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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 19 Preview

Prediction Records Tyson Nelson: 61 - 43 - 0 / Previous Week: 5 - 3 - 0

Trevor Cook: 62 - 42 - 0 / Previous Week: 4 - 4 - 0

Match #1: Stevenson vs. Cook These two teams are in the thick of the A-side hunt right now, with Team Stevenson in 7th (280 pts) and Team Cook sitting 10th (274 pts). They have both struggled early in the second half but this will be a chance to make a statement. It will be a classic matchup of a well-balanced team vs. a bottom-heavy one here in this matchup as Team Stevenson has just a 21-pin difference in average from their leadoff to their anchor, while Team Cook has a 70-pin difference.

Key Matchup

With a 205 average, Erik Stewart is one of the top leadoff bowlers in the league while Dave Priestley is struggling at 178 (although it's been mostly going in the right direction in recent weeks). This is a big strength on paper that if Team Stevenson can take advantage of, will set them up nicely in the match. However, if not, it will be tough for them to make up much ground against Team Cook's bottom three.

Tyson's pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor's pick: Team Cook

Match #2: Rodych vs. Hurd

Team Rodych has seen a resurgence the last couple of weeks with better play from both Carter Schade (season-high 891 two weeks ago) and Hailey Roberts (season-high 842 last week). Lexie Sutherland has shot 2062 in her two weeks as a regular and is 10-0 on the season so far. However, this week they take on the top team in the half in Team Hurd who have been back to their early-season ways. The bottom-three trio of Chad Hurd, Brett Hendrickson, and Kevin Naugler remains the league's highest averaging 2-3-4 and Ryan Bannerman has been on a bit of a roll as of late, making this team very tough to beat.

Key Matchup

Lexie's unbeaten record is on the line against Brett tonight and it should be a fun match to watch. Team Rodych is likely going to have to continue to overcome something with their leadoff and second bowlers, so we'll see what she can do in the 3-spot. She'll need to continue putting up big numbers for Team Rodych to continue taking wins.

Tyson's pick: Team Hurd

Trevor's pick: Team Hurd

Match #3: King vs. Devenney After winning 8 in a row to climb up to the A-side, Team King has two losses in a row, though they were competitive in both. Team Devenney, meanwhile, continues to struggle with no wins since Week 9. They are due for one at some point, but with the way Team King has been playing, it's tough to put them as favourites this week. Neil Stewart has been a good leadoff for them, but Team King's bottom two of Karen Armstrong and Wayne King is strong, and Wayne has been averaging 245 since November.

Key Matchup

Holly Chaikowski returns to the 3-hole this week and she will be taking on Karen Armstrong. There is a 222-203 average difference in favour of Karen here, but Holly has been averaging 216 over the past 5 weeks.

Tyson's pick: Team King

Trevor's pick: Team King

Match #4: Cousins vs. Lourenco

Team Lourenco remains a strange team, averaging pretty well but still unable to convert that into wins, even in the second half sitting in 10th since the half changed. By average, they are in the top half of the league. They should be the favourite tonight as Tabatha Gelardi averaging 206 in the leadoff spot makes them a very well-balanced team. Team Cousins is pretty well balanced too, but Lourenco has the advantage at the bottom - especially with the roll Belle Lourenco has been on lately. Even with a rough week last time out (856), Belle is averaging 249 over her past 6 weeks.

Key Matchup

With the top of the lineups being fairly close, we can expect this match to be decided by the bottom. Char and Cindy are both better bowlers than their average would show, but Ethan and Belle are an excellent combination and they should have an advantage here.

Tyson's pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor's pick: Team Lourenco

Match #5: Bartram vs. C. Jeffers It took Team C. Jeffers 7 weeks to amass as many points in the first half as they have through the first 3 weeks of this half, with two big wins to their credit already. They might be in a good position to grab another one this week, too, as it's been an all-around unfortunate season for Team Bartram. Chris Jeffers has got himself back up to the 200 mark, Tim Hooper is on the way up and Anthony Novak boasts a 247 average since taking over for Corey Chaikowski, so this team has been a legit mid-pack team over the last 8 or 10 weeks.

Key Matchup Team Bartram still might be competitive at the bottom thanks to holding an advantage in the third position (depending who ends up actually bowling there). Jeston is a competent anchor despite having a down season. Look at the top of the lineup to see how this one will play out, as if Derek Sanderson and Colton Harris can keep up with Al Bristow and Chris Jeffers, we could have a good match.

Tyson's pick: Team C. Jeffers

Trevor's pick: Team C. Jeffers

Match #6: Gelardi vs. Enns Team Gelardi will be out to make up for a surprising loss at the hands of Team Rodych last week, taking on Team Enns tonight. Team Enns are coming off of back-to-back wins, though they have a slightly weaker lineup up and down especially without Craig Enns at 3rd, which has traditionally been the place you have to take advantage of to beat the Gelardi foursome. Team Gelardi have yet to lose back-to-back all season long, putting up 64 points in their 3 weeks following losses so far, and you can bet they will be focused to bounce back the same way from this one.

Key Matchup Glen Howarth has proven many times this year he's still capable of putting up the big games, even if a bit less consistently than before. His team is going to need him to do so this week against the league's #2 average in Dwayne Gelardi.

Tyson's pick: Team Gelardi

Trevor's pick: Team Gelardi

Match #7: LaMonica vs. Youzwa Colton Youzwa busted out of his slump in a big way last week and helped his team to a big 23.5-point night. Having weathered those struggles and still sitting third in the half, Team Youzwa is poised to make a run in the aggregate. Meanwhile, cracks have started to show in Team LaMonica who have two losses and a narrow 16-15 win so far in the second half after winning the first half. Team LaMonica's balance still gives them an edge at the top of the lineup in this one, but they're facing one of the few teams that can match their bottom two even at their best.

Key Matchup Andrew LaMonica is averaging 211 in the last 5 weeks and Sam Gelardi has three straight weeks under 950. Neither of those numbers are a good thing coming up against the 3-4 duo of Chloe Fleming and Colton Youzwa. Those struggles will have to come to an end tonight, otherwise we could see another tough week for the first half champs.

Tyson's pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor's pick: Team Youzwa

Match #8: B. Jeffers vs. Orne

A big match here between two teams that have been consistent contenders all year long. Team Orne has piled up 68 points in the second half so far and are on six straight wins. They are a bit hotter than Team B. Jeffers right now and hold an advantage in the 1, 2, and 3 spots of the lineup, although Team B. Jeffers is still pretty good all around. They had two big wins to start the half themselves before tasting defeat last week. The presence of league high average Tyson Nelson may be enough to make Team B. Jeffers the slight favourites here, but it'll be a close one.

Key Matchup Just what is the difference between the league's #1 average Tyson Nelson, and Darren Maxwell of Team Orne, going to be in the anchor position? That might be the deciding factor here. Tyson has been the best bowler in the league by a fair margin to this point in the season, and he may have to make up for a bit of a difference at the top of the lineup. If Darren does pull off a win here, this matchup could shift heavily in favour of Team Orne.

Tyson's pick: Team B. Jeffers

Trevor's pick: Team B. Jeffers

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