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Friday Night All-Stars Week 12

Trevor (46-42-0) : Tyson (51-37-0)

Week 11 Recap by Multiple Sources

LaMonica (20) vs. Hendrickson (11): Points beatdown for Hendrickson, but closer than it seems

Cook (26) vs. Fleming (5): If leadoff bowls 1000… probably a good week. Cook dominates.

Armstrong (18) vs D. Gelardi (9): Armstrong holds off 4th game surge, looking very solid lately

Stevenson (21) vs. S. Gelardi (10): Sam G’s 1122 is $100 bread with $2 meat, middle games sink team

Youzwa (24) vs. King (7): Consistent 900s beat consistent 800s

Rodych (24) vs. Howarth (7): Derek shows Mike who’s daddy, Rodych wins slides to victory

Nelson (25) vs. Lourenco (6): Lourenco makes a move game 3… but that’s it.

Naugler (20) vs. Campbell (11): Alyssa’s 5-0 can’t save squad

* Random trivia question: How many times has a person finished a night with zero headpins this season?


Match #1 – COOK vs. HOWARTH

Team Cook really capitalized on a big opportunity last week taking 26 points. With the top three teams all losing, they closed the gap considerably and now sit only a couple points out of third. The night started incredibly strong with a 250-team average for the first three games and then everyone forgot to bowl game four, 762. The worst perpetrator of this was Trevor Cook (1000) who must have thought kingpin was only a two-game event as he started with 606-double and finished with a 394-double. The Kingpin worked wonders on Derek Sabourin (1016) though as he put up his season high as part of the winning team, alongside teammate Zach Friesen (915). Team Howarth likely did not see the same success at Kingpin as captain Glen Howarth (976) was the only one to break average. His four points off Matt Rodych (895) was also a large majority of his team’s points. Craig Enns (904) gave himself a good chance but despite only losing total by four pins to Jennifer Devenney (908) he only managed to leave with a single point. The real damage came at the top two positions where Mike Devenney (772) and Ray Bartel (782) got walloped by 387 pins to Derek Sanderson (992) and Amanda Devenney (949)

Key Matchup

The key for this matchup will really boil down to the top half of the lineups. Team Howarth comes in as slight underdogs and the key difference comes down to the ceiling of Derek Sabourin which as we have seen the last few weeks continues to go up. If this continues it will put his team at a major advantage and mean that Mike and Ray will need to push that 900-mark to really balance it out.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #2 – D. GELARDI vs. LAMONICA

Team D. Gelardi is coming off only their second loss of the season in a tight 18-13 match with Team Armstrong. Both their losses directly correlate with both of Dwayne Gelardi’s (1045) individual losses showing how critical his success is to his team. This time it was Karen Armstrong (1008) who took the first three games off Dwayne and just lost total due to a 215-358 loss in game four. Otherwise, they should still continue to be happy with Jesse Leyte (1000) who has now put up three straight weeks over 1000. His opponent is in the same boat, Matt Turanski (1023) stomped Cyndie Barnett (829) last week, really helping out big time for total. This basically covered the pins lost by Jayden Nickerson (844) who is now riding a four-week losing streak thanks to Brett Hendrickson (1030) sweeping him. The difference maker ended up being at anchor where Andrew LaMonica (1114) secured grand total for his team thanks to a 343-206 win over Robbie Hendrickson (971) to finish the night.

This will really come down to the bottom of the lineup. These two teams have been two of the highest scoring 3rd /anchor combos over the last few weeks. Though they had slow starts to the season both Jesse and Matt appear to be in a consistent rhythm now with neither shooting under 1000 the past three weeks. If the trend continues, then the pressure will be on Andrew to keep pace with league high average Dwayne.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


These two teams have really changed pace since the start of the season. Team Stevenson has been the hottest team the last five weeks taking no less 20 points a night, whereas Team Lourenco is now riding a four-week losing streak and coming off their worst week of the season. Week 10 Team Stevenson relied heavily on Erik Stewart (914) and Dylan Stevenson (1057), who seemingly handled the Chaikowkis with ease. Erik swept Holly Chaikowski (850) with several close wins, and Dylan swept Corey Chaikowski (794) with every game being a blowout. Both Jayson May (933) and Michael Linsenmeier (810) did see their four-week win streaks come to an end, but luckily it had minimal impact on their team’s result. The same cannot be said for James Jubinville (785) of Team Lourenco who saw Tyler Reynolds (932) end his win streak and from there the rest of the team fell like dominoes. The bottom half of the lineup both saw their worst weeks of the season with Jon Linley (809) still managing two points off Cindy Cousins (902) thanks to a solid finish the last two games. The biggest nail in the coffin came from Belle Lourenco (781) being swept for the second straight week, this time by Tyson Nelson (1107).

Key Matchup

This matchup has some very interesting matchups from top to bottom and I think we will see some very close totals. The seconds in particular should be very worth watching as Erik and Jon have both had their share of ups and downs this season and if one of them gets on a roll it could be a big energy booster for their team especially given both these teams are fairly high energy.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #4 – YOUZWA vs. NAUGLER

Much like Team Cook and Team Nelson, Team Youzwa was one three teams this week to sweep all individual totals. The Most notable was Jennifer Duncan (1002) picking up her third sweep of the season, besting Patrick Walker (858) with a very consistent night across the board. With another win last week, Marc Steves (920) has won six of his last seven matchups, the most of anyone in the league during that span and he did it by beating Chris Dewar (868). The matchup could have very easily been a loss for Marc as he won two of his matches by three pins or less. Team Naugler was not far behind Team Youzwa winning three of four individual totals. The return of their captain, Kevin Naugler (983) seemed to light a fire under their asses especially given he came back throwing fire. Kevin took four points off Kyle Costello (861), only missing the sweep due to a seven-pin loss in game three, 213-220. Kevin remains as the only undefeated player this season at 2-0. This success trickled down to both Adam Williamson (807) and Jeston Bartram (1067) who combined for seven points off Tabatha Gelardi (638) and Jessica Meurrens (967).

Key Matchup

With Jordan Nickerson (738) dodging the fire by a mile, his team will really look for him to jump back on board as he faces Jen this week. Jen has already established herself as one of the more successful seconds in the league, and Jordan will need to match that energy to keep his team right in it. Especially given the third and fourth matchup is going to be a grind to get points from.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #5 – RODYCH vs. FLEMING

After their worst week back in Week 10, Week 11 saw Team Rodych coming in hot off their highest point total of the season versus Team Howarth. All the credit needs to go to the Devenney crew featuring half member Derek Sanderson (992). Derek threw his highest total of the season thus far at Mike Devenney (772), with a big 563-double to start and only giving up the last game in what I can only assume to be an attempt to buy back some brownie points from Mike. When you combine that with the dominant win Amanda Devenney (949) had over Ray Bartel (782) it made a for pretty large head start for the top half of the lineup. Team Fleming took what they could, but having multiple 1000s shot at you does not make it easy, especially when one is at leadoff. Mark Prystupa (717) was the unfortunate victim at leadoff of Derek Sabourin’s (1016) return. Both Chloe Fleming (899) and Brooke Goulet (911) managed to take the last two games off of their oppenents, Zach Friesen (915) and Trevor Cook (1000).

Key Matchup

The leadoffs are going to be a key factor in this match. Mark has had a slow start to the season but slowly trending up the past couple weeks while Derek is coming off a season high but had two sub-800 weeks prior meaning there is some wiggle room in terms of what kind of matchup we could see. The determining factor will be game one, Derek has not shot under 870 when starting with a 200, but also has only broken 800 once when starting below 200.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Match #6 – CAMPBELL vs. KING

Both these teams had a rather disappointing showing in Week 11 and will look to bounce back against each other tonight. Team King just had nothing in the tank all night, with only five games being shot over average between the team. The closest matchup was probably Chris Dewar (868) losing 1-4 to Marc Steves (920) as two of the matches went in favour of Marc, by less than 4 pins. Another small positive was Garry Bell (802) fight back after being down 0-2 to at least make it a respectable 2-3 loss to Jesse Gagnon (905). This unfortunately extends Team King to a three-week losing streak in which they rank 16th in the league over that span. Team Campbell just had their three-week win streak snapped last week by Team Naugler. In the end it makes sense when you consider Kyle Costello (861) averaging 215 on odd numbered weeks, since Week 5. On the plus side, it’s Week 12 which means Kyle should be good again. The middle of their lineup shot quite well last week with Alyssa Campbell (955) picking up her first sweep of the season over Jordan Nickerson (738). Jessica Meurrens (967) had similar scores but lost due to a slightly tougher matchup against Jeston Bartram (1067).

Key Matchup

Team Campbell has a lot of latent potential for throwing big games, so to counteract this I believe Team King will need to see some serious production from both Anthony Novak and Chris Dewar. If the two of them can put up close to the 950-mark it should put their team right in the thick of things.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell


These two teams are both coming off close matches, with mixed results. Team Hendrickson started off strong with a 1064, but slowly let Team LaMonica chip away at them all night long, with the big nail in the coffin being Andrew LaMonica (1114) finishing the last game with 343 to give them the edge on grand total. Brett Hendrickson (1030) attempted to carry the team on his back, sweeping Jayden Nickerson (844) and giving a 186-pin boost to his team. It was just not quite enough as the only other player to contribute positively to the pin differential was Mitch Dubell (931) thanks to a lone 115-pin win over Jeff Bradshaw (873) in game one. Team Armstrong on the other hand took down the league’s top team, Team D. Gelardi, with a big showing on the bottom half. I said it last week that Randy Morrisette (1078) would need a big week to keep his team in it and he came through with his highest total of the season, knocking off Jesse Leyte (1000). The other big part of the win was Karen Armstrong (1008) losing total but picking up the 3-2 win over Dwayne Gelardi (1045), only losing the two points in game four with a tough 215-358 loss.

Key Matchup

The top half of each lineup will be the decider on this set. Linda Orne (815) and Tim Hooper (826) have failed to shoot over 870 in the last three weeks, while Chad Hurd and Cyndie Barnett (829) have 60% of their games over that mark during the three-week span.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #8 – S. GELARDI vs. NELSON

Team S. Gelardi will be looking to make up some ground in the standings this week after failing to capitalize on the Team D. Gelardi loss, they currently sit 15 points out of first. It wasn’t for lack of trying by team captain, Sam Gelardi (1122), who was high total on the night thanks to a big 352 finish, taking four points off Jayson May (933). This was quickly nullified when the Chaikowski’s were shutout on the night, being swept 10-0 by a combined 327 pins. The biggest portion of that coming at third with Corey Chaikowski (794) matching a season low against Dylan Stevenson (1057) seeing his four-week winning streak come to a screeching halt. Team Nelson has been on a tear the last two weeks, combing for 26 points over that span. The effort was spearheaded by Tyson Nelson (1107) merciless throwing a season high against Belle Lourenco (781) and his team just followed closely behind taking all individual totals. Lisa Fetch (891) had the only matchup within 100 pins as she had to comeback against Dixie Macdonald (878) in game four 229-205 to win her total, and secure four points on the night.

Key Matchup

These two teams will matchup fairly evenly at third and anchor but Team S. Gelardi has a distinct advantage in the top half of the lineup. That being said both Lisa and Dave Duncan have outperformed Holly and Corey in recent weeks, but Team Nelson will need that to continue if they want to go toe-to-toe with the league’s number two team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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