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Friday Night All-Stars Week 2

Week 1 - Recap

Week 2

Match #1 – NAUGLER vs. FLEMING

Team Naugler pulled out a win last week over Team LaMonica with just some very consistent solid bowling throughout the night, having three of their four bowlers over the 900-mark, including both leadoff Adam Williamson (906) and Second Jeston Bartram (931). Team Fleming will look to have a bounce back week after a slow start week one which saw no full-time team members shoot over 800. Even though it is early in the season, I suspect momentum will play a big part in this matchup between two teams coming in opposite directions. The only thing that may fracture Team Naugler’s momentum is captain Kevin Naugler (931) being sidelined temporarily with injury.

Key Matchup

The matchup to keep an eye on in this one is the battle at second, Gillian LaMonica (697) versus Jordan Nickerson (808). Both had slow starts and will be looking to bounce back, and both are capable of throwing big scores once they hit their rhythm.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Naugler

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler


Team Stevenson and Team Howarth both started the season on a slow jog, having only one player from each team shoot over average on the night, taking 10 and 9 points respectively. Team Howarth’s lone savior was Mike Devenney (877) taking four points over Holly Chaikowski (777), while Jayson May (948) had a big 131-pin in game four to clutch his total from Linda Orne (795). Dylan Stevenson (914) was essentially right at average but unfortunately ran into a bad matchup against Karen Amrstrong (1006), taking only a single point.

Both anchors, Michael Linsenmeier (849) and Glen Howarth (879) did not add the pop to their team that we would expect from them. This week will be a good chance to build on last week and really find their grooves. Look for the team with the first anchor to get a roll to be the loudest and build off the energy.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #3 – YOUZWA vs. RODYCH

Team Rodych came out guns blazing last week averaging 240 for the bottom three bowlers, with the highlight being Jennifer Devenney (1009) showing off why she was such a steal of a draft pick at 221. Amanda Devenney (936) also won the battle of partial season returnees over Anthony Novak (736) in big fashion. Team Youzwa is not in as good of shape as their opponent after last week only taking nine points and no one on the team shooting over average. After several years off Jesse Gagnon (821) showed flashes of his former self with a big 281 start, but early season rust caught up with him in games two and three with a 302 double. Give him a month or two to iron out the inconsistencies and he will be a force to be reckoned with at second.

Key Matchup

Marc Steves making his debut back in the league tonight could be a big turning point for Team Youzwa if he can come back close to how he left the league years ago. Matt Rodych (935) is never an easy matchup for anyone and I don’t expect he will just roll over for Marc either. Look for this to be a close match all night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Hendrickson may have been lucky to even break double digit points last week thanks to a couple favourable matchups in the second and third positions. Robbie and Chad’s game three 249 & 290 were the only two games on the team that night to be over average, so the seven points between Robbie Hendrickson (830) and Chad Hurd (887) was very matchup orientated. Team S. Gelardi had a much stronger start, and a big part of that came from a flashy debut from Michael Young (1048) sweeping Al Bristow (828) with relative ease.

Key Matchup

After the landslide that was his week 1, Brett Hendrickson (704) will be in the third position to face off with Michael and you have to expect that he will have a fire in his belly and be out for blood this week. I would not be surprised if we saw him bounce back with a near 1000 night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Match #5 – LAMONICA vs. KING

Team King, like many others, had a slow start but was able to salvage their night shooting 1000 in game four with a big contribution from Chris Dewar (871) and Wayne King (941) combining for a 606 double. The definite tough spot for Team King was the ongoing struggle of Anthony Novak (736) who was very clearly still shaking off the summer rust. Team Lamonica was much in the same boat as their opponent, relying heavily on their captain to keep them afloat, as Andrew Lamonica (989) took advantage of the only weak point on Team Naugler, Jordan Nickerson (808).

Key Matchup

The battle at second will be a big wildcard in this match. Dewar saved his night thanks to a big game four but a 556 triple prior to that leaves a lot of room for what kind of scores we will see week 2. He’s facing off with Jayden Nickerson (894) who is coming off a fairly average but consistent night which may play into his favour against an early season Chris Dewar.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Match #6 – LOURENCO vs. COOK

Team Cook is cook’n after week 1, following an absolute beatdown on Team Nelson, 25-6. Both Char McIvor (948) and Trevor Cook (1145) were in the top two for each of their respective positions across the entire league, already looking like they are in mid-season form. The two of them collectively won their matchups by 581 pins over Lisa Fetch (720) and Tyson Nelson (792). Team Lourenco faced very similar scores from their opponents in week 1, but did not capitalize quite as much going 20.5-10.5. Team Lourenco looked fairly solid at both ends with Jon Linley (853) managing 3.5 points on Cyndie Barnett (784), while Belle Lourenco (940) swept Brett Hendrickson quite handedly, with the exception of the game three nail biter 157-144.

Key Matchup

With the lineup shuffles after last week Jon Linley will be in for a much bigger test moving up to the third position, facing off with Derek Sabourin (891). The same can still be said for James Jubinville (738) who will be facing Zach Friesen (815) at the leadoff position. The team that controls these two matchups will undoubtedly come out on top tonight.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Team Armstrong is coming off a strong start, especially seeing as they were the only team to feature two bowlers over 1000, Karen Armstrong (1006) and Randy Morrissette (1014). The surprising chink in their armor was Linda Orne (795) who managed a couple close wins, but appeared to struggle to get anything going against Jayson May. Her struggles look quite small when compared to the self-implosion from Team Nelson who only managed 6 points thanks to Cindy Cousins (982) pulling in four of those. They were an especially large mess at anchor seeing the former league high average Tyson Nelson (792) shoot sub-800 one of the lowest totals on the week.

Key Matchup

The top two positions for Team Nelson also struggled and they will need all hands-on deck this week. So, watch for the matchup between Lisa Fetch (720)/Dave Duncan (745) and Tim Hooper (834)/Linda Orne. This one could get out of hand fast if things continue as they did last week.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Match #8 – CAMPBELL vs. D. GELARDI

Team Campbell comes in as the current league leaders after opening week. Though this is more reflective of their matchup and less about the caliber in which they bowled. Proof of this was the four points taken by Tabatha Gelardi (723) despite having one of the lowest totals on the night. I don’t expect we will see a repeat of that tonight as they face Team D. Gelardi who put up one of the highest totals week 1 with 3702, 305 pins more than Team Campbell. A big part of this did come from Dwayne Gelardi (1177) once again setting the high four for the season in week 1, same as he did last year. A good showing from Chris Jeffers (900) at leadoff was also a nice supporting piece.

Key Matchup

The matchup at third has to be one of the biggest factors in this match. Jesse Leyte (767) is definitely still knocking off rust but his opponent Jessica Meurrens is making her return debut and is a complete wildcard as to what she will throw. This matchup could very well make the difference for either team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

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