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Friday Night All-Stars Week 11

Trevor (43-37-0) : Tyson (47-33-0)

Week 10 Recap

Nelson (21) vs. Naugler (10): Fishbowl Friday fuels win.

Hendrickson (23) vs. Rodych (8): Robbie pulls away from the pack, blows away Rodych.

S. Gelardi (22) vs Youzwa (9): Chaikowski siblings tag team Youzwa’s top half.

D. Gelardi (18) vs. Cook (13): Dwayne Gelardi… nuff said

Campbell (19) vs. Lourenco (12): Costello yo-yos Team Campbell to victory

Fleming (19) vs. Armstrong (12): Karen sacrifices Friday win for no-tap win.

LaMonica (20) vs. Howarth (11): Bradshaw and Turanski drag LaMonica across finish line

Stevenson (20) vs. King (11): Dewar and King caught sleeping, Team Stevenson capitalizes



Both these teams picked up big wins last week to keep them right in the thick of things for A-side. These two sit eight points apart so this will either tighten the gap even more of Team Hendrickson will bury Team LaMonica at the bottom of the eight-team pileup from 4th-11th. For Team Hendrickson to do that they will either need Robbie Hendrickson (1188) to repeat his phenomenal night of bowling, that featured a 938-triple, or he will need the rest of the team to pick up their slack from last week. Brett Hendrickson (820) managed to walk away with four points from Amanda Devenney (806) in a fairly close matchup most of the night. After having to carry his team through many weeks to start the season, the roles were reversed last Friday as both Matt Turanski (1007) and Jeff Bradshaw (951) did the heavy lifting for Team LaMonica taking eight points and adding an extra 204 pins to the total. Their team nearly had one more as Dixie (831) only lost her total by one pin after a game four 294-248 win over Matt Sutherland.

Key Matchup

The anchors will be a big focus as Andrew LaMonica (806) has been on a downward slope the last three weeks taking only three points, and throwing three of his four lowest weeks during that span. With Robbie coming off his best of the season these two are at two completely different points and it will be interesting to see how each of them follow it up.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #2 – FLEMING vs. COOK

Team Fleming broke their seven-week losing streak taking down Team Armstrong 19-12. They were really led by their leadoff Mark Prystupa (853) putting up his season high against Tim Hooper (792), taking all but one point. The other two critical parts were; Chloe Fleming (796) holding on to take total from Randy Morrisette (788) all thanks to a 252-173 win in game three and Brooke Goulet (987) taking advantage of Karen Armstrong (890) missing the first two games to build a nearly 100-pin lead. Team Cook did not get so lucky, as they saw quite the opposite with plenty of big scores thrown at them, one of which was a 1300+ week from Dwayne Gelardi (1308). Once you look past both Trevor Cook (1014) and Char McIvor (899) being swept by a combined 462 pins, things looked pretty good for Team Cook. Derek Sabourin (931) and Zach Friesen (981) both had their second-best weeks this season and stole nine points away from very two capable bowlers.

This is a tough lineup for Team Fleming to find a weakness. My best bet would be if Chloe and Gillian can get in a rhythm and try to put the pressure on Char and Zach. The interior just has the most wildcard factor for both lineups, so they can roll the dice and hope to get lucky.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


These two teams are coming from very different directions right now. Team D. Gelardi is coming off a team high 3900+ week that also featured the new league high total of 1308 from Dwayne Gelardi (1308). Team Armstrong is coming off their season low, partially due to the no-tap tournament but the bowling after that was not so hot either. Starting with the good, Dwayne has been on a rampage the last two weeks, averaging 314 over that span and that includes his 197 from two weeks ago, at this point you have to consider the guy locked in on a different level. Jesse Leyte (1067) is also looking like a new man from the start of the season, putting up his third week over 1020 in the past four and promoting himself back into the third position. Facing Jesse will be Randy Morrisette (788) who missed game one, but probably should have just missed the rest after seeing his 578-triple. Linda Orne (850) was best able to salvage her night with a 293 to finish on a four-point night.

Key Matchup

If Dwayne continues his hot shooting it means Team Armstrong will need some support from their other three positions. We haven’t seen any huge nights from Randy yet, and this might honestly be the best time for him to make a splashy debut.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Team S. Gelardi continues to roll as another win last week now has them tied with Team Lourenco for second in the league, ten points behind Team D. Gelardi. They had themselves a very well-rounded night and that coupled with a below average night from Team Youzwa led to a pretty easy 20-point week. The Chaikowski’s at the top of the lineup once again proved to be a tough matchup as bot hHolly (933) and Corey (913) took four points and each won by over 130 pins. The only one who had a challenge was Michael Young (877) getting kicked around by Marc Steves (1065) but the damage was limited to pretty much just his individual points. Team Stevenson had an almost identical night, taking 20 points and having three of their bowlers bowl well or at least average. Dylan Stevenson (1004) continues to trend in the right direction with his third straight week over 1000, unfortunately he has run into some big scores as this is the first of those weeks that was actually a win, beating down Chris Dewar (826). The other silver lining is Michael Linsenmeier (939) moving himself out of leadoff and snatching away the win with a 306-291 win over Garry Bell (932) to give him total on the night.

Key Matchup

I say watch the seconds, it’s a Michael versus Michael match and I think that the loser might have to change their name. I think regardless it will be a 3-2 split with the win going to Michael.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #5 – KING vs. YOUZWA

Both these teams are coming off tough losses. Team Youzwa dropped to the bottom of the cluster for the teams all fighting for A-side and Team King now sits as the 15th ranked team. I did say last week that Garry Bell (932) needed a breakout week it may have only been for two points but it was definitely a positive for his team, same as Anthony Novak (1020) looking much more like the ex-captain of old, even taking four points. The timing of those two finding their game also came at the cost of Chris Dewar (826) and Wayne King (868) losing theirs, giving up nine points and 143 pins to Dylan Stevenson (1004) and Jayson May (913). Team Youzwa was the flip, their bottom half kept up quite well, especially with Marc Steves (1065) starting to get in a groove. The part that hurt them was Jesse Gagnon (760) and Tyler Reynolds (788) not breaking 200 until game four, in a night where the Chaikowskis were not shooting that low. With their captain Colton Youzwa returning this week, hopefully it will be the kick in the pants the team needs to get back on track.

Key Matchup

Dewar versus Steves will be the big decider here. Chris is coming off a low week, Marc off of his highest. Things could play out very differently if Chris can keep it within 50 of Marc, that should give his team enough room to really make a strong play for total.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #6 – RODYCH vs. HOWARTH

Again, another pair of teams coming off losses, that stuck them in positions they would rather not be in. Team Rodych’s loss was both due to Robbie Hendrickson (1188) shooting lights out, but also a very underwhelming performance at all positions except third as Jennifer Devenney (881) was half her team’s points and the only person over average. It would have been a fairly average night for Derek Sanderson (768) but the 132 game one really made it an uphill climb the rest of the night for both average and just trying to catch up for total. Team Howarth was much the same with only one player breaking average, Mike Devenney (861), and ironically, he took the fewest points on his team, thanks to a good night from Jeff Bradshaw (951). The rest were not bad nights, just slightly under average. Glen Howarth (925) got away with a pretty easy four-point night, taking advantage of an off night from Andrew LaMonica (802). Even Matt Sutherland (832) was able to pickup a win despite being 100 pins under average, though it was only by a very thin hair, beating Dixie (831) by one pin.

Key Matchup

I am going to make a bold prediction that everyone with the last name Devenney on the sheet will take the win tonight. The most exciting to watch will be Mike versus Derek at leadoff. I could see this being like a 20-pin difference at the end of the night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Howarth

Match #7 – LOURENCO vs. NELSON

After having won their first seven, Team Lourenco has now lost three straight and will hope to pick up a win tonight to try and make a push to reclaim top spot in the league. They saw success once again at leadoff with James Jubinville (917) picking up his fourth straight win beating Tabatha Gelardi (879) 3-2. James has been averaging 241 during his current win streak. The only other win came from Craig Klassen (1088) over Jessica Meurrens (933). The big hit came at anchor where captain Belle Lourenco (978) was shutout for the first time this season, losing to Kyle Costello (1111). Team Nelson also took a hit at anchor with Tyson Nelson losing 4-1 to Kyle Young (1077), after a shootout loss 306-368 in game one. The rest of the team had his back though taking 11/15 points and no one shooting under 950. Their biggest help on total was Lisa Fetch (950) shooting a season high to beat Carter Schade (561) by 289 pins.

Key Matchup

Team Lourenco has the advantage at all positions but anchor, with an especially strong grip on the top two positions. This means Lisa Fetch (950) and spare Tyler Reynolds will need to keep things close with James and Jon Linley (888) if their team is to keep the total within reach. Also, I believe the loser of the anchor matchup has to pay for the next dinner, so I hear.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Team Naugler is coming off a crushing loss to Team Nelson, keeping them in the pack of teams between 12-15th. The only two full time members present in that match, Jeston Bartram (896) and Jordan Nickerson (856) both shot pretty average and just ran into a couple of opponents throwing well in Cindy Cousins (950) and Dave Duncan (957). The team salvaged 10 points thanks to a blitz at the end of game two that saw three matchups won by a single ball, in a six-point sweep of a game. Team Campbell picked up their third straight win last week, taking down the #2 ranked Team Lourenco pushing them right into the middle of the eight teams swinging between 4th-11th, 6 points out of 4th but only 8 points above 11th. The trend continued for Kyle Costello (1111) as he followed up his Week 9 860 with an 1100+, sweeping Belle Lourenco (978) in the process. Otherwise, overall, Team Campbell had a very well-rounded night with leadoff Tabatha Gelardi (879) putting up a season high in a back-and-forth battle with James Jubinville (917).

Key Matchup

Team Campbell will see the return of their captain this week, which may or may not be a good thing if the past records have anything to say, being 2-1 in her absence but only 3-4 when she’s present. As long as they can hold off from more than one person being under 900, I think they have a very strong advantage in all positions in this matchup. Also, making his second season debut is Kevin Naugler hoping to continue where he left off.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

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