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Friday Night All-Stars Week 18

Trevor (74-60-2) : Tyson (72-62-2)




Team Leyte is off to a slow start this half, currently in 16th after taking back-to-back losses for the first time this season. The team brought out veteran Jim Leyte (861) to take care of Jennifer Duncan (762) which he did almost flawlessly taking four points. All of his hard work was thrown out the window though as his son Jesse Leyte (891) took an even bigger beating from Marc Steeves (1045). The team will need to look to Wayne King (851) who’s looking to snap his three-week losing streak, possibly going against Natalie Young. This is much the same way that Team Stevenson wants to snap their own losing streak. The team was given a 260-pin thrashing by Team Youzwa, despite being up 100 pins and 9-3 after the first two games. The team felt the hurt from Dylan Stevenson (868) being buried in an Avalanche from Colton Youzwa (1027). With just two points in the last three weeks the team will look to Dylan to be the match that lights their flame.

Over/Under: Alley Bourcier Chops (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte



Team Costello currently leads the second half, and a big part of that coms from Kyle Costello’s (1239) being the second 1200 this season, making quick work of Jeston Bartram (1094). He becomes one of only three players this season to record 3+ 300s in the same night. Not far behind was Matt Turanski (1095) making his return in a big big way, leaving a bowling ball sized dent in Chris Dewar (849). With Russel Knight (870) going in for shoulder surgery, last week may very be the last time we see Team Costello in its entirety for a majority if not the remained of the season, as we wish Russ a speedy recovery. Team Armstrong will be hoping Holly Chaikowski (718) recovers herself, from the ass-kicking she was handed by James Jubinville (902). The team balanced this out with Kevin Boyko (1124) sweeping Belle Lourenco (927) just as easily, even capping off the night with a 293-288 win. The team ultimately fell just a couple points shy of a win, losing 14.5-16.5.

Over/Under: Kyle Costello Right Corner Spares (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello



Team Lourenco really did just barely eek out their win over Team Armstrong and had one of the most even lineups of anyone this season with only 25 pins separating low and high total on the team. The team was most glad to have James Jubinville (902) returning to the lineup after a two-month hiatus. Despite a little rust, James took advantage of his leadoff position and had a warm welcome back with his second sweep of the season. Team Steeves made a big splash last week taking down the league’s former #2 Team Leyte. The boys at the bottom pulled it out for the team as Jayden Nickerson (916) and Marc Steeves (1045) combined for eight points. With this Marc still remains as one of only a few players this season to have not shot below 900 yet. The team will look to put up three-straight wins for the first time this season tonight, with a lot of the pressure falling onto the Duncans as they face the best leadoff duo in the league, James and Quinton.

Over/Under: James Jubinville C/L/R spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #4 – COOK vs. HOWARTH

This matchup looks promising to have a high scoring matchup in the third position as both are coming off season highs, with Corey Chaikowski (1071) getting his second 1000 of the season and Craig Enns (1175) getting his first 1100. Much to the bad fortune of Corey, his matchup actually resulted in a 2-3 loss to Matt Rodych (1074) who snuck by him in game four after winning 266-223. Craig on the other hand left no room for a comeback as he buried Jayson May (977) by nearly 200 pins, in his 4-1 win. His team held their own last week against Team May, winning the first two games, but a series of low games in the second half saw total slip away from them, with Team May finishing 188 pins up. If Team Cook wants to make a push in the second half for A-side, this is a week they need to win, and win big. A lot of that will fall to Trevor Cook (1071) to balance out against Glen Howarth (887), and with back-to-back weeks over 1070, he’s on pace to do so.

Over/Under: Mark Prystupa Left Corner Spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #5 – RODYCH vs. NELSON

Team Rodych is coming off a season high 3905 and their first week this season with all four members over 900. The charge was led by team captain Matt Rodych (1074) who won what was arguably the best match of the night going toe-to-toe with Corey Chaikowski (1071) and coming out with the 3-pin victory. Matt is running a personal 4-week streak without missing a single chop spare, as he looks to make it five this week. Another team member running hot and coming fresh off qualifying for the Youth Challenge Nationals, is Gillian LaMonica (969) who is now averaging 230 over her last three weeks. Her latest victory came against Char Hurd (763), and despite being the underdog, came out over 200 pins ahead. Week 17 for Team Nelson resulted in the second tied week of the season, splitting with Team D. Gelardi. The team has seen a resurgence from Geoff Born (1083) who appears to be born again in the second half, shotting his third straight total over 1050. The tie could not have been possible if not for Erik Stewart (675) picking up the one tie, 153-153 against Robbie Hendrickson (736) in what could be considered the hardest to watch match of the night.

Over/Under: Matt Rodych Head pins (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #6 – YOUZWA vs. LAMONICA

Even with Team LaMonica dropping from 2nd to 5th after last week’s loss, they still come in as the heavy favorites over 15th ranked Team Youzwa. It likely won’t come easy though as Team Youzwa has picked up 3 of their 5 wins since December, and are slowly building up some momentum. Last week was a prime example of that as they took advantage of a feeble looking Team Stevenson. Colton Youzwa’s (1027) ability to shoot either 230 or 330 was the inspiration his team needed to have a strong showing.  Tracy Jubinville (923) has probably been the biggest change in the team since December, as she makes it her third 900+ week in the last four, and taking a 3-2 win over Michael Young (855). The best part of Team LaMonica on Friday was their spare, Jeston Bartram (1094) who even with his very nice total, likely left the bowling alley walking a little funny after taking Kyle Costello’s (1239) nearly league high total with no warning or foreplay. Their one saving grace was Jennifer Devenney (976) who picked up 4/7 points for her team, and no surprise given the tear she’s been on, averaging 240 over her last 6 weeks, and winning five of those matches.

Over/Under: Jennifer Devenney Pins left (37.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Match #7 – D. GELARDI vs. S. GELARDI

A brotherly matchup that looks like it should be a crowd favourite this week. Team S. Gelardi comes in with the slight lead in the season series having won 17-14 last time they met. Unlike the head-to-head matchup between the brothers in which Dwayne is only averaging 198 against Sam, and has yet to take a point off him this season. With Sam coming off a fresh sweep of Darren Maxwell (881) he is on a roll and will be on the hunt for his fourth sweep this season. The team as a whole is in the groove coming off a season high 3889, even including a season high from Ralph Gelardi (952). Ralph can join Corey as one of the bowlers last week to still lose with a season high, taking two points off Jesse Gagnon (1015). This was more than well made up for by Brett Hendrickson (1007) picking up his second 1000+ of the season, and pulling off a comeback on Jessica Meurrens (898). Team D. Gelardi was able to salvage a tie last week with Will Thompson (1041) throwing the back six to steal his total over Tyson Nelson (1030), and with Cordell Galbecka ((935) pulling out his first win in second, narrowly getting by David Wastle (915), 3-2.

Over/Under: Gelardi Headpins (18.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Match #8 – MEURRENS vs. MAY

These are possibly the two biggest boom or bust teams in the league. Last week Team Meurrens ran into some high scores, but were supported enough by their top half to scrape themselves over the 10-point mark. The bright spot on the team was Jesse Gagnon (1015) setting a new personal season high, even featuring an 832-triple that had Ralph Gelardi (952) buried before they even got to the fourth game. The other win for them came from Chad Hurd (898) over Kelly Smith (844). Chad’s magic number this season is 895, when shooting over this he has a 100% winning record. Team May was able to salvage a win last week over Team Howarth, but they were up against the ropes after starting down 8-2. The team made up most of their pins in the last game when they won 1083-917. Ironically one of the best comebacks of the night to watch actually came at leadoff with Ryan Bannerman (736) winning 4-1 over Mark Prystupa (682) after being down 70 in game one, but finishing with a 248—160 win to seal his victory.

Over/Under: Calvin Cline Strikes (16.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens

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