Week 3-on. Team Cook was up-and-down last week, sandwiching two 700 games between two 900 games in a 16-15 loss while B. Jeffers moved to 6-1 on the season with a 21-10 win. On paper, both of these teams are pretty evenly matched. Team B. Jeffers has a big advantage at the top so Team Cook will need a strong night from their bottom-3.

Key Matchup Here we have a matchup of the league’s two highest averages in the anchor position in Trevor Cook and Tyson Nelson, although Tyson has been on a roll the last few weeks (269 average since Week 3) and has established a pretty significant lead for himself in the high average race. Still, nobody will count Trevor out of any match here (especially with an impressive 25-10 record in the anchor spot), and between two high-end bowlers we could have an exciting match play out.

Tyson’s pick: Cook

Trevor’s pick: Cook

MATCH #3: Gelardi vs. Orne

This is tonight’s main event, a great matchup between the league’s 2nd and 4th place teams. Team Orne snapped a mini two-game losing skid by taking 23.5 last week while Team Gelardi suffered a loss, but still grabbed 15 points from Team Youzwa in a match that actually featured several bowlers from both teams away at the TPC in Edmonton. No bowler in this matchup has an average under 204, and these are two of only four teams in the league that don’t have anyone averaging under 200.

Key Matchup These two teams are similarly strong throughout the lineup, but it’s the Gelardi team, with a 47-18 record in their top two positions, that takes this strength to the biggest extreme in the league. Team Orne has the edge in the 3rd position with the league’s highest winning percentage, Linda Orne (29.5-5.5, 84.3%). They will have to rely on that advantage to beat a Gelardi team that has no weaknesses.

Tyson’s pick: Gelardi

Trevor’s pick: Gelardi

MATCH #4: Cousins vs. King These two teams sit on the cusp of that battle for the A-side that currently features teams 6 through 10 separated by only 13 points. With 94 and 93 points respectively, these two teams basically sit one good week away from getting themselves into contention. Team Cousins is well balanced, with no bowler below 197 but none above 213. They have the edge at the top but haven’t had the big scores at the bottom of their lineup, at least, not yet. In Team King’s case, it’s been a slow progression for much of the team as they still haven’t had the results they are looking for, but appear to be getting better every week.

Key Matchup Although Char Hurd is struggling so far, Cindy Cousins is starting to get back to form with back-to-back weeks in the 900s and they are a good 3-4 matchup when at the top of their game. However, Team King’s 3-4 pairing of Wayne King and Karen Armstrong is even better with their A-game and that gives them the edge.

Tyson’s pick: King

Trevor’s pick: King

MATCH #5: Stevenson vs. Lourenco

The last two weeks haven’t gone Team Stevenson’s way with 18.5 points combined - and nor have they gone Team Lourenco’s way, with just 16.5 for them. Something has to give this week. Dave Duncan probably won’t stay averaging 200 all year and Belle and Ethan are a 3-4 pairing with plenty of upside. On the other hand, Team Stevenson has a strong top of the lineup, capable anchor bowler, and plenty of team chemistry.

Key Matchup Belle Lourenco is averaging 244 since Week 4, and that puts her and her team in a uniquely good position to take advantage of the biggest weak spot Team Stevenson has, their 3-spot. It will definitely take a big week out of Belle to pull off the upset here, but she is plenty capable.

Tyson’s pick: Lourenco

Trevor’s pick: Lourenco

MATCH #6: Rodych vs. Bartram Two teams for which the season hasn’t been kind so far face off here as they hope to find something to jump-start a move up the standings. It’s been issues at the top half of the lineup for both teams but Hailey Roberts and Colton Harris are both starting to move in the right direction, while Derek Sanderson is improving every time out and starting to fit into that #2 spot. These two teams have combined for six straight losses so someone will have to break that tonight.

Key Matchup

Matt Rodych sits third in the league with a 248 average, a definite X factor given the next highest average on either team is 223, his opponent Cordell Galbecka. Cordell is certainly a better bowler than that but has been hurting and not at his best this season. Team Rodych is usually reliant on their bottom two and this week will be no exception, they will have to win there to win.

Tyson’s pick: Rodych

Trevor’s pick: Bartram

MATCH #7: Enns vs. LaMonica Team LaMonica has jumped into 1st in the league after winning 28-3 last week, but Team Enns, who sit 7th, are a good challenge for them. There are plenty of good bowlers and great matchups on both sides here. Although most of them slightly favour Team LaMonica on paper, you know a team with Glen Howarth, Craig Enns, and Garry Bell is always going to be competitive. It’s hard to pick against a team as good as LaMonica, but if anyone is on upset alert this week, it could definitely be them.

Key Matchup As long as Sam Gelardi is playing in the third position, it’s going to be an interesting matchup for the opposing third, although Craig Enns has plenty of experience playing anchor-calibre bowlers too. A matchup between up-and-comer Andrew LaMonica and the great Glen Howarth is also going to be fun to watch.

Tyson’s pick: LaMonica

Trevor’s pick: LaMonica

MATCH #8: Hurd vs. Youzwa

Freshly dethroned Team Hurd now sit 3rd in the league (just 2 points back of their former #1 spot) after suffering a 20-11 loss at the hands of last-place Team C. Jeffers. I would think that’s an anomaly and that they will get back to form rather quickly. Team Youzwa are starting to return to early-season form after a few bad weeks themselves. Youzwa’s top of the lineup struggles will need an answer as they run into a team with the always scary 230+ average in second.

Key Matchup

It will be interesting to see how both the matchups of Chad Hurd vs. Jenna Gillrie in second, and Colton Youzwa vs. Kevin Naugler in anchor, play out. Kevin has been on a roll this year, with only one week below 885 and four weeks above 930. He is playing like an anchor calibre bowler and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, but Colton has been playing fantastic all season in both league and tournament play and can make a legitimate claim to one of the top 4 or 5 bowlers in the league. Chad vs. Jenna is a big mismatch on paper although Jenna has played better than she is this year. One of those two matches may tilt this battle to one direction or the other.

Tyson’s pick: Hurd

Trevor’s pick: Hurd

Pick Records

Tyson: 13 - 11 - 0

Trevor: 14 - 10 - 0

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