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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 16 Preview

Prediction Records

Tyson Nelson: 44 – 36 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Trevor Cook: 47 – 33 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Match #1 – Bartram vs. Youzwa

Last time Team Bartram snaked out a 17-14 win over Team Youzwa. As we have reached the halfway point of the season, I think Team Bartram will need to kick it into high gear if they hope to repeat their success. The matchups have changed slightly from the first match, no rivalry matchups this time. With how she has been bowling of late, I would expect Chloe Fleming to have a strong advantage at the third position, as well as Jenna Gillrie with a slight advantage at second. Mark Prystupa at leadoff will be looking to break out of his cold streak and steal some wins off Derek Sanderson who returns to the leadoff position.

Key Matchup

The anchor position is where the action will be. Team captains Jeston Bartram and Colton Youzwa going head-to-head for the first time this season and growing up bowling with each other you know there will be a healthy level of competition. Colton has been in a slump the past few weeks and if that continues watch for Jeston to take advantage as he has turned his season around in the past couple months. However, if Colton snaps out of his funk, Jeston is in for a tough night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #2 – Lourenco vs. B. Jeffers

Team Lourenco will be looking for revenge after Team B. Jeffers dominated them Week 1, despite anchor Tyson Nelson gifting Ethan Buckman with a near sweep. Since then, Team B. Jeffers has added the firepower of Adam Williamson to improve their lineup, similar to the pickup of Tabatha Gelardi by Team Lourenco. Tabatha has been a competitive leadoff taking 10 points in the three weeks since joining the team. Despite the addition of a new leadoff and a slight advantage at the third position Team Lourenco is very clearly the underdog and may get the win if they happen to get lucky, or Team B. Jeffers feels generous.

Key Matchup

Watch for a very quiet and polite night of bowling at anchor… in some other match, because this matchup at anchor will see Belle Lourenco facing off against the one and only Tyson Nelson. Belle has found her groove this winter averaging 242 since the start of December. Tyson not wanting to crush her momentum will likely let her have one win. Expect to hear a lot of chirping from this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Match #3 – Orne vs. LaMonica

Fresh off winning the first half of the season, Team LaMonica is the team to beat. Last time we saw a closely contested 18-13 match in favour of Team LaMonica. Linda Orne and Darren Maxwell are both coming off season low nights and should look to bounce back this week with a little help from the pressure of facing the best team in the league. Cyndie Barnett does not often come in at a disadvantage at leadoff this season but facing Jennifer Duncan she will be the underdog. Team LaMonica still maintains their advantage in the remaining three positions.

Key Matchup

Watch the second bowlers, Jeff Bradshaw has been one of the most successful at the position all season and will be a tough matchup for David Wastle. However, David has shown in the past couple months that he is more than capable of throwing big nights which can be a real game changer for his team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #4 – Hurd vs. Enns

Team Hurd looks to repeat their early schedule success from the first half again in the second half, starting with Team Enns once again. Garry Bell will be hoping for a better outcome than the last time as he was swept by Kevin Naugler previously, but will face off with Chad Hurd this time which could be just as daunting with the way Chad has been bowling of late. Ryan Bannerman fresh off his own big week will be looking to even the score with Dwight Hurd who controlled most of their last match. Team Hurd still holds onto the 8th place in the league and this will be a good match for both teams to determine if they are suited for A-side.

Key Matchup

Kevin Naugler retakes the anchor position this week and watch to see how he fairs against the red-hot Glen Howarth. Glen has averaged 255 over the last three weeks and shows no signs of slowing down. If Kevin can maintain his consistency all night this should be competitive matchup.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #5 – Cook vs. Gelardi

The last time these two teams faced off Team Gelardi handled Team Cook with relative ease. Most notably looking for a little payback will be Trevor Cook who was on the losing end of 1244-939 beatdown by Dwayne Gelardi. Team Gelardi still remains the second-best team in the league and Team Cook has not found their rhythm as a team deserving of A-side. I can see Team Cook keeping it very close with the third and anchor positions due to the big game capabilities of Alyssa Campbell and Trevor. This match will require Dave Priestley to pull up his socks and keep his matchup close to support his team.

Key Matchup

Trevor and Dwayne are always big game threats and especially going against each other you could see this matchup turn into a strike fest. If either of these bowlers slips up and lets the other pull away and grab a sizeable lead, it could have major implications on the results of their team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #6 – Cousins vs. C. Jeffers

Team Cousins dominated this match 24-7 back in Week 1, but ever since the addition of Anthony Novak Team C. Jeffers has had the feel of a completely new team. Despite their slow start, Team C. Jeffers has narrowed the gap between them and Team Cousins to 24 points. With Cindy Cousins finding her groove these past couple months and with the consistent bowling of Anthony Novak, it should provide for a tight matchup at anchor. Tim Hooper facing off against a real opponent this time could be a blessing as last time the absent scores of Shannon Pruden just proved too much.

Key Matchup

Gillian LaMonica last time she faced the C. Jeffers team put up her highest total of the season, she will look to duplicate her success against Al Bristow. Al will not roll over quietly though, since that last meeting he has seemed to find a consistent shot which would actually say he is the favourite despite what the average sheet says.

Tyson’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers

Match #7 – Stevenson vs. King

The last time these two teams met it was a very low scoring affair that saw Team Stevenson edge out Team King. As both teams are sitting in the A-side at the halfway point I think it is safe to say we should see some bigger scores now that there isn’t so much summer time rust. This can especially be said for Wayne King who shows no sign of any rust, shooting over 1000 for the last three weeks. Team Stevenson will rely heavily on the duo of Tyler Reynolds and Jayden Nickerson this week as both have really seemed to find their mojo, neither shooting below 900 the past three matches.

Key Matchup

Look to see who picks up energy early in this match as both teams can get themselves fired up and the energy seems to translate to some good scoring. In this case the leadoffs Chris Fedorchuk and Erik Stewart should be the main focus as these guys will be the starting point for any momentum.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #8 – Devenney vs. Rodych

Last time this match saw Team Devenney dominate Team Rodych in their biggest win of the season. Unfortunately for both teams neither has found the win column lately, since Week 9 to be exact. On the plus side that will no longer be true for one of these teams. With Amanda Devenney out injured and Matt Rodych having been off the past month, the fire power they rely on is looking quite muffled. Mike Devenney will be looking to find the magic he had back in Week 1 one coming off back-to-back subpar performances.

Key Matchup

With the bottom half of the lineup decimated Team Rodych will look to their top half for additional support this week. Hailey Roberts and Carter Schade come in at a 30-pin disadvantage to Neil Stewart and Holly Chaikowski. Holly is a big threat in this matchup, especially as she is starting to shoot more consistently in the new year so far averaging 216.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Devenney

Trevor’s Pick: Team Devenney

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