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Friday Night All-Stars Week 13

Trevor (52-44-0) : Tyson (55-41-0)


Match #1 – S. GELARDI vs. LOURENCO

Currently these two teams sit 2nd and 3rd in the standings and with only three weeks left in the half you have to assume the loser of this match will be knocked out of contention for that 1st place spot. Team S. Gelardi is coming off a tough loss in Week 12 seeing as their opponent shot the second lowest total of the night. Captain Sam Gelardi (1072) was at least able to salvage enough points to take grand total, thanks to a rather easy sweep of Tyson Nelson (837). The rest of his team looked in shambles with Holly (743) and Corey Chaikowski (797) having combined for just a single point over the last two weeks, that lone point being off Lisa Fetch (778) during Week 12. On the other hand, Team Lourenco found their groove again, snapping their four-week losing streak against Team Stevenson. Much the same as Team S. Gelardi, an anchor sweep proved to be a big part, as Belle Lourenco (1055) swept Dylan Stevenson (807), making up for the 100-pin deficit from the top three positions. The 604-double to start certainly did not hurt, joining the short list of players with back-to-back 300s this season.

Key Matchup

The leadoffs will be a critical piece of this match. Both Holly and Jon Linley (768) are coming off either their worst or nearly worst week of the season. For Jon it has been two weeks in a row setting a new season low and he will need to turn things around or totals will be very difficult for his team. Given Jon’s average is noticeably lower in the first two games, I would say the key for Holly is taking advantage early and building up her lead.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gealrdi

Match #2 – KING vs. NAUGLER

Both these teams are coming off losses in Week 12, and really will be looking to use the remaining weeks in December to build some momentum for the second half of the season. Team Naugler currently 13th is only 24 points out of the A-side, while Team King in 15th sits 50 points back. I good few weeks could set both up nicely for the new year. Team King simply got outgunned last week having their bottom three positions average 232 and walk away with 3/15 points thanks to some hot shooting from Team Campbell. I may have misled Chris Dewar (958) telling him he would need 950, he needed more like 1050, facing off with Kelly Smith (1032). Jeston Bartram (1099) for Team Naugler did that and more mopping the floor with Dan Sim (881). Unfortunately, the rest of his team did not fair as well, mostly due to a slow start in game one that saw them give up 232-pins. 216 of those coming from the borderline too horrific to describe 130-346 loss at anchor for Kevin Naugler (864) thanks to Colton Youzwa (979).

The top half of the lineups will really be the tell for this match. Especially the seconds having Anthony Novak go up against Jordan Nickerson (826). Anthony has been trending upward of late while Jordan seems to be hovering pretty consistently at that 200-mark. I would say Team Naugler will need to see at least 850 from him to make this matchup a battle.

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #3 – HOWARTH vs. FLEMING

These two teams just want to make it to Christmas and start the new year off fresh. Team Howarth got a good head start on it last week knocking off the 4th ranked team, Team Cook. They also set the new high game for a team this season with 1172 in game two, which saw Ray Bartel (913), Craig Enns (1041) and Glen Howarth (1105) combine for 958. That three-man score would have beaten nine of the teams’ totals that game. Glen also puts himself in third for high single with his 376 from the same game. Team Fleming did not have luck on their side last week, as they also got hit with plenty of big scores. Brooke Goulet (984) and Chloe Fleming (897) combined to average 235, resulting in a single point, thanks to Jennifer Devenney (1134) and Matt Rodych (1018) combining to average 269.

Key Matchup

Once again, it’s the leadoffs and seconds that really make this match. Team Fleming has been steadily bringing up their average over the past month and will need to continue to due so in Week 13. I would say if Mark and Gillian can combined keep within 100-pins of Mike and Ray that this could be a real back and forth match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Howarth

Trevor’s Pick: Team Howarth


These two teams are currently on the outside looking in, in regards to the A-side. Team LaMonica sits 11 points back and Team Armstrong 20. Nothing much Team LaMonica could have done last week, having Team D. Gelardi shoot 4048. Jeff Bradshaw (1059) did his part, taking four points off Chris Jeffers (956). The bottom half kind of left their team out to dry as both Matt Turanski (850) and Andrew LaMonica (905) took 200-pin losses and picked up one point thanks to a game one 175 from Jesse Leyte (1084). Team Armstrong got to be on the other side of the coin in Week 12, dishing out a 3-2 victory at every position, with only one total being decided by more than 30 pins. Each bowler had a personal top-3 performance thus far this season with Tim Hooper (907) posting a new season high, dominating Chad Hurd (890). A Team Armstrong win this week would bring them pretty close to even with Team LaMonica in the standings.

Key Matchup

Team LaMonica needs their 3-4 combo to wake up, Karen Armstrong (1073) and Randy Morrissette (1021) have been one of the strongest duos over the last month, so 850s and 900s most likely won’t cut it. The tops of the lineups will be fairly even, but a lousy performance in the bottom half could cost either team the match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


The battle for 8th takes place in this match. 2.5 points separate these two teams with Team Nelson having the slight advantage. Team Nelson has been one of the most unpredictable teams this season, most recently beating the #2 team two weeks in a row but with half their losses coming to bottom 8 teams. They have gained traction recently in the top three positions, as currently all three sit on three-week win streaks. Most notably, Cindy Cousins (937) seems to have knocked off early season slumps and is back to shooting her draft average, sweeping Corey Chaikowski (797) last week. Lisa Fetch (778) has really cemented herself into the win table over that span as well, taking 12/15 points. Team Stevenson has an even more notable streak actively going on, Erik Stewart (907) picked up his fifth straight win last week defeating Jon Linley (768) 4-1. You also can’t leave Jayson May (962) out of the mix either, as he has now won five of his last six matchups, taking down Alycia Mann (934) 4-1. The really costly loss for Team Stevenson came at anchor where Dylan Stevenson (807) took a 248-pin walloping from Belle Lourenco (1055) which ended up being more than the difference for total.

Key Matchup

The leadoff matchup could make this interesting as Michael Linsenmeier (860) has been a real wild card to start the year shooting anywhere from 800-1000. I think as it sits if he shoots 800 it will be a rough night for his team, 900 will make the matchup close and if he shoots 1000 I guarantee his team wins.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


These two teams were both over 3800 last week but only Team D. Gelardi was able to walk away with a win, thanks to their 4048. Team Hendrickson happened to be facing one of the three other teams to also shoot over 3800 in Week 12, Team Armstrong. Team Hendrickson really put up no bad totals, simply fell just short in every total. Most were behind early and tried to make a late-night comeback, the only exception to this was Brett Hendrickson (1002) who had a 38-pin lead going into game four and had it ripped away by Randy Morrissette (1021), 310-253. A positive note for their team though is the ongoing strong bowling from Robbie Hendrickson (1045) defining himself as the anchor of the team, now averaging 267 over the last three weeks. His anchor prowess will be tested facing Dwayne Gelardi (1103), the league high win percentage at 74%. Dwayne continued that success last week sweeping Andrew LaMonica (905), marking his fourth sweep of the season. Following not far behind, Jesse Leyte (1034) has now put up four consecutive 1000+ weeks, locking him in as one of the most dominants thirds across the league, as Matt Turanski (850) had to learn the hard way.

Key Matchup

The anchors have to be the focus, if Robbie can’t keep it close with Dwayne this match does not go well, simple as that.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #7 – CAMPBELL vs. YOUZWA

Both these teams currently sit in the top half of the league thanks to wins last week, however Team Youzwa is currently tied for 7th with Team Nelson and Team Campbell only sits 5.5 points ahead of that, meaning there is a chance the loser of this matchup drops back into the bottom eight. Team Youzwa picked up their win over Team Naugler, using nothing flashy just consistent bowling at each position. Colton Youzwa (979) picked up his fourth straight win, beating Kevin Naugler (864), mostly using this 346 in game one and then coasting off that. Team Campbell was a little flashier, posting a 257 average for their bottom three and taking 12/15 points. Not much of a surprise Kyle Costello (1068) shot well on an even numbered week, much to the dismay of Wayne King (957) who was probably hoping he would break that streak. With Alyssa Campbell (987) also picking up her second straight week over 950, this team seems to be cruising right into Christmas.

Key Matchup

Team Campbell has been struggling to find success at leadoff and I think Team Youzwa will really need to exploit that to put some pressure on them. This means Jesse Gagnon (885) could really be a critical piece for the success of Team Youzwa. Or they hope that Kyle continues to suck on odd weeks.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Match #8 – RODYCH vs. COOK

Team Cook and Rodych sit 4th and 5th in the standings respectively, and both hanging onto a very thin sliver of hope that they may catch 1st with three strong weeks. Team Rodych has been on the pace the last two, putting up back-to-back weeks with a minimum of 24 points, though the intensity of their opponent is slightly higher going into this matchup. Jennifer Devenney (1134) truly came to play last week, setting a season high total and really not giving Chloe Fleming (897) to keep herself in the match, also marking four straight wins for Jenny. This was compliment quite nicely when paired with Derek Sanderson (959) picking up his first sweep of the season, burying Mark Prystupa (714), never letting him within even forty pins. Team Cook was honestly not far behind, with very consistent bowling all the way down the lineup. Despite his strong bowling and 270-average, Trevor Cook (1045) has now failed to win back-to-back weeks since Week 7, after having Glen Howarth (1103) beat him 2-3. I doubt his team is too worried given his average and Trevor has not lost back-to-back weeks yet this season.

Key Matchup

With Derek making his debut at second I think Derek Sabourin will be a good tester matchup as he shouldn’t be too hard to beat. I see this going as a 3-2 win for Derek.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

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