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Friday Night All-Stars Week 14

Trevor (56-48-0) : Tyson (60-44-0)



Both these teams are currently sitting in the top half of the league and really will look for a win to make themselves a little more comfortable. Team Stevenson already started on that last week knocking down Team Nelson. The team leaned heavily on both Erik Stewart (922) and spare Max Gibson (1065) who combined for eight points against Dave Duncan (840) and Tyler Reynolds (825). This now brings Erik to six-straight wins, further cementing him into his role of second. Much like his opponent Alyssa Campbell (976) who is also solidly in second, she also is running a three-week hot streak, averaging 243 over that span. Unfortunately for her and her team, the good scores they had were just not enough when compared to Marc Steves (1080) and Colton Youzwa (1148). Kyle Costello (1055) did at least break his pattern of good-week bad-week; however, the pattern still remains win-loss week after week.

Key Matchup

Going back to the seconds, I think Erik versus Alyssa will be a fun match to watch and also a good test for Erik going against one of the higher averaging seconds. With a win tonight he could establish himself as a top-3 second in the league. For Alyssa this will just be a good chance for her to show she can continue the pace she has been on.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell


Team Armstrong is coming off a tough 15-16 loss to Team LaMonica. A few points just slipped away from them; as Linda Orne (819) lost the last game by four pins to Jayden Nickerson (907), and Kevin Slippert (963) held onto total until the final frames where Andrew LaMonica (966) snatched it away. On the other side they did manage to steal a couple totals in game four as well, Tim Hooper made a big push winning 296-226 to blow by Jeff Bradshaw (955) and Matt Turanski (875) laid a goose-egg to allow Randy Morrissette (910) to walk away with total as well. Team Howarth had a little less of a tight finish as both Craig Enns (916) and Glen Howarth (944) took control early and really never let their opponents back in the match. Glen has been on a tear in recent weeks, taking wins in his last five matches. Team Howarth did miss a big opportunity for points having no bowler in second for Ray Bartel, as the 632 thrown by his opponent was very low hanging fruit that now sees those points disappear into thin air.

Key Matchup

When is it not fun to watch siblings duke it out. I fully expect to see a good head-to-head matchup at anchor seeing Karen Armstrong play Glen. Given how these two have shot recently I would give them at most 40 pins difference in total at the end of the night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #3 – NELSON vs. KING

Both these teams took losses in Week 13, Team Nelson choked in game four to let Team Stevenson win 18-13, and woefully Team King was about 13 times worse than that. Though shoutout to Chris Dewar (877) on being his team’s point, with his 274-246 win over Kevin Naugler (1053). Team King was another team plagued by an absent bowler, Anthony Novak, however their opponents did capitalize as Jordan Nickerson (897) managed four points. Overall, it was a night that Team King likely wants to forget about and hopefully bounce back for more points. Team Nelson similarly will be looking to get themselves back in the top-8 as they currently sit 9th. Going into the last game up in total, only to leave having lost by over 200 was not a good way to end their night, with a game four loss 736-1002. Lisa Fetch (846) was the beacon of consistency for them once again as she put up her fourth consecutive four-point night, defeating Michael Linsenmeier (759). The anchor matchup was a tough one to watch (or be a part of) as Tyson Nelson (883) and Jayson May (874) combined for only 29 strikes, and a whopping 22 head pins.

Key Matchup

Will Dewar break his curse of having opponents throw over 1000 at him, or will it be a good night for Cindy Cousins. As an obviously non-biased observer, I can only hope it is the latter option.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team King


Another matchup between two teams looking to find their way back into the win column. Team Hendrickson faced a more mediocre night from Team D. Gelardi but just came out looking flat and just had no big games to compete. The top half of the lineup bowled well enough to take seven points with Chad Hurd (881) taking four off Chris Jeffers (851) and Cyndie Barnett (863) taking three off of Calvin Cline (792). Robbie (822) and Brett Hendrickson (882) combining for a 58% middle hit, season lows for both could not have come against a worst matchup in facing Jesse Leyte (927) and Dwayne Gelardi (1040). Team Fleming was hindered in a very similar way with rough nights from both spares Ryan Lake (740) and Darren Maxwell (865) who combined for 1.5 points. The highlight of the night for them was Mark Prystupa (802) throwing showing signs that he’s trending out of his slump and taking four points off Mike Devenney (726).

Key Matchup

I think as long as Chad and Cyndie can have decent nights and keep it close to 850 they should keep their team in a solid position throughout the night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Match #5 – NAUGLER vs. S. GELARDI

Team Naugler has really seemed to connect all the dots since having team captain Kevin Naugler return from IR, putting up 63 points in the last three weeks. The team chemistry has had a noticeable impact on Jeston Bartram (1121) who has been the hottest bowler in the league over that span, picking up 13 points and averaging 273. This is also coming off a week that saw Team naugler set a new league high with 29 points over Team King, with only Kevin and Jordan Nickerson (897) giving up a point. 4 weeks ago, Team S. Gelardi was in a good position to try and strike at first place but the wheels have come off the bus since then, losing now three straight and dropping into fourth. Sam Gelardi (1050) has been a solid consistency over the last three weeks, averaging 270 and taking 13 points, but unfortunately has not seen anyone else on his team break 860 during that span. The big hit comes from the Chaikowskis who have only scrapped together two points in the last three weeks and really need to find something for their team to be successful again.

Key Matchup

A big focus of this match will have to be Michael Young (853) and Kevin Naugler (1053). Kevin has been throwing well since his return and Michael has been in a slump, so I say we would need to see at least 900 from Michael for him to really keep his team in it, or rely on his top half getting out of their slumps.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler

Match #6 – COOK vs. LAMONICA

Both these teams walked away with victories last week, and Team Cook even jumped themselves into third place, setting themselves up nicely as we come to the end of the second half shortly. Despite it being a 23-8 victory for Team Cook, it was a fairly even matchup between the bottom three positions. The area they really dominated the match was at leadoff where spare Tracy Jubinville (1012) showed no mercy on Amanda Devenney (680), resulting in 332 of the 346-pin differential. Derek Sabourin (832) also picked up his third win in the last four weeks, with a little help from a 126-game in the middle of Mark Goldworthy’s (808) night. Team LaMonica’s night was much closer as three positions who were up in total going into the last game ended up losing their total. The ones that went in favour of Team LaMonica were Jayden Nickerson (907) taking four off of Linda Orne (819) and Andrew LaMonica (966) making up 47 pins in game four to edge out Kevin Slippert (963) by 3 pins. This win puts Team LaMonica just 10 points back of a spot in the A-side.

Key Matchup

I think the thirds is going to be a big wildcard in tonight’s match. Zach Friesen was away last week and Matt Turanski (875) has been up and down between the 800s and 1000s, so this matchup could make or break it for either team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #7 – RODYCH vs. D. GELARDI

Team Rodych had a minor setback last week, losing 8-23 to Team Cook and now currently only sit 2.5 points ahead of 9th place. Matt Rodych (928) got off to a hot start, 533 double, but cooled off with only 395 double to finish. The lone person ho saved it from being a disastrous night for them was Chelsea Kehler (920) who took four points, and was the lone bowler to take total, beating Matt Sutherland (827). The return of Jennifer Devenney and Derek Sanderson should lift the team back up, in what will be a Snowman heavy match with Team D. Gelardi, who is sitting comfortably in first place. A win tonight will practically lock up first place in the half. Last week was a very average scoring night for them and luckily their opponents also did not capitalize on it. Week 13 did see Jesse Leyte (927) end his 1000+ streak at four weeks, but can’t complain too much as he picks up yet another four-point night. The same can be said for Dwayne Gelardi (1040) who has yet to shoot under a 260-average in the last six weeks.

Key Matchup

As it usually is facing Team D. Gelardi the key to success is to contain and limit the damage, they let Dwayne do. That means Matt will have to keep pace and if he is under 1000 his team’s chances of winning will go down dramatically.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #8 – YOUZWA vs. LOURENCO

Team Lourenco is the lone remaining team that still has an outside chance at catching Team D. Gelardi for first. Week 13 was a good example of the depth that their lineup has, as both leadoff and second shot 1000+ with Jon Linley (1032) sweeping Holly Chaikowski (852) and James Jubinville (1002) taking four off the other Chaikowski, Corey (856). This was another week where no one shot under 900, meaning this is a team that will wear you down with consistently good bowling. Team Youzwa is quite a different story; they have been a flashy scoring team all year with scores going up and down at every position. Not that they will complain when their captain Colton Youzwa (1148) is putting up the new league high with 425, running the front 10. That was paired well with a 1080 from Marc Steves (1080) who dominated Alyssa Campbell (976). Colton and Marc combined for an 800-double in game 2, a mark I don’t see being beat this year.

Key Matchup

With the high ceiling of Team Youzwa and the low floor of Team Lourenco, I honestly believe we will see no matches within 50 pins, and at least two will be over 100 pins different. Alycia Mann (905) versus Marc Steves will be the one that really has the widest spread of what could happen, Alycia will score well if she can drop her corners and Marc as long as he can find the side of the headpin.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

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