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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 12 Review

Match #1 – Gelardi (19) vs. Devenney (12)

Team Gelardi jumped out early in this one and held their own from that point on. Mitch Dubell (819) and Holly Chaikowski (796) went toe-to-toe all night with Mitch breaking away in game four with a 245. Robbie Hendrickson (937) was the difference maker in this match. Jennifer Devenney (914) chipped away Dwayne Gelardi (925) winning her night despite losing total, Dwayne’s game one 300 was the lone game keeping him from being shutout. Mike Devenney (879) had a rollercoaster night shooting two games under 170 but also two games over 270, resulting in a fairly average night.

Dominant Performances

Dwayne Gelardi – 300 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( )

Match #2 – Bartram (11) vs. B. Jeffers (20)

Team B. Jeffers dominated this match in all but one position, the third position. Overall, it was an

average night for Team Bartram, with all players shooting within 5 pins of their averages. Without an opponent present, Adam Williamson (754) failed to obtain a point for the first time since his first week joining the team. Despite that, Team B. Jeffers thrived. Scott Saunderson (864) broke his streak of weeks under 800 with a very solid consistent looking night and Ben Jeffers (819) put up a third straight winning week but left some coal in his own stocking finishing the night with a 137.

Dominant Performances

Tyson Nelson – 342 (1), 1076 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( )

Match #3 – King (16.5) vs. Enns (14.5)

This was a back and forth match all night, coming right down to game four. Team King surged back with a clutch 999 in game four taking all but one point, and in the process stealing an individual total, tying another, and even taking grand total. Patrick Walker (1047) gave himself an early Christmas present, shooting his high week of the season and providing a major boost to his team. Despite a slow 166 start, Karen Armstrong (951) managed a strong performance and snatched a winning week from Craig Enns (909). Wayne King (1012) and Glen Howarth (1012) both had good nights and even with tying for total, they only had one game decided by less than 75 pins.

Dominant Performances

Patrick Walker – 320 (1), 594 (2), 1047 (4)

Karen Armstrong – 314 (1), 795 (3)

Wayne King – 1012 (4)

Glen Howarth – 330 (1), 816 (3), 1012 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team King ( )

Match #4 – Youzwa (20.5) vs. Lourenco (10.5)

Another big shooting match with three bowlers shooting over 1000. Making her permanent league debut, Tabatha Gelardi (870) contributed big with a nearly 200-pin win over Mark Prystupa (678). The third position saw an absolute shootout this week with Chloe Fleming (1057) making the big game four comeback on Belle Lourenco (1038). At the anchor Colton Youzwa (1057) came out on fire with a 633 double but cooled off in the back half letting Alycia Mann (870) take two points.

Dominant Performances

Belle Lourenco – 328 (1), 809 (3), 1038 (4)

Chloe Fleming – 317, 358 (1), 1057 (4)

Colton Youzwa – 335 (1), 633 (2), 1057 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( )

Match #5 – LaMonica (24) vs. Cousins (7)

An intense, high scoring first game with Team LaMonica taking it 1033-992, but from there a rather low scoring night as no one recorded a 700 triple in the last three games. Gillian LaMonica (927) facing her brother’s team came out blazing with a 340, and also took her teams only individual total on the night. Team LaMonica dominated in the bottom three positions taking 13/15 points. This included a sweep by Sam Gelardi (974) over Cindy Cousins (817) who showed us a rather low week after being on a hot streak the past few weeks. This win adds a little distance between Team LaMonica and the teams trailing close behind.

Dominant Performances

Gillian LaMonica – 340 (1)

Sam Gelardi – 783 (3)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Team LaMonica ( )

Match #6 – Orne (10) vs. C. Jeffers (21)

In what could be described as a Christmas miracle, Team C. Jeffers takes yet another win off a top half team. This could possibly be a good sign of things to come in the new year. This match was a close one 3584 – 3540. The surprising part is that every individual total went to Team C. Jeffers, with the biggest win coming in at only 17 pins. Three out of the four matchups were decided by one ball. The most notable of these wins had to be Tim Hooper (973) over the ever-consistent Linda Orne (965). Captain, Chris Jeffers (874) continues to bring his average up with a nearly season high total, fending off David Wastle (857). Anthony Novak (960) continues his dominant campaign as Team C. Jeffers new anchor, taking down Darren Maxwell (947).

Dominant Performances

Chris Jeffers – 311 (1)

Tim Hooper – 973 (4)

Darren Maxwell – 330 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne ( )

Match #7 – Hurd (15) vs. Stevenson (16)

This was the highest scoring match of the night coming in at 3763 – 3746 in favour of Team Stevenson. This match was in Team Hurd’s fingers and they let it slip away in a game four collapse that saw them give up 146 pins to Team Stevenson who won grand total with only taking the one game total. A big contribution to this total was Kyle Costello (1200) who gave Kevin Naugler (925) a beating in the anchor position. Kevin was well supported though as both Chad Hurd (995) and Brett Hendrickson (1059) had big nights to help offset the difference. However, the nail in the coffin was Team Stevenson’s leadoff Erik Stewart (904) coming in clutch in the last three games with a 763 triple.

Dominant Performances

Erik Stewart – 763 (3)

Kyle Costello – 303, 330 (1), 1200 (4)

Chad Hurd – 311 (1), 602 (2), 995 (4)

Brett Hendrickson – 313 (1), 870 (3), 1059 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Match #8 – Rodych (6) vs. Cook (25)

This was a much-needed big win for Team Cook who has struggled to find big totals this season. Uncharacteristically for Team Rodych their top half of the lineup held their own and it was the anchor and third positions that just lacked firepower this week. Hailey Roberts (782) picked up her first win of the season over Dave Priestley (772) in a match that saw three games decided by less than 5 pins. Carter Schade (823) nearly took back total in game four but fell just shy as Jayson May (828) took the win. Not very like himself, Matt Rodych (790) had a season low night, and Trevor Cook (983) even just bowling average is not the guy you want to do that against.

Dominant Performances

Trevor Cook – 983 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( )

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