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Friday Night All-Stars Week 14

Trevor (59-44-1) : Tyson (59-44-1)



Match #1 – LEYTE vs MAY

Team May continued their bull rush up the standings last week with their 23-8 win over Team Cook, now only sitting 6 points back of Team Leyte who is in second. Their team was in control for most of the night but individually both Jeff Fraser (774) and Jayson May (958) had to fight back. Jeff made up 96 pins in the last two games to pull a 4-1 win over Kevin Grabowski (743), also thanks in part to the pair of 150s Kevin started and ended his night with. Jayson found himself in a very similar spot, making up 104 pins to also win 4-1 over Corey Chaikowski (856), the dagger coming in game four with the 279-186 win. Team Leyte must have given Linda Orne (1073) and Wayne King (1088) some spiked Metamucil last week because the two of them were on a tear all night. Wayne put up one of the league’s highest games this season with her 384 in game two, and handed Tracy Jubinville (871) a 4-1 loss. Linda unfortunately matched up her season high week with Ethan Buckman’s (1088), with the two having a shootout to start the night 358-311 in favour of Ethan.

Over/Under: Kyle Young middle hits (37.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #2 – RODYCH vs HOWARTH

With Team Rodych only being Matt Rodych (913) and his merry band of spares, the team did not have the chemistry they needed to pickup a win. The only player able to win their matchup was Jeston Bartram (914) beating Andrew LaMonica (848) 3-2. With his loss to Jennifer Devenney (1053) Matt sees his five-week win streak come to an end, now looking to start it up again tonight against Craig Enns (921). He is coming off a tough loss to Karen Armstrong (926) which saw them tied for total going into the last game, but with Karen edging him out 248-243. The team was the definition of scrap out what you can as they managed 12 points despite losing grand total by 250 pins. Especially Mike Devenney (804) who pulled off a 54-pin comeback in the last game to win 3-2 over Richard Parisian (773). The anchors will be the match to watch in this one, Glen just cooling off from his hot stretch of bowling, and Brandon coming in on his own slump, it could go either way.

Over/Under: Matt Rodych middle hits (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #3 – COOK vs. COSTELLO

Team Costello’s loss last week to Team Lourenco was not ideal as they are now in a likely must win scenario as they face off with first place Team nelson next week to end the half. Kyle Costello (979) was the lone member to pickup his win, gaining 176 pins over the last two games winning them 530-356 over Kevin Naugler (883). The team saw Garry Bell (767) get swept for the first time this season, going up against Derek Sabourin (890), but not to make him feel left out Russel Knight (872) also let himself get swept by Belle Lourenco (1056). Team Cook had no one get swept, but three people losing 1-4 doesn’t get you much further. Their lone savior was Amanda Devenney (965) who had herself sitting pretty comfortable against Calvin Cline (850) after a 137-pin win in game two, 338-201. After taking a loss to fellow Snowman Kyle Young (1051), Trevor Cook (956) will look to bounce back and pickup his first win since Week 8 against yet another Kyle this week.

Over/Under: Garry Bell pins left (40.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook



Team Armstrong is coming off a win against team Howarth, and hoping to push themselves close to A-side by the end of the half. Their first step to doing that is winning back-to-back weeks which they have only done once this season, Week 4 & 5. The team had Scott Barbour (1030) fill in for Kevin Boyko and he fit in perfectly, taking 3 points off of Glen Howarth (878). Unlike her brother, Karen Armstrong (926) came out on the winning side of what was a nail biter with Craig Enns (921). Much less nail biting was happening in the 700-pin blowout that Team Meurrens gave Team Steeves. This team has been the definition of boom or bust all season and last week they boom’d all over Team Steeves. Jessica Meurrens (1179) had herself a night, putting up one of the highest totals so far this season, starting the night with a 902-triple. When you  combined this with Darren Maxwell (1045) the two had only one game under 255, which was Darren’s game one 183… for a win, the pair swept all ten points and gave their team an over 400-pin headstart.

Over/Under: Jesse Gagnon chop spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #5 – LOURENCO vs. S. GELARDI

Team S. Gelardi is inching their way closer to the A-side as they now only sit 10 points out. Picking up a win over Team Nelson last week was huge for them, but they don’t have it any easier this week facing Team Lourenco. Last week the team was carried on the shoulders of future Manitoba Hall of Famer, BBB (Big Bald Brett) who put up a season high 1078, in a fairly handed win over Jason Hoger (912). The assist on the night definitely goes to Kelly Smith (959) who picked up her first sweep of the season over goldilocks Ryan Born (835). Team Lourenco similarly hopped on the shoulders of their middle bowlers as Quinton Crockett (1021) picked up his win over Matt Turanski (941) and Belle Lourenco (1056) picked up her second sweep of the season roasting Russel Knight (872) like a chest nut over an open fire. This is a big match for both sides, Team Lourenco needs to keep it above 20 points to keep themselves in the hunt for winning the half.

Over/Under: Sam Gelardi left corner spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #6 – LAMONICA vs. D. GELARDI

Team LaMonica once again flipped off the writers at the end of the night as they beat Team Rodych to a pulp with their 25-6 win, sweeping all game totals. The only loss taken by the team was Andrew LaMonica (848) to Jeston Bartram (914), and as he has not shot within 175 pins in back-to-back weeks since Week 8, meaning he should be instore for yet another 1100+ night. Team LaMonica’s biggest weapon this season though still continues to be Jennifer Devenney (1053) who put up a season high last week nearly swept fellow Snowman Matt Rodych (913). The key to her success has been in hitting the middle, on nights hitting 34 or more times she has only one loss this season, making that the mark to shoot for. Team D. Gelardi had one of the more consistent team nights, as low total was Cordell Galbecka (921) and high was Roland Flaig (989). The team is slowly coming together but despite winning four of their last five weeks, they are still waiting for Dwayne Gelardi (962) to find his rhythm to make this team truly dominant. Dwayne took a 3-2 loss to fellow Avalanchite Dylan Stevenson (1135), marking three straight losses. Luckily the rest of the team are all riding 3+ week winning streaks, but watch for this to be Dwayne’s comeback night.

Over/Under: Jennifer Devenney strikes (17.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica



Team Stevenson is coming off a tough loss to Team D. Gelardi, where captain Dylan Stevenson (1135) dragged them as close s he could with his 177-pin win over Dwayne Gelardi (962). The bulk of this came from having two 100+ pin wins, and coasting through the rest of the night. Michael Young (927) was in position to win his night until a slip up in game four led to Robbie Hendrickson (959) making the comeback, with a 257-199 win, but after being off for a month due to injury, a 927 is a good first week back. Michael Linsenmeier (892) simply got outgunned by Roland Flaig (989) but this week needs to pickup the win over Jayden Nickerson (938) to avoid losing back-to-back weeks for the first time this season. Team Steeves may want to rethink their team’s strategy after having Dave Duncan (668) take all but one of the team’s points. It’s truly a night to forget for them.

Over/Under: Marc Steeves head pins (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Match #8 – YOUZWA vs. NELSON

Team Nelson has turned what should have been a walk-in first half championship into now a full-fledged four horse race. Last week they were the victim of the mid-season revival of Brett Hendrickson (1078) and Kelly Smith (959). The team was able to pick up a few wins to stop the bleeding, with Erik Stewart (887) dealing Ralph Gelardi (856) 3-2 loss, off suit. The other win had Sam Gelardi (958) go all in the first two games, only for Tyson Nelson (1002) to flip back-to-back aces in his own 3-2 win. Team Youzwa managed more points than Team nelson last week, even with only three bowlers, even managing to grab two totals. The duo Ethan Buckman (1088) and Colton Youzwa (1085) was deadly last Friday. Colton picked up his second straight sweep, raining an avalanche down on Jesse Leyte (814). Plus despite Linda Orne’s (1073) hot bowling, Ethan dowsed her fire with his own season high, in one of the biggest three-hole matches of the year.

Over/Under: Ethan Buckman middle hits (32.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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