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Friday Night All-Stars Week 19

Trevor (80-62-2) : Tyson (76-66-2)



Match #1 – MEURRENS vs COOK

Team Cook were the big winners last week taking a week high, 27 points, besting Team Howarth. The women of the team were immaculate last week going a perfect 10 for 10 on points, with Char Hurd (994) putting up a season high against Mark Prystupa (726), and Amanda Devenney (895) claimed her spot at the top of the family shutting out her own beloved father Mike Devenney (704). The team was rounded out nicely by Trevor Cook (1138) also having a season high, clearly inspired by seeing the large portrait of him back in his prime. Team Meurrens didn’t have quite as big of a win, but a win’s a win, especially going against the always deadly Team May. The team took a mid-night nap apparently, averaging 201 for games 2 and 3, while averaging 255 for the first and last game. Jesse Gagnon (833) picked up his first back-to-back win this season, making a small comeback against Ryan Bannerman (774), with a 247-175 end to the night. The team will start having to call Brooke Goulet (1043) Hawkeye after her new league high 43 middle hits, 95% on the night.


Over/Under: Jessica Meurrens Corners (8.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #2 – S. GELARDI vs. RODYCH

Team Rodych took a tough loss last week, shooting 3803 giving them the fourth highest total of the night, just poorly timed against Team Nelson’s 4012. Team Rodych has been running hot over the last four weeks, not shooting below 3800, averaging 3836 over that span. More poor timing hit Cindy Cousins (995) as her season high total was only good enough for 1-point as she faced Ray Bartel (1063) on his own season high, and they were the only two seconds over 960 on the night. For the second time in two weeks, an anchor spare has lost with a 1090 week, this week it was Taron Barbour (1094) who was in a back-and-forth battle with Tyson Nelson (1132). Team S. Gelardi had a prime opportunity to take a win last week with Team D. Gelardi down to just three players for the night. That opportunity was spoiled, but not with the blame on their own team, just good bowling from the three members of Team D. Gelardi present. Kelly Smith (908) took advantage of her matchup with Cordell’s ghost, taking four points and only missing the sweep by 5 pins. The best leadoff match of the night also took place with Kevin Grabowksi (967) winning the tug of war with Robbie Hendrickson (955), 3-2.

Over/Under: Brett Hendrickson Triple first three games (699.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Match #3 – NELSON vs HOWARTH

These two teams had 856 pins between them last week, as they were both the low and high totals of the week. Team Nelson becomes the first team this season with multiple 4000+ weeks. The big totals came from Ray Bartel (1063) who put up a season high, breaking his four-week slump right on the head of Cindy Cousins (995). The other high total came from Tyson Nelson (1132) who also had a season high, beating Taron Barbour (1094) in a grinding match. The team was also relieved to see Erik Stewart (865) bounce back from his season low last week, even beating it after just three games with his 678-triple. Team Howarth really had nothing going on last week, Mike Devenney (704) felt the daughterly love from Amanda Devenney (895) who kicked him right in the family jewels with her 5-0 sweep. Craig managed three of his team’s four points in what was hyped up to be a big match with Corey Chaikowski (799).

Over/Under: Craig Enns Middle Hits (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson



Team Stevenson is keeping themselves in the hunt for A-side with their win last week over Team Leyte, but hit another big hurdle this week facing the league’s number 3 Team Lourenco. Team Stevenson really capitalized on some sub-par nights from Team Leyte’s spares with Alley Bourcier (846) taking four points off Jim Leyte (739) and Dylan Stevenson also taking four points off Jeston Bartram (865). The team also saw Michael Young (929) salvage two points from the last game as he won 294-179 over Wayne King (871) to steal his total. Team Lourenco supported their captain on her off-night perfectly last week as Kevin Naugler (1121) put up his third 1100 of the season, stomping Jayden Nickerson (847) in a 4-1 victory. The team also saw James Jubinville (952) reclaim his spot as top Jubinville taking a big 146-pin win over Jennifer Duncan (806), and now has more points in the two weeks since he’s been back than the 5 weeks prior to his departure… clearly the surgery paid off.

Over/Under: Kevin Naugler Left Corner Spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



Team Costello continued their tear through the second half last week taking down Team Armstrong in what appeared to be a slow-moving slug-fest, with everyone but the anchors under 900. Garry Bell (853) managed to hang onto his 3-2 win over Holly Chaikowski (821) on a night that saw him shoot both his high and low game of the season, having a 314 game two, but ending the night on a 145. The other really close match was Matt Turanski 863) coming out ahead 4-1 against Karen Armstrong (811) with a 204-165 win to cap it off, also making him the winningest player in the league at the moment at 69%... nice. Team Steeves had no such luck missing Dave Duncan, as the team took 5 of their 9 points from one game, and Marc Steeves (999) was the only win at 3-2 over Belle Lourenco (860). Jennifer Duncan (806) was lucky enough to salvage an 800 despite three games under 175, thanks to a 304 in game three, keeping her right at average and saving her from being swept by James Jubinville (952)

Over/Under: # of Times Marc Steeves covers his mouth with his hand to swear (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Match #6 – MAY vs. D. GELARDI

Team D. Gelardi pulled off the upset last week, playing short-handed against a team above them in the standings and managed to pull out the win. The three players there, averaged 250 and took their only loss on Robbie Hendrickson’s (955) at leadoff, which is not a score that often loses in that position, but Kevin Grabowskii (967) just had a little more edge on the night. After snapping his winning streak last week, Roland Flaig (999) jumped right back to it, picking up a 4-1 win over Brett Hendrickson (872). Being a good replacement for Dwayne, Will Thompson (1051) pulled off yet another game four comeback to steal total, this time on Sam Gelardi (1023), though the team will be happy to have Dwayne Gelardi back in action tonight, with a little added side action of being challenged by Brett Hendrickson for the MB Challenge belt. Team May will need to pick up their shit tonight if they want to stay in it, after last week’s disaster that saw them shoot 9 games under 200, and ending the night with three players shooting under 180 in game four. Calvin Cline (701) saved himself from a nearly sub-700 night with a 223 the last game, but it does not take the sting away from the 578-triple. Uncharacteristically the team also saw Kyle Young (925) shoot two games under 200 for the first time since Week 2, I would expect a big bounce back this week.

Over/Under: Dwayne Gelardi Triple First 3 Games (779.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May



Team Youzwa keeps proving the doubters wrong, and did so once again last week beating up on Team LaMonica. The pair of 960s at the bottom of the lineup worked nicely for seven points, though Ethan Buckman’s (959) was just a touch more consistent than Colton Youzwa’s (961) which only featured one games anywhere from 197-314, with the 314 coming in the third game to save his total for the night. Tracy Jubinville (887) took the close win over Chris Dewar (843) not quite as impressive as hubby James’ 952 and sweep, but in her defense, she probably could have swept too if she was a leadoff. Team Armstrong did not prove the doubters wrong last week as they had a close match with Team Costello, but fell short, losing 5 individual games by 15 pins or less, and only lost grand total by 44 pins. The team’s one solid point was Richard Parisian (885) who picked up the lone win, beating Derek Sabourin (822), only losing the last two games by a combined 16 pins to go 3-2. He may not have picked up many points but Kevin Boyko (989) still had a solid outing, and continues to have a magnet ball at finding the middle, currently averaging 87% on the middle over the past four weeks. I expect this to be a tight match throughout the night.

Over/Under: Richard Parisian Strikes (14.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Match #8 – LAMONICA vs. LEYTE

The battle of two teams that were previously fighting for second, now fighting over 4th and 5th. Team Leyte has had their share of struggles this half, currently averaging less than 10 points a week. Combining that with Jeston Bartram’s (865) unfortunate luck at anchor did not go so well last week, as for the second straight week he took a 140-pin loss, this time to Dylan Stevenson (1004). The star of their team was Linda Orne (938) who made her debut at third, and killed it, hammering Michael Linsenmeier (806) 4-1, winning the last three games 711-531. The team will most be looking forward to having Alycia Mann back, as without her this season they are 0-3. Team LaMonica has had their own struggles these past two weeks, with just 19 points. They work well when they are all there, but unfortunately with half the team missing last week, the momentum just never took off, especially with only three games over 230 between them. They are going to need Derek Sanderson to shake off the rust and step up going against one of the best leadoffs in the league in Alycia Mann.

Over/Under: Chris Dewar Frames until a “zero count” ball is thrown (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

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