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Friday Night All-Stars Week 19

Week 18 Recap

Trevor (78-66-0) : Tyson (82-62-0)



These two teams are coming off tough losses and now sit 1-2 to start the second half. Team Hendrickson had a combination of their opponents, Team Stevenson, bowling well and themselves forgetting how to bowl. Robbie Hendrickson (692) must have confused bowling with bear hunting as it looks like his strategy last week was just to play dead the whole night, and I can confirm it was unsuccessful against Darren Maxwell (985). As a whole the team combined for 11/16 games under 200 and only narrowly avoided the complete sweep thanks to a couple game two wins from Cyndie Barnett (734) and Brett Hendrickson (808). Given she went from a season high two weeks ago to a season low last week, the question will remain as to which Cyndie shows up tonight. Team Nelson will be wondering the same for their own Cindy, as Cindy Cousins (810) has gone from her second highest week to now her second lowest week. Unfortunately, it was matched up against a strong night from Craig Enns (975) that saw Cindy’s seven week win streak snapped, after losing 1-4. The real damage came from that matchup as well as a shootout in the second position between Ray Bartel (1008) and Dixie Macdonald (952) that saw Dixie only manage a single point. Lisa Fetch (823) managed to mitigate some of the damage with her 4-1 win over Mike Devenney (691).

Key Matchup

The key to this matchup will be how does Team Hendrickson bounce back. If they comeback with a vengeance than I think this match ends up really tight but if any of last week’s slump remains then they will have to really grind out the close wins.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hendrickson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hendrickson


Team Armstrong joins Team Rodych as being the only other team to now have back-to-back weeks at 24+ points thanks to their 24.5-6.5 win over Team Lourenco. The points are well reflected by the score sheet as the lowest total on the team was 917 and Karen Armstrong (1091) and Randy Morrissette (1034) combining for no games under 240. The only player unable to fully pick up their win was actually Randy who ended up having a split night with Belle Lourenco (1003), coming in clutch striking out in 10 to get that tied in game two, 266-266. Tim Hooper (917) has been running hot of late, picking up his third win in the last four weeks and has just as many 300s in that span as well. The night started slow, but his 314-216 win over Jon Linley (841) catapulted him into the lead for total and he cruised from there. Team S. Gelardi was not nearly as dominant but they still walked away with a win after a nail biter between them and Team Cook. The closest match came from the captains where Sam Gelardi (926) ended up on the losing end despite winning his total over Trevor Cook (924). This match actually came down to the last ball that saw Sam whiff on a 5-spare to take a 5-pin loss and handing the win to Trevor. The other really close matchup was Michael Young (978) taking down Zach Friesen (956), 3-2, with a big part of his win coming in the middle with a 563-double. Team S. Gelardi has started this half slow but has gone up every week so if they keep up the pace, they should be close to 20-points this week.

Key Matchup

This match will be a really close one and I think the one area that either team could break away is in the top two positions. Team Armstrong is a little stronger consistency wise, but the Chaikowski’s have a very high ceiling which could play a big factor.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Both these teams come in middle of the pack to start the second half with 2-1 records. Team Howarth is coming in a mix of hot and cold. Both Craig Enns (975) and Ray Bartel (1008) took four points and had season high totals and gave them a big advantage for total with 221-pin win over Dixie (952) and Cindy Cousins (810). Craig has now also found the 300-mark two times in the last three weeks making him a much bigger threat in the third position. On the cooler side of the team, Glen Howarth (870) has now started with back-to-back losses and sub-900 weeks, last week letting a win slip away with a 202-169 loss to Tyson Nelson (913). Team Lourenco last week was more cold than hot last week taking only their second single digit loss of the season. The one hot spot for their team continues to be captain Belle Lourenco (1003) who has managed to stay undefeated the last five weeks, scrapping out a tie with Randy Morrissette (1034) to avoid a loss, picking up two single ball wins late in the night. James Jubinville (858) was in the same boat coming into last week, except that boat sprung a big leak early as he put himself down 166 pins to Karen Armstrong (1091) after two games and despite a 500-double finish could not pull out a point as Karen matched with a 567-double.

Key Matchup

With both Jon Linley (841) and Mike Devenney (691) having had season low totals within the last couple weeks, both are in a little slump and I think Mike will definitely need a bounce back to keep his team in this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #4 – RODYCH vs. NAUGLER

These two teams have been heading in opposite directions recently. Team Rodych is still looking for their first week over 10 points this half, while Team Naugler now has 44 points in the last two weeks and even knocked off top-2 team Team D. Gealrdi last week. A big catalyst in this has been the dominance from Kevin Naugler (1110) who now has back-to-back 1100s and a combined nine points and only a single game under 260 in that span. The same kind of success has been seen from Adam Williamson (787) in terms of win ability after his 4-1 win over Chris Jeffers (764), giving him also nine points in the last two weeks. Team Rodych has not seen the same kind of success as they are still on the hunt for win #1 in this half. Matt Rodych (1117) is the only player on his team who has a winning record at 2-1, this past week beating Kyle Costello (1016) and even capping off the night with a 360-267 win. The only other win on their team last week was Don Carpenter (751) over Tabatha Gelardi (705), this matchup featured a barn burner 148-127 match in game three not letting either player really gain ground. Despite his recent Masters’ success Derek Sanderson (853) has struggled to find the win column, now riding a four-week losing streak.

Key Matchup

With both Jordan Nickerson and Derek winless in the last month something has to reset for one of them. I think if either of these can pull away by 50+ pins that it will reflect into a win for their team as a whole.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Naugler

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler

Match #5 – D. GELARDI vs. KING

Team D. Gelardi has not looked like the same team that won the first half, now riding a four-week losing streak and still on the hunt for their first win as well. Last week was a good stepping stone as they did actually win grand total, having Dwayne Gelardi (1018) strike out to steal it away from Team Naugler by 13 pins, 3626-3613. Their downfall was simply losing a few too many close games, but having both Calvin Cline (977) and Jesse Leyte (956) is a promising sign and more often than not this should get them a win. The key for Calvin will be to see if he can keep it up two weeks in a row as he has only won back-to-back weeks once since Week 6. Team King is starting this half off much stronger than they did in September. With Kevin Slippert (985) now joining the team he has been a pleasant surprise and still remains undefeated, last week beating up on Chloe Fleming (740), making him 3-0 since joining the team. He will really be put to the test this week a he will be dropping into the anchor spot. The team has also recent seen a very consistent and capable Chris Dewar (931) who has now averaged 236 over the last few weeks and hasn’t shot under 920 in the last month.

Key Matchup

The key for this match is going to come down to the bottom two positions. Wayne King (902) and Kevin will be facing off with Jesse and Dwayne who have been two of the strongest. For team King to have success tonight they will need to each stay within 50 pins.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #6 – COOK vs. STEVENSON

Team Cook remains as one of four teams still looking for their first win. Last week they nearly had it losing 15-16 to Team S. Gelardi. The big part was that they just made up no ground on total as only Char McIvor (898) won her total, beating Corey Chaikowski 4-1, with the only loss being a massive 147-277 back in game two. Derek Sabourin (840) lost, nothing new to report. What Team Cook needs is for Trevor Cook (924) to snap out of his funk and start getting back to his 1000+ totals from earlier in the season, just to help give that slight extra boost in totals. Trevor is currently averaging 221 throughout the start of the half. Team Stevenson had themselves a night last week. None more so than Erik Stewart (1090) who set a new season high, even featuring a 903-triple and capping off the night with a 357, a tough matchup for Ralph Gelardi (768). The other sweep of the night came from Darren Maxwell (985) at anchor where he kicked a lifeless Robbie Hendrickson (692) around all night. The only two points loss in this match came during game two and were only a couple balls away from being the first 31-0 this season.

Key Matchup

Trevor needs to wake up... if not they lose guaranteed.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #7 – FLEMING vs. YOUZWA

Team Fleming is the last of the four winless teams, and hoping for a good night to change that. Last week they saw a strong performance from Brooke Goulet (974) over Wayne King (902). Brooke is currently keeping her team from completely drowning but even at a 42% win percentage she needs some help in this if they hope to win or even pull out a double digit week. Team Youzwa had a small set back last week but is still in a good position after the first three weeks. Their match was a good example of sometimes your spares just don’t work out, with Sandi Anderson (704) and Kyle Young (875) combined for a single point, and giving up a whopping 520 pins. Marc Steves (1140) attempted to salvage it pulling out his own 270-pin win over Matt Turanski (871). Jennifer Duncan at this point is still sitting on the longest active win streak sitting on a seven-game win streak.

Key Matchup

Team Fleming really needs a breakout week from both Gillian and Chloe to make this a tight match. If Marc and Colton stay over 1000, they should be able to walk this win home.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


This is a rare matchup of two undefeated teams currently in the second half. Team Campbell has been on the most consistent roll, with their lowest week being 22 points. Last week they pulled off another rare feat having three bowlers over the 1000-mark taking 10/15 points at those positions. They really pulled up clutch towards the end of the night finishing with back-to-back 2-pin total wins, first 811-809 and then following with 1028-1026. Jessica Meurrens (1063) especially is on fire right now, averaging 267 so far this half and having taken a total of 13 of 15 points. This past week taking down Jennifer Devenney (902), 4-1 much the same as her captain Alyssa Campbell (1027) took down Derek Sanderson. Team LaMonica did not quite get three people to 1000 but they still got two. Andrew LaMonica (1097) had himself a night, sweeping Kyle Young (875) and snapping his three-week drought just at the right time to keep the momentum running for his team. The difference in the anchor matchup 322 pins was essentially the difference for grand total as well. The other 1000, came from Jayden Nickerson (1002) who would have been even higher if not for his 154 in game three, but with all other games over 260 he easily walked away with four points off Sandi Anderson (704).

Key Matchup

Team LaMonica needs to get ahead early at the leadoff position and Matt can’t have another sub-900. If he does this will be a tough match for his team to carry him through.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Meme of the Week

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