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Friday Night All-Stars Week 16

Trevor (68-51-1) : Tyson (66-53-1)



Match #1 – YOUZWA vs STEEVES

Team Steeves picked up a much-needed win last week, just barely scraping by Team Howarth. The team leaned heavily on Dave Duncan (819) and Blair Graff (931) at the top two positions, who collectively won their matchups against Mike Devenney (681) and Mark Prystupa (754) by 325 pins. Nearly half of that lead was eaten up by the loss at anchor where Marc Steves (989) got pummeled by Glen Howarth (1145), with Marc reverting back to his early season strategy of using one big game to salvage an average night. Team Youzwa went on holidays a little early last week with just a single bowler over 800, and it was Colton Youzwa (920) making a comeback win over Trevor Cook (904) with a 236-194 win in game four to give him the 3-2 edge. The rest of the team unfortunately combined for 50% of their games under 163, resulting in only a few points and a lot of games rather forgotten.

Over/Under: Tracy Jubinville Corners (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa



Both these teams managed to squeeze out close wins last week and only sit a few good weeks away from catching the top two teams. Team Lourenco benefited greatly from Derek Sabourin’s (1095) first 1000 this year and the 473 pins that came with his sweep of Nakia Maxfield (622). This, combined with the bounce back week from Quinton Crockett (944) who took down Calvin Cline (828), 4-1. This offset the shutout the team took at the bottom two positions, which also resulted in the demotion of Kevin Naugler (882) to third this week, after taking just six points in the last five weeks. His opponent will be Chris Dewar (1004) who is on the opposite trajectory, now running a three-week streak of 1000+. Last week he gave Karen Armstrong (810) the business, taking 4 points, making it 11 points over the span of his burner. The team also turned to Jennifer Devenney (991) pulled off the 3-2 win over Richard Parisian (912) with the deciding game being game four where she ended the night on a bang with a 302-210 win. The two teams sit 5 points apart in the standings, with Team Lourenco leading.

Over/Under: Belle Lourenco pins left (23.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



Team Leyte had a good run to finish the season but fell just short of winning the half, currently in 2nd behind Team Nelson. The team came to play last week, with their bottom three averaging 255. The center two specifically dominated as Linda Orne (1010) walked over Kelly Smith (814) for 4 points very similar to the match in the third spot where Jesse Leyte (1098) had a strong showing against Brett Hendrickson (897) highlighted by his 172-pin win in game two, setting a new season high for himself. On the other side, Kevin Boyko (1080) bounced out of his slump with a big week, joining the short list of players who have 40+ middle hits in a night, and taking it out on Alyssa Campbell (840). The only other win on the team came from Holly Chaikowski (796) who did it in style, coming back on Derek Sanderson (778) with a slow but steady 192-168 win in game four.

Over/Under: Jesse Leyte strikes (18.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte


Match #4 – MAY vs. RODYCH

With Jeff Fraser leaving the team, Nakia Maxfield (622), Team May’s latest diversity hire, will be taking over full time for the second half of the season. Last week was just his warmup week but he made his mark by taking the season low game from Tim Hooper with his 108.  We can expect things to go up for him this week against Gillian LaMonica (897). At the bottom of the lineup Kyle Young (1163) set a season high as he picked up his 7th straight win, with a 272 average in that span, and yet to even take less than 4 points in a night. Following closely behind was fellow Snowman Brandon Mansell (1133) who also set a season high as he made his return from a month-long absence, and unleashed it all over Dylan Stevenson (943). Pulling up with the assist on the night Gillian who had a slow start, rallied with a 736-triple to win 4-1 over Alley Bourcier (742).

Over/Under: Gillian LaMonica headpins (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #5 – D. GELARDI vs. COOK

Team D. Gelardi was given an early Christmas present by Team Meurrens who shot their season low total. This can most certainly be attributed to the walloping at anchor that Dwayne Gelardi (1090) gave to fellow Avalanche member Brooke Goulet (770), in a phenomenal bounce-back week after struggling the week prior, taking his third sweep of the season. Obtaining his 7th straight win in leadoff, Cordell Galbecka (983) is getting a promotion up to second to try and continue his success against Amanda Devenney (928). She is also coming in off a big win over Tracy Jubinville (799), and coming onto a set of lanes she has had the most success on this season, averaging 233 on lanes 9 & 10. Team Cook did most of their damage at the third position with Corey Chaikowski (925) sweeping Natalie Young (707), meaning in the last five weeks Corey has either taken 1 point or 5, no in between.

Over/Under: Amanda Devenney chop spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook



Both these teams had slower nights last week. Team Stevenson ran into trouble at the leadoff and anchor positions having both Gillian LaMonica (897) and Brandon Mansell (1133) shoot either season highs or nearly season highs, which against Alley Bourcier (742) and Dylan Stevenson (943) left quite a big gap. The team was able to salvage a decent loss thanks to the Michael duo in the middle winning both their matchups, with Michael Linsenmeier (988) just keeping Matt Rodych (974) at bay, and becoming the first player this season to record 3.5 points in multiple weeks, now doing it in back-to-back. Team Costello was definitely well supported by David Wastle (1005) who came in as their only win on the night, beating Ray Bartel (868). Much to their dismay this was offset by Russel Knight (846) getting shutout by another experienced bowler, Geoff Born (1064). With this being the second time, he has been shutout in the last three weeks, Russel has a 100%-win record in the last two months when winning game one, food for thought.

Over/Under: Garry Bell Left corner spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Match #7 – NELSON vs. MEURRENS

Team Nelson managed to stop the bleeding last week enough to claim their first half title. A big boost came from Geoff Born (1064) shooting his first week in the 1000’s against Russel Knight (846), giving him eight wins in his last nine weeks. The team also picked up a solid 4 points from Erik Stewart (861) who now starting the team’s only winning streak now at 3 weeks, last week taking down Garry Bell (812) in what was more of a back-and-forth battle than the points would suggest. Ray Bartel (868) will be looking to break his string of bad luck this week, as he is the only bowler in the second position to face 1000+ totals in three consecutive weeks. This may be exactly what Chad Hurd (892) needs though as he is without a 1000 yet this season. Last week though he can be happy to say he took 4 out of his team’s 5.5 points, having his way with Robbie Hendrickson (787). The team may have started the Christmas celebrations early, with Brooke Goulet (770) getting demolished by Dwayne Gelardi (1090) despite having not previously shot under 900 all season. Brooke also became the first player this season to shoot more headpins than strikes on a night, with 11 headpins and just 9 strikes.

Over/Under: Chad Hurd head pins (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #8 – HOWARTH vs. S. GELARDI

Team Howarth made Team Steeves sweat a little bit last week, only falling 80 pins short of grant total and winning the night. A big part of that came from Glen Howarth (1145) who threw his third 1100 in the last five weeks, giving him a 156-pin win over Marc Steeves (989). He also had Scott Hitchcock (848) pull off the 3-2 win after losing game one by 109 pins, but running the sheet after that on Jayden Nickerson (868). Team S. Gelardi was all the Gelardi show last week with Ralph (945) and Sam (1041) combining for 8.5 points, featuring multiple 10th frame comebacks from Ralph over Alycia Mann (774). The win snaps his 3-week losing streak and sets a new season high for middle hits with 32. Sam’s night now gives him four of his last five weeks over 1030. Team S. Gelardi sits just 12 points out of the top-8 so they will look to hit the ground running in the second half.

Over/Under: Brett Hendrickson pins left (33.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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