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Friday Night All-Stars Week 2

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Trevor (5-3-0) : Tyson (6-2-0)



The first of three matches between Week 1 winners, this match should prove to be a close one. Team Armstrong definitely had the stronger start with the bottom three bowlers combining for a 246 average. A big part of that was the hot start by Kevin Boyko (1047) who started with an 847-triple, fourth highest on the night, in what proved to be an easy 4-1 win over Wayne King (855). Team Lourenco’s win was much less to do with their performance, and more to do with the three sub-800 totals thrown against them by Team Lamonica. The one glimpse of good bowling from them came from their leadoff Quentin Crockett (903) making his debut in the league and taking a 3-2 win over Derek Sanderson (784) at leadoff. This is the one position Team Lourenco holds the advantage over Team Armstrong, but unless at least two of the bottom three can shake off the early season rust tonight this match looks to be in Team Armstrong’s court.

Over/Under: Team Armstrong (-4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #2 – MAY vs. HOWARTH

Both these teams are going to be looking for a win tonight after losses in their season opener. Among the eight bowlers in this match none have won a total yet this season. The closest one to winning a total last week was actually spare, Darren Maxwell (956), who choked away his 78-pin game one lead to lose 1-4 to Matt Rodych (964) with the nail in the coffin being the game four 171-195 loss. Without Darren around Team May will really look to Kyle Young (974) to lead them, as Jeff Fraser (716) had a tough debut to the league, and with Calvin and Jayson making their debut this week Kyle will need to be the one consistent point on this team all night. Team Howarth really can only go up from Week 1 as they just barely scraped over the 3000-mark and despite that still had three individual totals within striking distance. The key for Team Howarth will be anchor Glen Howarth (818) they are going to need him to spark some momentum into the team, after last week’s untimely 149 in game four saw total slip through his hand and into Sam Gelardi’s (879).

Over/Under: Team May (-11.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Team Youzwa leaned heavily on their captain last week for their totals and it proved to be more than enough. Colton (1152) put up a league high total as the league’s high single 396 against his former third Marc Steeves (959) in a 3-2 victory. Aside from that Tim Hooper (796) took advantage of a slow start from Jennifer Duncan (689) to be one of only two league members to sweep their points. The team unfortunately did end up losing a couple points after the night had finished due to a discovery that Jeston Bartram who had spared in the third position was actually ineligible to spare for Ethan Buckman due to a higher league average at another house. Team Stevenson had a slightly different approach to last week with no flashy scores, with only one game being more than 15 pins over average, being a 278 from Dylan Stevenson (978). The team just took points through consistent scoring. The closest match of the night actually came from leadoff Alley Bourcier (778) who took a win from Garry Bell (774) with a two-point win in game four 210-208.

Over/Under: Team Stevenson (-3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #4 – MEURRENS vs. S. GELARDI

These two teams had nearly the same totals at the end of the night but Team S. Gelardi walked away with almost four times as many points due a much more generous matchup. Team S. Gelardi was one of only two teams to sweep all their individual totals, even more impressive when you consider the team was 348 pins below average. The nice accent piece on the night was Brett Hendrickson (892) being his team’s lone positive player, and only one to take more than three points, going 4-1 against Mark Prystupa (704). Team Meurrens did not have such luck as the top three for Team Nelson averaged 246 and only gave up two points. Team captain Jessica Meurrens (925) was the team’s lone silver lining dropping the hammer on Geoff Born (814), making up four of her team’s six points. With Jesse Gagnon and Brooke Goulet back this week maybe they will prove to be the missing pieces needed for this win. For an accurate summary of Chad Hurd's (755) click the link below.

Over/Under: Team S. Gelardi (-6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurens


Team LaMonica had an equally disappointing week as Team S. Gelardi to open their season, combining for 345 pins below average for the three full time members, with the second highest total on the team coming in at a whopping 787 by Chris Dewar. They also now hold the season low game total with a 691, that featured three games 160 or under. All that considered scraping out 11 points is a pretty good save, and helped out by Dan Sim (936) picking up the win on James Jubinville (869). Team Costello probably found themselves in the closest match of the season having two individual totals and the grand total be decided in the last game. Unfortunately, all three went in favour of their opponents. Garry Bell (774) finished down 2-3 to Alley Bourcier (778), with only two pins separating their last game too. Matt Turanski (880) had a two-pin lead going into the last game and let Michael Young (902) slip by him with a 244-220 win, leaving Matt with only a single point.

Over/Under: Team Costello (-6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello

Match #6 – NELSON vs. D. GELARDI

On paper and from what we saw last week this should pose to be one of the highest scoring matchups we see this season. Team D. Gelardi didn’t do anything fancy aside from pulling out a ringer in Alex Thompson (1095) who finished with the largest margin of victory sweeping Char Hurd (770). Just above him in the lineup though Robbie Hendrickson (734) pulled off one of the closest wins of the night edging out Amanda Devenney (732) despite also now holding the league’s lowest game with his game one 127. Word has it he has been replaced with Aaron Hummeny for the night. On the other side, their opponents had a fairly strong night compared to most teams last week, being one of two teams to have three players shoot over average. The only smear on their opening debut was a foul night from Geoff Born (814) at anchor. Ray Bartel (956) proved himself to be a smart pickup as a permanent replacement for Jon Linley who was originally drafted.

Over/Under: Team D. Gelardi (-5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #7 – RODYCH vs. COOK

The other team to have three players shoot over average was Team Rodych. The team also set the league’s high team game with an 1143 in game three. The charge was led by leadoff Gillian LaMonica (319) who had the high game of the team, and with the low game coming from Brandon Mansell (1055) at 264. Brandon made a big impact Week 1, taking down Kyle Young (974) 3-2 but he can’t let off the gas this week as he gets to face another former Open teammate in Trevor Cook (907). Team Cook looked like they were cooking on low last week, with only three games over 230 and two of those coming from Corey Chaikowski (922). Corey had a solid opening night taking down Cordell Galbecka (868) 3-2, giving him half of his team’s total points. The team could use a spark from Trevor as last year’s high average, only breaking 210 once on a night is not something you often see and I would expect a little bit of a bounce back in Week 2.

Over/Under: Team Rodych (-5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #8 – STEEVES vs. LEYTE

These two teams looked like they were in summer mode to start last season with just one of the eight bowlers breaking 870. That bowler was Marc Steeves (959) who pulled out a 569-double to finish the night and salvage at least two points off his former captain Colton Youzwa (1152). Of the eight the only one to win their matchup was the man himself, Dave Duncan (826) who took advantage of a game two 134 by Tracy Jubinville (757) which proved to be the difference as he won 3-2. The key for these two teams is going to be limiting the low games, as both teams had approximately a 50% chance of breaking 200 last week. The key bounce backs to keep an eye on this week will be Jennifer Duncan (689) for Team Steeves, and Jesse Leyte (791) for Team Leyte, these both will be big momentum changers if they can get something going.

Over/Under: Team Steeves (-3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team Steeves

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