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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 16 Review

Match #1 – Bartram (11) vs. Youzwa (20)

Team Youzwa picks up their first win of 2022, a pretty solid way to start the second half of the season. Team Bartram was carried by their spares Lana Wachal (851) and Willy Starr (908) who combined for 8 points on the night. Both anchors struggled in this match with Colton Youzwa (883) pulling out the win over friend Jeston Bartram (784). The most impactful performance of the match was Jenna Gillrie (875) easily sweeping Derek Sanderson (718) in the second position. Season series Team Bartram (28) 1 - 1 Team Youzwa (34).

Dominant Performances

Chloe Fleming – 301 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( )

Match #2 – Lourenco (8) vs. B. Jeffers (23)

Team B. Jeffers truly dominated Team Lourenco this week who put up a good effort despite half their core team members not being present on the night. Tabatha Gelardi (831) continues to be a valuable pickup being the sole member of her team to win their total in a tightly contested leadoff matchup with Scott Saunderson (805). Team captain Ben Jeffers (980) had one of his strongest showings of the season, featuring his first 300+ game this season as well. The most watched matchup of the night saw Belle Lourenco (973) make a strong debut in anchor but unfortunately to many people’s dismay ran into an even stronger performance by Tyson Nelson (1123). Season series Team Lourenco (22.5) 0 - 2 Team B. Jeffers (39.5).

Dominant Performances

Belle Lourenco – 973 (4)

Ben Jeffers – 328 (1), 980 (4)

Tyson Nelson – 311 (1), 857 (3), 1123 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( )

Match #3 – Orne (20) vs. LaMonica (11)

Team Orne pulled off the upset and ended Team LaMonica’s five week win streak. With the match nearly tied going into the last game Team Orne swept game four and held onto three of four totals. The big difference maker in this match was Jennifer Duncan (846) who’s 117-point win over Cyndie Barnett (729) made up majority of the difference the team totals. David Wastle (940) made a big push in the last two games (539) to comeback and take total away from Jeff Bradshaw (912). Andrew LaMonica (967) was the lone team member to win his total and despite a hot start nearly had Lina Orne (939) steal it away from him. Season series Team LaMonica (29) 1 - 1 Team Orne (33).

Dominant Performances

Andrew LaMonica – 309 (1), 577 (2), 967 (4)

David Wastle – 539 (2)

Darren Maxwell – 538 (2)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( X )

Match #4 – Hurd (27) vs. Enns (4)

Team Hurd was on fire this week, putting up the league’s first 4000+ team total, at 4007. The bottom three positions for Team Hurd only had two of their twelve games under 230. Ryan Bannerman (906) put up his second straight 900-point week as his average continues to climb up. Chad Hurd (1047) put up what is essentially his third 1000-point week in the last four. Lastly, the anchor matchup saw Glen Howarth (1005) shoot very well but wasn’t even able to take a single point when faced with Kevin Naugler (1169) who had a dominant performance being back in the anchor position. Season series Team Hurd (45) 2 - 0 Team Enns (17).

Dominant Performances

Chad Hurd – 304, 308 (1), 612 (2), 844 (3), 1047 (4)

Kevin Naugler – 312, 364 (1), 805 (3), 1169 (4)

Glen Howarth – 1005 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( )

Match #5 – Cook (11) vs. Gelardi (20)

Team Gelardi yet again handled Team Cook with relative ease, and propelled themselves into first place. This was another match that featured a dominant leadoff performance as Mitch Dubell (867) beat up on an absent Dave Priestley winning by a total of 227-pins. Alyssa Campbell (965) was once again the only member of Team Cook to have a winning night, making her the only team member to take a win on Team Gelardi this season. The anchor match as predicted was a battle down to the last game, however it was lower scoring than you would have thought for two of the top bowlers in the league. In the end despite losing total Dwayne Gelardi (920) managed the win over Trevor Cook (927). Season series Team Cook (20) 0 - 2 Team Gelardi (42).

Dominant Performances

Dwayne Gelardi – 310 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

Match #6 – Cousins (5) vs. C. Jeffers (26)

Starting the second half off strong, Team C. Jeffers put up their biggest win of the season over Team Cousins, despite having the fifth lowest total of the night. Team C. Jeffers took advantage of Team Cousins multiple absent bowlers and the off night of lone core member Char McIvor (746). Al Bristow (867) continues to be a consistently competitive leadoff throwing yet another week over 800, and taking four points. Both captain Chris Jeffers (770) and third Tim Hooper (809) had control of their matchups almost the entire night taking 4.5 and 4 points respectively. With no anchor bowlers for either team the points were simply split 2.5 to each team. Season series Team Cousins (29) 1 - 1 Team C. Jeffers (33).

Dominant Performances

Team C. Jeffers – 26 points

Tyson’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers ( )

Trevor’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers ( )

Match #7 – King (21.5) vs. Stevenson (9.5)

Getting to watch the end of this match I could tell it was a competitive one all evening long, with Team King emerging victorious. At leadoff Erik Stewart (906) provided his team ample support, and a solid 4-point night. The matchup between Patrick Walker (955) and Tyler Reynolds (874) started off with the highest tie game of the season 313 – 313, from there Patrick controlled the rest of the night. The closest battle of the match came at the third position where Jayden Nickerson (1009) went toe-to-toe with Karen Armstrong (950), winning it in the last game 281-221. Wayne King (1023) swept his points at anchor and continued his very impressive bowling, having not shot below 1000 so far. Season series Team King (31.5) 1 - 1 Team Stevenson (30.5).

Dominant Performances

Erik Stewart – 318 (1)

Tyler Reynolds – 313 (1)

Jayden Nickerson – 1009 (4)

Patrick Walker – 313 (1)

Wayne King – 1023 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team King ( )

Match #8 – Rodych (21) vs. Devenney (10)

Team Rodych snaps their six-week losing streak while Team Devenney extends theirs to seven weeks. This was the lowest scoring match of the night at 3156 – 3075. Majority of the scoring in this match came from Team Rodych’s spares Lexi Sutherland (903) and Matt Sutherland (978) who also combined for 9 individual points. The top half of Team Devenney’s lineup Neil Stewart (805) and the ghost of Holly Chaikowski (724) managed seven of the team’s ten points. Captain Jennifer Devenney (860) continues to struggle to find her rhythm in the anchor spot, taking just a single point off Matt Sutherland. Season series Team Devenney (34) 1 - 1 Team Rodych (28).

Dominant Performances

Lexie Sutherland – 333 (1)

Matt Sutherland – 317 (1), 978 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Devenney ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Devenney ( X )

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