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Friday Night All-Stars Week 12

Trevor (48-39-1) : Tyson (50-37-1)


Match #1 – D. GELARDI vs HOWARTH

Well one of these teams is coming hot off a win, and the other is Team D. Gelardi. Team Howarth can finally breathe a sigh of relief picking up their first win of the season, taking down Team Stevenson. Glen Howarth (1262) earned his captain’s salary and a nice bonus on top of that for setting the league’s new high total, with only one game under 325, taking four points of Michael Linsenmeier (974) with ease. When you add in Alyssa Campbell (1053) throwing a nearly 900 triple to start it was easy for Team Howarth to win most of the totals on the night. In fact, Alyssa’s 880—triple was only 4 pins behind fiancé Dwayne Gelardi’s (884) total for the night, as his team did not have nearly as much fun. The team did manage to win a couple totals, with Robbie Hendrickson (930) making a game four comeback on Karen Armstrong (915) with the two neck and neck before a 229-215 win pulled him ahead. Mitch Dubell (747) had found himself in almost an identical situation after three games, but had the opposite result in game four with Holly Chaikowski winning 215-186.

Over/Under: Dwayne Gelardi middle hits (35.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Last week was the first time this season that these two teams have won in the same week, but we will have only one winner tonight. Team Steeves almost couldn’t have made it a closer win, as Marc Steeves (933) was the only winner on his team taking down Brandon Mansell (850). Carole Bilyk (834) nearly joined the win column but fell victim to yet another game four comeback as Cindy Cousins (835) won 250-215, to take total by a single pin. This whole match was a game four comeback in itself as Team Steeves rallied with an 857-813 win to steal grand total, by only 16 pins. Team LaMonica picked up a much-needed win over Team Meurrens, and did it in simi9lar fashion as they too stole grand total in the last game, by only 18 pins winning 902-855. This was even the case for a couple matchups as both Lisa (875) and Andrew LaMonica (969) made a late-night push to sneak out 3-2 wins against Jesse Gagnon (836) and Brooke Goulet (944) respectively.

Over/Under: Andrew LaMonica middle hits (31.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #3 – NELSON vs. MAY

Team May has been on fire the past three weeks, and last week was no different as they pummeled Team S. Gelardi. The 698-double from Kyle Young (1149) certainly made his night a whole lot easier as he picked up 4 points on Sam Gelardi (1036), giving him 13 points in the last three weeks and a 279 average over that span. There were plenty of good scores going around, Calvin Cline (961) had probably his most consistent night of bowling this year, with no games under 225 in what proved to be a fairly easy matchup against Kevin Grabowksi (828). Team Nelson did not have quite as flashy of scores, but ended up with almost the same number of points, also joining the small list of teams that have had all four bowlers over 900 in a night. The closest of these matches was between Tyson Nelson (917) and Trevor Cook (977), with Tyson picking up the 3-2 win over his fellow Snowman, taking the last two games by a combined 8 pins, with the last ball on each. Geoff Born (998) with his win over Corey Chaikowski (838) makes it six straight, and continues to boast one of the best winning percentages of any third.

Over/Under: Calvin Cline strikes (16.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

Match #4 – LOURENCO vs. YOUZWA

These two teams come in as the two lowest scoring teams from Week 11, it has been expected from Team Youzwa this season but this is new territory for Team Lourenco. With two players missing, the team turned to Derek Sabourin (868) and Tyler Reynolds (780). While Derek pulled off a win over his second mom Linda Orne (833), Tyler took a beating at leadoff as Alycia Mann (983) had yet another season high night. This beating actually looked soft when compared to the tea-bagging that Jesse Leyte (1088) applied to Kevin Naugler (814). Facing Mr. 112 himself is the man who just dethroned that score last week Tim Hooper (583) who in his defense did it while bowling injured, and as such will show mercy and spare him the ridicule. What does deserve ridicule though was the nose-dive Colton Youzwa (925) took after starting with a 582-double, failing to break 180 after that point and letting Kyle Costello (946) comeback by throwing a 440-double.

Over/Under: Colton Youzwa chop spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Team Stevenson is walking into this match a little funny, likely from the pounding they took from Team Howarth last week. When it rains, it pours and even turns into an avalanche on Dylan Stevenson (911) who had pro-league teammate Alyssa Campbell (1053) hand it to him. That looked pretty gentle compared to what Glen Howarth (1262) did to Michael Linsenmeier (974), with a score that would have beat Glen on almost any other night this season. The one positive though was the night did see Alley Bourcier (778) pickup her first sweep of the season on Mark Prystupa (661). Team Armstrong continues to ride the Boyko train as the league high average continues to keep his team in the running, and taking down Team D. Gelardi was a big step in proving that. The night saw Karen Armstrong (915) recover from her 149 start, with a 551-double only to fall victim to Robbie Hendrickson (930) in game four to go down 2-3. The team will now need to wake up Richard Parisian (851) who now is on a four-week losing streak, with 7 of his last 12 games under 200, his key for tonight will be to limit those low games.

Over/Under: Alley Bourcier corner spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #6 – LEYTE vs. COSTELLO

This might be the featured match of the night, as these two teams sit three points apart, and losing tonight may very well knock whichever team out of the hunt for top spot in the half. Both teams ended up with favorable matchups playing the two lowest scoring teams, Team Costello took full advantage taking 27 points on their night. Both Russel Knight (875) and Kyle Costello (946) had to make comebacks after going down 0-2 in the first two games and through some decent scores from them and some not very decent scores from their opponents, they both pulled out 3-2 wins. Team Leyte is sadly without their power couple from last week, Alycia Mann (983) and Jesse Leyte (1088) who combined for all ten points, and once again set season highs, making it for a rough night on Tyler Reynolds (780) and Kevin Naugler (814). With Cam Boon and Jim Leyte replacing them the age of this team may very well be higher than some of their scores tonight, but don’t expect them to go down easy… just maybe a little slower to get back up.

Over/Under: Russel Knight corners (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello

Match #7 – RODYCH vs. MEURRENS

Both these teams fell short of a win last week, and Team Meurrens has seen most of their early season momentum slip away from them with only 15 points in the last two weeks. It was a fairly average night for most of the team, but despite that the only one to pickup a win was also the only one clearly under average and that was Jessica Meurrens (877) who had a win gifted to her by Chris Dewar (811), after also being down 0-2 to start the night. I expect to see at good matchup at the two hole with Chad Hurd (895) versus Cindy Cousins, especially since Chad has not lost more than two straight weeks yet this season and now has his back against the wall. For Team Rodych Brandon Mansell (850) finally had a nice beatable score thrown at him and got too excited and tripped over himself throwing his lowest week of the season, his first under 900. His captain, Matt Rodych (1023) has picked up his slack in Brandon’s decline the past few weeks, throwing for 1000+ in three straight weeks, with 13/15 points.

Over/Under: Chad Hurd corners (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Match #8 – COOK vs. S. GELARDI

This match has a lot of potential, but both sides have had their fair share of struggles to start this season. Team Cook went toe-to-toe with the leagues top team last week, right up until a big game four loss saw their underdog story come to an end, losing game four 897-1073. The team did see a breakout week from Char Hurd (946), who took a 3-2 win from Erik Stewart (901), and the first night keeping all four over 200, which as a leadoff will usually result in a good night. Team S. Gelardi did not have the same kind of shine, as the team peaked with a game two 1071, but only even broke 800 in one other game, 5/8 points coming from that game. Ralph Gelardi (840) was the lone winner, taking down Jeff Fraser (777), who proved that all 7s maybe isn’t a lucky number in bowling. Sam Gelardi (1036) who for most of the early season was flirting with the top of the win % charts, has seen that position slip with just 4.5 points in the last four weeks, and having Kyle Young (1149) shoot 1100 at you certainly does not help.

Over/Under: Ralph Gelardi middle hits (25.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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