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Friday Night All-Stars Week 13

Trevor (53-42-1) : Tyson (53-42-1)



Match #1 – S. GELARDI vs NELSON

The last undefeated team was finally dethroned last week as Team Nelson lost to Team May. With a season low total, the team fell apart at all positions. The only member to start with a lead was Erik Stewart (726) that he saw slip through his fingers as his 301-double to finish let Nakia Maxfield (799) fly by him, in a 3-2 win. After starting the season 7-0, Ray Bartel (864) has seen his share of struggles going 1-4 since then. A slow start last week also had him finish down 2-3 playing Calvin Cline (903). Similarly, Team S. Gelardi has gone through the same rough patch now riding a four-week losing streak. The one good takeaway for them was Sam Gelardi (1139) breaking his own four-week losing streak on Trevor Cook (1033), with a 4-1 win. The real nail in the coffin for the team was the 277-pin sweep that Brett Hendrickson (737) took when going up against Corey Chaikowski (1010). Team S. Gelardi currently sits in 10th, just outside the top half, 11 points back of Team Stevenson.

Over/Under: Ralph Gelardi corners (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson



Team Costello with their win over Team Leyte last week now sits in second place and thanks to a Team Nelson loss can make a move for top spot in the half. The win can be accredited to their 213-pin win in game four 1110-897, with Russel Knight (887) and Kyle Costello (1027) combining for 631. Russel’s 321 completed his comeback on Wayne King (882) winning 321-229. This wasn’t even the closest matchup, as Linda Orne (913) tied David Wastle (925) 2.5-2.5 thanks to a game four tie at 231. Team Lourenco’s match was the exact opposite with only one matchup not resulting in a 5-0 for either side. That matchup was Ethan Buckman (1001) beating Jason Hoger (836) 4-1, narrowly avoiding the sweep, with a 214-211 win in game four. After back-to-back weeks being swept, Kevin Naugler (926) has almost forgotten what it is like to win a point, especially after being blown out of the water by Colton Youzwa (1089).

Over/Under: Kevin Naugler head pins (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



A little brother sister matchup always makes for a fun Friday night. After his deep run in the Manitoba Open, Glen Howarth (1124) continues to run hot as he goes toe-to-toe with a fellow cut maker, Kevin Boyko (892). Fun fact, Glen’s current four-week winning streak is more wins than the rest of his team combined since Week 4. Karen Armstrong (1062) is coming in off her own season high, including a season high single 385 to cap off the night, and win her game over Scott Hitchcock (811) 385-176. Unfortunately, last week she was the only win of her team as they struggled to find the win column. The pieces are slowly falling in place for this team with Karen on a resurgence, they are going to look to Holly Chaikowski (801) and Richard Parisian (802) to fill in the rest. The key for Richard to figure out is how to turn hits into strikes, coming off back-to-back weeks under 40% strike percentage, well below his seasonal average of 50%.

Over/Under: Karen Armstrong corners (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Match #4 – RODYCH vs. LAMONICA

Team LaMonica came out to play in Week 12, being the league’s second 4000 and crushing the previous high with their 4125. The team combined for five 300+ games, one more than they had had up until that point in the season. The team also put up a 2272 double, another league high. Three out of the four players shot season highs; Derek Sanderson (970), Chris Dewar (1011) and Andrew LaMonica (1169) and even with that no one won a match any better than 3-2. Team Rodych wasn’t all that far behind them with a 3931. With his current string of bowling success Matt Rodych (1050) has really turned into the pillar of the team, not shooting below 1000 for the month of November, averaging 258 over that span. With a season high from Cindy Cousins (969) taking four points off Chad Hurd (724). If the team can get Brandon Mansell out of his mid-season blues, they will be a tough wall to break for Team LaMonica.

Over/Under: Brandon Mansell corners (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #5 – MAY vs. COOK

Team May did what no other team had done this season, taking down Team Nelson, and putting themselves into a good position to finish out the half. A big part of their recent success has to stem from Kyle Young (1137) who was November’s bowler of the month averaging with 17 points. The bottom three on the team are all now riding at least three-week win streaks, after both Calvin Cline (903) and Jayson May (937) took advantage of slow nights from Ray Bartel (864) and Geoff Born (847) respectively. The team as a whole has now shot 20+ points in each of the last five weeks. Team Cook also got a surprising win last week taking down Team S. Gelardi. The killing blow was most definitely Corey Chaikowski (1010) pulling off a Winnipeg drive-by on Brett Hendrickson (737) with his 5-0 sweep, snapping his losing streak and doubling the points he took for the month. The only loss on the team was Trevor Cook (1033) has become the new Brandon Mansell averaging over 250 for the previous three weeks, but with zero wins over that span, taking a 4-1 beating from Sam Gelardi (1139) last week.

Over/Under: Kyle Young headpins (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook



After their dominant start to the season Team Meurrens has fallen off the rails taking 27 points in the last three weeks and dropping out of A-side. The team was able to salvage 12 points last week from Team Rodych thanks to winning a couple close totals and having Brooke Goulet (1039) powerhouse her way to win like she has done much of this season, including her top four finish at the Manitoba Open this year. The rest of the team had a slow night, and in Chad Hurd’s (724) case, slow enough that he could have lost a foot race to a molasses covered sloth. Team Steeves had a very similar night but with having a 4125 shot at them there was little they could do, each bowler salvaging two points can probably be called a victory in itself. With half the team now riding three-week losing streaks, some form of kick start needs to happen to turn things around. I think the spark will need to be Jayden Nickerson (849) who fell victim to Jennifer Devenney (975) last week, but we have really only seen him excel to his potential once this season, back in Week 4 (1082). Going up against Jessica should give him enough of a push to get something going.

Over/Under: Jayden Nickerson pins left (40.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #7 – LEYTE vs. YOUZWA

Team Leyte dropped to third after a close loss to Team Costello, but can still be in the hunt for top spot with a good finish in the next three weeks. The team had the win in their grasp until a 200+ pin loss to in game four 897-1110 saw two individual totals and the grand total fall through the cracks. Cam Boon (925) had his 80-pin lead after game two disappear quite quickly as Kyle Costello (1027) outscored him 623-444 in the back half. Wayne King (882) can only blame himself for the loss of his total, despite a good last game from Russel Knight (887), Wayne shot himself in the foot with his 147 in game three. Team Youzwa picked up their first full win since Week 5 pulling off the nail biter against Team Lourenco, 16-15, with total being only 25 pins apart, 3629-3604. The team had a fire lit under its ass seeing Ethan Buckman (1001) shake off the rust and bowl like the Ethan of old, only missing the sweep due to a 3-pin loss in the last game. This will be the testing week to see if it can be done twice in a row, and facing off against a fairly evenly matched Wayne King.

Over/Under: Linda Orne head pins (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte



Team D. Gelardi limped their way through last week against Team Howarth, with only one bowler over average. Robbie Hendrickson (902) was that lone player, despite also starting with a 163, and the salt in the wound being that he only lost the game by 2 pins, to Mike Devenney (831), but salvaged his night with a 769 triple, giving him six wins in the last seven weeks. Even luckier was Cordell Galbecka (799) getting away with four points despite only shooting one game over 201, but with the win does extend his win streak to four weeks. With Dylan Stevenson (914) on the bench due a back injury presumably from carrying his team last week, they will need to find a capable spare to go up against Dwayne Gelardi (985) fresh off a good run at the Manitoba Open. The real center of this team the last four weeks has actually been Alley Bourcier (903) who has 17/20 points and has back-to-back sweeps, last week taking down Holly Chaikowski (801), on a night where neither of them really had a bad game.

Over/Under: Micael Linsenmeier strikes (15.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

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