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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 14 Preview

Prediction Records

Tyson Nelson: 38 – 34 – 0 Previous Week: 4-4-0

Trevor Cook: 41– 31 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Match #1: Orne vs. Enns

These two teams picked close to each other on draft night and “stole” each other’s picks on a couple of occasions, and it will be interesting to see how it goes in their first meeting of the season. Team Orne has played to a slight advantage so far this season but both teams have been competitive and sit in the top half of the league as we approach the end of the first half. While they match up pretty well on paper, with the main difference being Team Orne’s edge at leadoff.

Key Matchup

The matchup in the third position figures to play a big role here as Linda Orne and Craig Enns sit in the top-6 in the league in win percentage. I’m uncertain if Craig is away/has a spare this week, but with the 3-spot being a strong point for both teams all season, whatever team gets the edge here will be in a good spot.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Orne

Tyson’s prediction: Team Orne

Match #2: Hurd vs. Devenney After making a mid-season charge, Team Devenney has cooled off a bit with four straight weeks of 12 or less points. Team Hurd is in a similar boat, having lost seven straight after winning their first six matches and they have now fallen out of the A-side. Something has to give this week. Team Hurd does still boast a combined average of close to 700 for their 2-3-4 positions, though Team Devenney has an advantage at leadoff and have been scoring a little bit better these last few weeks.

Key Matchup

Holly Chaikowski returns to the second position this week with a match against Chad Hurd on tap and while it looks like a mismatch average-wise (225-201 for Chad), the difference shrinks to 215-209 in Chad’s favour since Week 6. If this match ends up being close like that, these two teams are actually fairly even.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Devenney

Tyson’s prediction: Team Hurd

Match #3: Cook vs. CJeffers Up and down all year, Team Cook did manage to poke into the top-8 last week with a 23-8 win over Team Enns, meanwhile Team CJeffers has won 3 in a row after starting 1-9, with 37% of their total points this season coming in the last 3 weeks. The recipe for Team Cook all year has been winning with the bottom of their lineup, but in his last 12 games, leadoff Dave Priestley has gone 9-6 with his three best weeks of the year. Meanwhile, CJeffers anchor Anthony Novak has put up big numbers since officially joining the league, with 1064, 960, and 996 quads, which should be enough to put pressure on Trevor at that position.

Key Matchup

Tim Hooper is a bit of a wildcard this year and at times has shown the ability to put up scores that can compete with Alyssa Campbell, but ultimately, she is one of the best thirds in the league and represents Team Cook’s biggest advantage in the matchup. If Tim is on tonight, that will make his team’s job easier. On the other hand, if he isn’t, it could quickly become a problem for them.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Cook

Tyson’s prediction: Team Cook

Match #4: LaMonica vs. Stevenson

Winners of 5 in a row and 10-3 on the season, Team LaMonica looks to clinch the first half with a strong performance tonight against an opponent that will be up to the task. Team Stevenson had a small mid-season blip but they have been cruising along themselves for most of the first half. This is a difficult matchup for them, however. Team Stevenson’s strength is in their balance, allowing them to exploit other team’s weak spots, but Team LaMonica doesn’t have any with no spots in the lineup having a winning percentage below 56%.

Key Matchup

Without the ability to rely on having a better top half in this particular matchup, Team Stevenson is going to need to compete at the bottom to pull this one off. Although Dylan’s 231 average isn’t out of place there, he is 16-34 on the season. He and Jayden Nickerson will have to have good nights against Andrew LaMonica and Sam Gelardi to get the win here, but they are capable.

Trevor’s prediction: Team LaMonica

Tyson’s prediction: Team LaMonica

Match #5: Lourenco vs. Rodych

The season hasn’t gone Team Rodych’s way and they are now missing the two bowlers responsible for 62 of their 93 individual match wins this season with Amanda Devenney injured and Matt Rodych missing the week. Team Lourenco have gone ice cold, too, having lost 9 straight matches. However, they do have a number of weeks where they’ve been competitive in close matches during that span. Belle is putting up good numbers for a third, Ethan still has a 30.5-19.5 record on the season and new addition Tabatha Gelardi is putting up decent scores for a leadoff. You have to think that they have the edge on a team that is missing their two best bowlers here.

Key Matchup

Team Rodych has been reliant on their bottom two positions to grab points all year, and with two spares coming in this week, it will be more of the same. They will likely need to beat, not just match, Belle and Ethan if Team Rodych is to pull off an upset.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Lourenco

Tyson’s prediction: Team Lourenco

Match #6: Gelardi vs. BJeffers

It’s a battle of the second and third place teams here, with both hoping to be ready to pounce on a chance to win the half if Team LaMonica has an off week. Bad nights have been few and far between for both of these teams, with Team B. Jeffers at 11-2 and Team Gelardi at 10-3. Even in their losses, each team has just one week where they didn’t get at least 13 points and neither has had a week in which they didn’t get at least 11. On paper, they both match up pretty well up and down the lineup too. This is going to be the match to watch in Week 14.

Key Matchup

It’ll be fun to watch the matchup between Tyson Nelson and Dwayne Gelardi, who are currently the league’s top two averages and who each shot well over 1100 last week. Look for some big numbers again tonight as they push each other.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Gelardi

Tyson’s prediction: Team Gelardi

Match #7: Cousins vs. Bartram

The first half comes to an end tonight for two teams that both probably hoped for better. They sit 12th and 13th, 1.5 points apart from each other and both teams have good bowlers that have just not had first half performances like they are capable of, for a variety of reasons. Team Cousins is a little more well-rounded, and that advantage at the top of their lineup makes them the slight favourites in this one.

Key Matchup

Cindy Cousins has been putting up much better scores lately, averaging 236 over the last 7 weeks. Jeston Bartram is also trending up and has been very consistent, averaging 234 with all weeks between 891 and 990 over his last 8. The two anchor bowlers should have a good, competitive match and hope to give their team an edge, but Jeston’s team will need the performance more.

Trevor’s prediction: Team Cousins

Tyson’s prediction: Team Cousins

Match #8: Youzwa vs. King This might be a match between the 5th and 10th place teams in the league, but this is going to be one to watch if recent trends are to be believed as both teams have started to make their moves lately. Team Youzwa is 6-2 in their last 8 and Team King is 6-1 in their last 7 and five straight wins. They are the two biggest risers in our most recent power rankings. Wayne King has shot over 1000 three times in the last four weeks and has been playing way better in general during his team’s recent surge.

Key Matchup Watching YBC bowlers Colton Youzwa and Chloe Fleming take on established, big name Friday night members Wayne King and Karen Armstrong could be a classic. All four of them are equally capable of catching fire and putting up huge scores.

Trevor’s prediction: Team King

Tyson’s prediction: Team Youzwa

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