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Friday Night All-Stars Week 20

Week 19 Recap

Trevor (82-70-0) : Tyson (86-66-0)


Match #1 – COOK vs. NAUGLER

Team Cook is officially the top ranked team in the league after their Week 19 victory. The match was a back-and-forth battle with Team Cook shooting back-to-back 1000 games, and still losing one of them at that 1027-1042. The key difference was the anchor matchup that saw Trevor Cook (979) wake up for atleast two games with a 598-double, and possibly lucked out a couple more sub-200 wins, winning with both a 199 and 182, over Dylan Stevenson (859). The win also saw Char McIvor (929) stretch her win streak to five weeks with a strong push in the back half as she finished with a 511-double and completed the comeback with a 70-pin victory to finish the night, 250-180, defeating Michael Linsenmeier (822). Team Naugler is kind of like the reverse of the tooth fairy, except when you start to believe in them the magic disappears and it’s just crap under your pillow. The team managed to win the one game Team Rodych threw under 900, but after that the totals were never within 75 pins. Kevin Naugler (917) took a step down from his 1100s but still got the job done with his 4-1 take down of Matt Rodych (876), improving him to 7-2 since making his return. Despite the team’s success over that period, Jordan Nickerson (797) continues to miss that win column falling to 1-8 since the return of his captain, being blown out of the water last week by Derek Sanderson (1003).

Key Matchup

The bottom half of these lineups can go toe-to-toe any day, it’s the top half of the lineups that really separate these two teams. Adam Williamson (703) and Jordan will need to find a way to makeup 30 pins a game to keep their team right in the hunt. So far this season lanes 1 & 2 have not been kind to Team Naugler but have proven to be one of Team Cook’s best sets.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #2 – YOUZWA vs. HOWARTH

Team Youzwa is coming off a nearly record setting night falling just 4 pins shy of the high set for a team this season with their 4117. They did set one record last week that I don’t see being broken this season and that is their 1286 in game three with the low man on the team being Colton Youzwa (1049) with 300, followed by Don Carpenter (305), Jesse Gagnon (328) and Marc Steves (353). This match featured several high scoring losses; Gillian Lamonica (850) lost 275-276 to Jesse, and then Marc and Chloe Fleming exchanged losses 353-311 and 301-299. Team Howarth did not have to worry about taking such losses as they won every game they shot over 240, which unfortunately for them was only five times. It did translate well if your name was Craig Enns (1095), as Craig put up a new season high total and dominated James Jubinville (949) most of the night, only missing the sweep by 4 pins with a 233-236 loss to end the night. Without any big support from the rest of the team total slowly slipped away from them during the night, they really need Glen Howarth (834) to slip out of his funk, as he is averaging just 211 so far in 2023.

Key Matchup

Team Youzwa has arguably the strongest 3-4 combo in the league and Craig and Glen have to keep it close if they don’t want this match to get out of hand quickly. I would assume they will need a minimum of 1900 between them.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


These two teams sit 0.5 points apart currently in the standings at 13th and 14th but have a very different road as to how they have ended up there. Team King has been on a roll since picking up Kevin Sippert (1004), taking 88 points through their first four weeks of the second half. Meanwhile it appears Chad not only broke his arm but also his entire team as they now have a combined 7.5 points in the last two weeks. Week 19 was definitely a step up in the right direction from the previous week, but the lack of big games continues to hinder them from taking totals. Prime example is Robbie Hendrickson (952) being the only player with a game over 250, and that was his game one 349. This did translate to a win for him over Tyson Nelson (899), 3-2, making up more than half his team’s points. They still would have needed some big scores from Cyndie Barnett (861) and Brett Hendrickson (887) as both of them had opponents throw their high nights of the season, Lisa Fetch (1021) and Cindy Cousins (1074). Team King was on the right end of a couple 1000s last week as their bottom three combined for a 251 average with none under 980. No one is enjoying the addition of Kevin right now more than Chris Dewar (987) who drops down to the second position and picked up his first sweep of the season taking down Calvin Cline (900). This worked really well with Wayne King (1029) also sweeping Jesse Leyte (864), in what was probably Wayne’s most consistent night of the season, shooting no games under 230.

Key Matchup

Something needs to spark some life into Team Hendrickson, you are not going to win nights with majority of your bowlers under 900 and with the momentum Team King has, I would say they probably need three of them over 900.

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King


Team Lourenco comes into this week in 2nd for the season but the top five has gotten so close that they are two points from 1st but also only six points away from 5th. Team Lamonica on the other hand currently holds the last A-side spot, and a win tonight could give them a little extra breathing room. A small victory last week was a good start, as Team LaMonica beat Team Campbell. The match was fairly close at several positions as Jayden Nickerson (936) won total but lost his night to Jessica Meurrens (924) thanks to losing three games by 11 pins or less. Luckily their captain came in clutch as Andrew LaMonica (1103) left Kyle Costello (1078) with only a single point, and effectively giving Andrew back-to-back 1100 weeks. The only other area they gained substantial ground was at leadoff with Kevin Grabowski (802) spare on spare abuse on Ryan Bannerman (742), and the match only ended up looking as close as it does due to a 200-282 loss in game four, otherwise Kevin was well in control throughout the night. Jon Linley (906) found himself in a similar position where after losing a close one to Mike Devenney (766), Jon dominated the back three winning 686-529. The real anchor point of Team Lourenco’s success has to b credited back to their captain Belle Lourenco (998) who now rides a six-week unbeaten streak the longest active among any anchor player, last week taking 3 points off a rough looking Glen Howarth (834).

Key Matchup

The interior positions for Team LaMonica have been the biggest wildcards week in and week out and going against a fairly consistent matchup with Alycia Mann (858) and James Jubinville (949) typically being in that 900-950 range. They will need either Jayden or Matt over 1000 to be a real big support on this night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #5 – S. GELARDI vs. RODYCH

Team Rodych essentially doubled their point total for the half last week going from 23 to 45 points after putting the boot Team Naugler. They saw Team Rodych’s power couple back in business as both Derek Sanderson (1003) and Jennifer Devenney (1026) shoot over 1000 and combined walked away with nine points off Jordan Nickerson (797) and Jeston Bartram (868). At leadoff, Amanda Devenney (803) joined in on the fun taking a win off Adam Williamson (703) thanks to a nose dive of a finish that saw her win 216-120. Team S. Gelardi was not quite as hot last week, taking a loss to Team Armstrong. The grand total was extremely close on this one, with only 33 pins making up the difference and unfortunately for Holly Chaikowski (748) her 143-pin loss to Jim Anderson (891) was the definitive nail in the coffin with all three other bowlers on her team winning their totals. Darren Maxwell (979) looked like he was riding a rollercoaster last week, never shooting back-to-back games within 80 pins of each other but with the two high ones being 286 and 302 he was able to make the comeback on Randy Morrissette (915), with the game four 302-202 made up the 36 pins he was down and then extra on top of that.

Key Matchup

The key for Team S. Gelardi is going to be having their leadoff over 800 and their anchor over 950, if those two things happen then I say they will have a minimum of 13 points again this week. Team Rodych just needs to keep up the momentum as they have had a tendency to go high week to low week this season.

Michael Young (O/U) – 919.5

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Team Armstrong has positioned themselves nicely to start the second half as they picked up their third win of the half last week, now pushing them into 9th place on the year and only 11 points back of Team LaMonica for that last A-side spot. Captain Karen Armstrong (925) went from a potential of a sweep going into last game, to being forced to settle for a 3-2 win over Michael Young (928) after a late collapse 167-233 saw her lose total be three pins on the night. Randy Morrissette (915) found himself in a similar spot as he was up 36 going into game four and handed Darren Maxwell (979) the win on a silver platter after losing the last game by 100. Despite losing these two totals they pulled out the victory thanks to Jim Anderson (891) who went 4-1 on Holly Chaikowski (748) giving them the edge for grand total. Team Armstrong attempted to make a comeback in the second half of their match but ultimately fell short as Team LaMonica managed to keep them within arm’s reach. Kyle Costello (1078) took one of the highest totals to still lose a night after having Andrew LaMonica (1103) dance all over him all night, handing him losses with both a 291 & 282. The choice of leadoff spares ended up being the difference in this match as Team Armstrong chose Ryan Bannerman (742) and he just did not have the stuff to keep up with Kevin Grabowski (802), the difference on team totals being 57 pins and this match making up 60 pins.

Key Matchup

Team Armstrong tends to see their most successful nights come when Linda Orne (856) shoots over 880, so barring any of the other three shooting over 1050, I will say Linda’s success tonight will correlate directly with whether her team wins or loses.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Team D. Gelardi is still comfortably in the A-side but need to pull their head’s out of their asses if they don’t want to start slipping any lower than 5th which is where they currently sit. Last week they dropped their 5th straight loss, falling at the hands of Team King this time. Dwayne Gelardi (1068) despite taking four points off Kevin Slippert (1004) found himself hung out to dry by his team who only managed 1.5 points between the rest of them. And by rest of them I simply mean Chris Jeffers (833) who pulled off a win and tie in the last two games against Tracy Jubinville (868). The interior of the team was complete swept and just found themselves man handled by Chris Dewar (987) and Wayne King (1029). Wayne even handing Jesse Leyte (864) his first shutout of the season. Team Stevenson had a chance to jump themselves into 1st last week in both the half and the season but saw Team Cook kill their winning streak leaving them currently in 4th in both. They just found themselves gaining no ground on totals the only player to win his total was Jayson May (992) and even at that he only made up 17 pins on Zach Friesen (975). They took a big shot at anchor having Dylan Stevenson (859) swept by Trevor Cook (979), and give up the extra 120 pins for total, and the other two positions both losing by 50 pins just added more onto the pile.

Key Matchup

Team Stevenson needs to get back in synch, when they play well, they all tend to play well together but if this night doesn’t start well it won’t end well either. This is especially true when playing Team D. Gelardi who has a knack for game four dramatics.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #8 – NELSON vs. FLEMING

Team Nelson continues to be one of the biggest wildcards week-to-week this season, last week laying a beat down on Team Hendrickson, shooting a new team high total for themselves. The women took charge of the night as both Lisa Fetch (1021) and Cindy Cousins (1074) had their first 1000+ nights of the season. Even Dixie (920) found herself taking total on Patrick Walker (880) though the night still resulted in a tie thanks a 239 split in game three. The win now gives Team nelson three weeks with 25+ points tying them for the league lead, but with several single digit weeks the team still sits in 11th place. Team Fleming being one of those 25-point nights will be looking for redemption as they are coming off a good night against the wrong opponent. Their 3629 would have beaten half the league and just happened to come on the same night Team Youzwa decided to shoot 4100+ at them, turning what could have been a winning night into a much more disappointing 4-point night. Despite taking a loss Chloe Fleming (1063) gave us a taste of how she got to be captain coming into this year with her first 1000 of the season, again unlucky timing that it came against Marc Steves (1090) who decided he didn’t want to play nice anymore. The same silver lining can apply to Gillian LaMonica as she also had a season high 850, playing Jesse Gagnon (999) who ironically also had his season high. This entire match was a classic case of wrong place wrong time.

Key Matchup

If Gillian and Chloe can keep their momentum from last week and bring it to this week, I think they will give themselves a chance at ending their nine-week losing streak.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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