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Friday Night All-Stars: Power Rankings #1

Welcome to the first of the Friday Night All-Stars Power Rankings! This will be a quarterly feature made up of composite rankings from Tim Hooper, Tyson Nelson, and Trevor Cook. Read to find out where they believe your team fits after the first quarter!

1. Team D. Gelardi

Tim: Solid line-up top-to-bottom and they just keep racking up the points every week.

Trevor: This team has big game potential and a balanced lineup. 20+ points in 6 of 8 weeks so far. Can be inconsistent at the top of the lineup, but there is always someone playing well.

Tyson: Lots of big game potential throughout most of the lineup. Both anchor and third in the top 12 averages gives them a big advantage for totals.

2. Team Lourenco

Tim: Top of the Aggregate and the hottest team in the league over the last five weeks.

Trevor: A 7-1 record and slightly ahead of D. Gelardi in the standings. The entire team sports a 62.5% or better win percentage. Consistent throughout the lineup, they just get it done.

Tyson: Most consistent and well-rounded lineup in the league. At 218 they possess the strongest leadoff and with the other three averaging approx. 230 makes totals very tough to take from them.

3. Team S. Gelardi

Tim: Consistently winning matches and Trevor has been dominant at anchor all season long.

Trevor: Team is playing well top-to-bottom right now, though they have lost 2 of the last 3 weeks. Strong leadoff no matter which Chaikowski has been there and no real weak spots

Tyson: A lot of solid potential throughout this entire lineup. Stronger than Team Lourenco at anchor but lack the consistency week in and week out.

4. Team Cook

Tim: Fallen off a bit the last couple of weeks, but clearly 3rd in the Aggregate and that’s worth something.

Trevor: Some very low-end weeks, but 2 of 4 big losses were without Trevor and they have four other weeks of 22+. A little anchor-dependent so far but expect improvement at leadoff.

Tyson: Having the league high average on your team has its perks. Team weak spot, definitely that Derek guy.

5. Team Youzwa

Tim: Team has hit a rough patch the last three weeks. How the next month goes could tell the story of their season.

Trevor: Possibly waiting on Marc to unlock their true potential. 2 losses in last 3 weeks but still a strong first quarter, and quite possibly the highest big-game upside in the league.

Tyson: Second strongest third and anchor combo in the league. Top two are able to compete but have not seen repetitive success at either position.

6. Team Rodych

Tim: Nothing flashy average-wise, but they just keep winning.

Trevor: They have no huge nights but still boast a 6-2 record. A team with chemistry, a lot of bowlers that pound the middle and win their matches, and Derek starting to tap into his potential at leadoff.

Tyson: Fairly successful at leadoff and anchor. Interior of lineup has struggled to show big game potential, holding them back from competing with most of the top teams.

7. Team Hendrickson

Tim: They’ve been a top-5 team for the last month. No clear anchor, but no clear weakness either.

Trevor: Another team that isn’t flashy but just gets it done with 4 wins in their last 5. Order is prone to change all the time but it gives them strength at the top and they find ways to win.

Tyson: 6 points between leadoff and anchor, means half the team is competitive and other half is fighting uphill. Basically, just hit the randomize button each week to make their lineup.

8. Team Campbell

Tim: Team has been thoroughly average all season long. If Alyssa gets it going, they’ll rocket up the standings.

Trevor: They have underachieved but did pick up a big win over VCJ last week. Their bottom-3 is elite and there’s a clear path for this team to move up if they find their game.

Tyson: A lot of potential in the bottom three, but seem to go through yo-yo phases every few weeks. Leadoff is a definite weakness at the moment.

9. Team Nelson

Tim: Another team that’s been very average all season. If Tyson can find last year’s form, look out.

Trevor: Consistently average all year long. They do have 72 pts in last 4 weeks (2nd in the league) though a 28-3 win over Fleming helps pad the stats.

Tyson: Never more than two players throwing well on the same night. Makes totals always a grind. Wins are very dependent on matchup.

10. Team Stevenson

Tim: Playing as a top-3 team for the last three weeks will move you up these rankings.

Trevor: 46 points in the last 2 weeks gives hope that they may be turning the corner. Jayson has caught fire and Dylan is always competitive.

Tyson: As we have seen this team has huge game potential, however it only showing up every 8 weeks doesn’t get you very far.

11. Team LaMonica

Tim: This team is better on paper, but after 8 weeks averages don’t lie. Have been a bottom-quarter team over the last three weeks.

Trevor: Over last 4 weeks, they sit 15th in the league with 50 points. Andrew is playing phenomenal in anchor but the rest of their lineup is up-and-down like a yo-yo. Expect improvement as Turanski gets back in his groove.

Tyson: Very anchor dependent at this time. Big game potential but also fairly low floor as well. When team gets in synch, they are very competitive.

12. Team King

Tim: Last three weeks have been better, but they’ve struggled to win consistently all year long.

Trevor: Competitive squad has strung together back-to-back wins and Anthony has shown signs of life in two of the past 3 weeks, which is a great sign for this team.

Tyson: As a team averaging very middle of the pack, but only anchor has a positive/winning percentage. Top three bowlers need to start finding win column more for team to be successful.

13. Team Naugler

Tim: Been a top-8 team for the last month although it’s not reflected in the averages. Might be all smoke and mirrors.

Trevor: With 66 points in the last 4 weeks they are flirting with moving up but their individual scores just aren’t there - need to see them beat some better teams in higher scoring matchups.

Tyson: Basically, three bowlers and a spare. A little dejavu for Jeston. Struggles at all positions, hopefully return of captain in December becomes turning point for team.

14. Team Howarth

Tim: Played better than their Aggregate position would suggest over the last few weeks, but nothing to write home about.

Trevor: Balanced squad but just needs to be a little bit better - team’s high win percentage is Glen at 45%.

Tyson: They have been plagued with a few tough matchups, but rarely have more than one person win a night. If second and third can find more success, team can compete with A-side teams.

15. Team Armstrong

Tim: Don’t get blown out, but don’t win a lot either. Would do better with a better lead-off.

Trevor: Looks like they should be better and only one member of the team is under .500 on the year (14-16). However, has only translated into 3 wins, one week over 17 points, and two straight pretty big losses.

Tyson: Very strong at third, but have seen very little success in the other three positions. Need more big game potential from the top two before they can look at going to A-side.

16. Team Fleming

Tim: Struggled all season right from the first ball. Might be on a record low point pace.

Trevor: Unfortunately, this team just hasn’t performed this year. Two averages under 175 won’t get it done. Top three bowlers are 18-82 this season. Reliant on Brooke to keep them afloat.

Tyson: Anchor is keeping them afloat for totals. Something needs to click internally to get this team back to what we saw from them last season.

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