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Friday Night All-Stars Week 17

Trevor (71-56-1) : Tyson (69-58-1)



Match #1 – MAY vs HOWARTH

Team May looks to be starting off the second half the same way they did the first, with a loss and their lowest total since Week 7, 3436. A bad matchup left Calvin Cline (972) with only a single point despite having one of his best nights this year, all thanks to a season high from Cindy Cousins (1016). The team’s lone win came from Jayson May (868) taking advantage of an off-night from Matt Rodych (832), even with a season low strike total at just 10 on the night, giving him one less than the number of corners he threw. In much the same way as Team May, Team Howarth also started with a loss, and with their only win coming from Glen Howarth (936) over Sam Gelardi (906), 4-1. This gives Glen 4 points in the six of his last seven weeks.

Ghost Commentary:

The first match of three for some of the losers from week 1. These 2 teams are both looking for a win this week since they both lost with under 10 points last week. Only 1 person from each team was able to win their total. Jayson (868) for team May and Glen (936) for team Howarth.

Over/Under: Jayson May Corners (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #2 – D. GELARDI vs. NELSON

Another stroke of bad luck fell on Team D. Gelardi as they faced Team Cook on what ended up being their highest week this season. The only real close matchup was at second with Cordell Galbecka (888) letting his win streak slip away from him after a game four comeback by Amanada Devenney (894), losing the last game 210-244. This is a proving week as Cordell is still hunting for his first win outside of the leadoff position. Team Nelson is also looking for their first win this half as they lost a shootout to Team Meurrens, and much like the other three team written about, Tyson Nelson (1116) was the team’s lone win, beating Brooke Goulet (1023), even concluding the night with a flashy 303-300 win. Which was the complete opposite of how someone may describe the final game between Ray Bartel (748) and Chad Hurd (832), which was a whopping 143-138 in favor of Ray.

Ghost Commentary:

Match 2 of the losers, at least these two teams got 10 or more points to lose. This match is going to be an interesting one, if Tyson (1116) and Geoff (1052) can keep up the heat then Dwayne (972) and Roland (990) will have to light a new fuse.

Over/Under: Roland Flaig corner spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #3 – RODYCH vs COOK

Team Rodych pulled off the win over Team May last week thanks to some powerhouse bowling from the ladies up top. Gillian LaMonica (904) took a commanding 4-1 win from Nakia Maxfield (652), adding an extra 252 pins to her team’s total. Right after her Cindy Cousins (1016) pulled off a season high total at the perfect time, as she similarly took 4 points from Calvin Cline (974) in what turned out to be the biggest matchup in the second position last week. Much like Cindy, Team Cook also put up a season high total on the night, 3782, which even featured their highest game of the year starting with a 1071. The match had several highlights, with Trevor Cook (1088) starting with a 916-triple or Char Hurd (922) picking up her first sweep of the season, over Robbie Hendrickson (772). The most exciting through was likely Amanda Devenney (894) pulling off the comeback on Cordell Galbecka (888) to grab the 3-2 win.


Ghost Commentary:

Both these teams had a great start to the new half. both lead offs took charge as Gillian shot (904) taking 4 points off Nakia (652) and char (922) sweeping Robbie (772). Trevor and Amanda did good things as well winning their matches the only person from team cook to not get a point was Corey (878) losing to Roland (990). expecting to see a bounce back from Corey to help out his team in this match up. Matt had an off night (832) only taking 2 points, he will have to step up his game if he wants to see his team take the cook i mean cake.

Over/Under: Cindy Cousins head pins (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #4 – LEYTE vs. STEEVES

Team Leyte just has not had it this year when facing Team Armstrong, in the two times these teams have faced Team Leyte has a combined 11 points. Last week saw Linda Orne (850) cut down by close friend Karen Armstrong (958), leaving her with just one point. The only match within reach was at third where Wayne King (841) lost total by 2 pins after his game four 148, saw his 60-pin lead dwindle very quickly against Richard Parisian (843). For comparison, Jennifer Duncan (903) has as many points this half as Team Leyte after sweeping Dwight Hurd (703) in easy fashion. The match also saw one of the few matchups this season where the total has tied, with Marc Steeves (1063) tying Colton Youzwa (1063), but ultimately taking the 3.5-1.5 win on the night.

Ghost Commentary:

Team Leyte looked like they were still in holiday mode taking only 5 points from team Armstrong. Everyone managed to get over 800 but no one could get past 900. Team Leyte struggled but they struggled as a team. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork. Team Steve’s on the other hand had a better night managing to squeak out a win. the real nail biter match was game 4 Jenn Duncan winning with a 166 over Dwight Hurd with a 140. Everyone on team Leyte is going to need to step up their game if they want a win this week hopefully sub, Jim Leyte, for Alycia can bring in the magic for the team

Over/Under: Jennifer Duncan corner spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte



Team Lourenco continues their ups and downs while James Jubinville is still recovering on the sidelines. Last week was unfortunately for them another down, losing grand total by just 24 points to Team LaMonica. A big cause for the loss could be the 245 pins they lost in game four with their 751-996 loss or they could have even pointed some blame at Derek Sabourin (756) for his back-to-back 154s. Their opponent tonight certainly did not have any 154s last week, barely any games under 200 even. Team Armstrong was highlighted by an explosive night from Kevin Boyko (1153) that saw him cap it off with a big 342-185 win over Jesse Leyte (891), getting revenge his boxing day bracket loss. It also makes him the first player this season to have 40 middle hits in back-to-back weeks.

Ghost Commentary:

Team Lourenco struggled the first week back, their first game proved to be a good one with them taking all 6 points, however the thrill didn’t last long as they only took 5 more points the rest of the night. Sub Derek Sabourin was the weak link for the night shooting 756 taking one point in the first game then got ran over by Derek Sanderson (884) the rest of the night. team Lourenco had chances for more points losing game 2 total by 7 points game 3 total by 3 points and grand total by 24 points. game 4 proved to be the decided game for grand total as they didn’t break 800. Team Armstrong without doubt had a much better start taking 26 points off team Leyte. Holly (927) and Karen (958) left Alycia (802) and Linda (850) in the dust taking 4 points each and the big gun Kevin Boyko (1153) took 4 points off Jesse (891) which in part his score helped for the almost 500-point win on the total. Tonight, will be an interesting one, can team Armstrong keep the flame alive? while team Lourenco is looking to get the flame going.

Over/Under: Kevin Boyko pins left (17.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #6 – MEURRENS vs. S. GELARDI

Team Meurrens is coming in hot off their early half win over Team Nelson. No one is feeling the momentum more than captain Jessica Meurrens (1076) who came back from a 122-pin deficit on Geoff Born (1052) winning game four 343-197 to sweep the rug out from under him. This made her undefeated in December, taking 13/15 points during the month. Chad Hurd (832) also went undefeated for the month not in as grand of a send off, but he took advantage of a bad night from Ray Bartel (748) to cap it off with 4 points.

Ghost Commentary:

These teams totals from last week were close only 58-point difference. despite Brooke shooting (1023) she only managed taking 1 point off Tyson (1116) and lost game 4 (300) - (303). Chad Hurd started the night off good winning the first three games but lost game four with (138) to Ray (142). Another nail biter match. It’s a new year so that means new Chad? will he start dancing with the team that is the question we all want the answer to. 

Over/Under: Sam Gelardi corners (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens



Team LaMonica continued their climb up the leaderboard last week, now sitting in second place for the season. The MVP of the match was Derek Sanderson (884) who claimed his spot as Manitoba’s best Derek, after beating fellow Derek, Derek Sabourin (756) quite handedly. A close second in MVP voting was Jennifer Devenney (901) who made up over 100 pins in the last two games to bounce back for a 3-2 win over Quinton Crockett (877). Team Costello sits only 5.5 points back but in 5th place, so this is a good test of strength for both teams. Last week they had plenty to celebrate as Kyle Costello (1108) picked up a sweep over Dylan Stevenson (917), and both their top half players made game four comebacks to win. Garry Bell (889) and Alley Bourcier (882) had nail biter games all night with no game decided by more than 20 pins.

Ghost Commentary:

Derek S VS. Derek S proved that Sanderson was the better Derek S (884) taking 4/5 points off Sabourin (756) who managed not to get a 112 this week (proud of you). Both teams coming off hot weeks which team will come out on top? it’s going to come down to the third spot on who can bowl a better game for the extra points

Over/Under: Derek Sanderson chop spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello



These two teams did not have the start they were looking for to the second half of the season. Team Stevenson took a licking from Team Costello, with Michael Linsenmeier (894) being the only player to pick up his win, narrowly holding on against Russel Knight (865), 3-2. Dylan Stevenson (917) who had been one of the winningest anchors this season has now taken just one point in the last two weeks, after being swept by Kyle Costello (1108) last week, and now faces the winningest player in the league, in Colton Youzwa (1063). Colton is coming fresh off the league’s second 400 game, shooting a 418 in game three to win 418-239 over former teammate Marc Steeves (1063). Don’t ask him about the rest of his night. The one positive for the team was Ethan Buckman (992) picking up right where he left off after a two week break, laying a beat down on Jayden Nickerson (839).

Ghost Commentary:

The final match of the losing teams. Both of these teams had a really off night, Colton (1063) shot well but not well enough only taking 1.5 points off of mark (1063). Ethan (992) was the rock for the team taking 4 points from Jayden (839).

Over/Under: Dylan Stevenson middle hits (33.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson


Accolades of 2024


Chop Spare Streak: Dwayne Gelardi (6 weeks – 8/8)

Right Spare Streak: Tyson Nelson (7 weeks – 24/24)

Left Spare Streak:  Geoff Born (7 weeks – 28/28)

Most Middle Hits in a Night: Belle Lourenco (42)

Most Strikes in a Night: Glen Howarth (27)

Most Corners in a Night: Char Hurd (16)

Most Head Pins in a Night: Jesse Leyte (14)

Worst Head Pin to Middle Hit Ration in a Night: Brooke Goulet (11/19 – 57%)

Fewest Pins Left in a Night: Colton Youzwa, Kyle Costello (4)

Number of Players who have not been swept: 25

Number of Players who have a sweep: 40

Most Sweeps: Alycia Mann (5)

Most Ties: Colton Youzwa, Michael Linsenmeier (3)

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