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Friday Night All-Stars Week 20

Trevor (86-64-2) : Tyson (80-70-2)




Team Lourenco is coming fresh off a season high total becoming the fourth team this season to eclipse the 4000-mark. The team continues to prove they are the most well-rounded team in the league with yet another 1000+ week from their leadoff, James Jubinville (1089) that gave him a monstrous sweep of Alley Bourcier (807). This also marks 14/15 points for James since his return 3 weeks ago. He was well supported by the bottom half, with Kevin Naugler (1012) holding on to beat Dylan Stevenson (976) and Belle Lourenco (1048) pulling off the nail-biting comeback on Michael Linsenmeier (1031). Team D. Gelardi had a similar storyline with Robbie Hendrickson (914) sweeping Nakia Maxfield (699) at leadoff giving him his first sweep of the season. The anchor matchup also saw Dwayne Gelardi (1043) pull off a comeback on Kyle Young (1032), but fell short on his comeback facing Brett Hendrickson for the Manitoba Challenge belt. With Dwayne away at the Club Tour stop he will likely be represented by Will Thompson, and the team has been undefeated on weeks with their captain absent.

Over/Under: Robbie Hendrickson Left Spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #2 – YOUZWA vs. HOWARTH

Team Howarth pulled out 7 hard grinding points last week with all wins coming by 26 pins or less and four of those 8 pins or less. Craig Enns (914) took down Geoff Born (887) 4-1 making it four straight wins for him. Glen Howarth (997) snuffed off his three-week slump with a solid night against Tyson Nelson (1076) nearly taking the win but falling short with his 304-312 loss in the last game. Team Youzwa kept a close match with Team Armstrong through most of the night a late game four surge. Tracy Jubinville (959) continues to climb the average leaderboard pulling off a clutch 302-192 win over Richard Parisian (873), she is currently averaging 229 in the second half, 23 pins above the 206 average of first half. The team’s other win came from their captain Colton Youzwa (993) who took a 3-2 win off former league high average Kevin Boyko (946) that saw them exchange mid 200 games back and forth all night. With Louise Stevenson, Scott Hitchcock and Scott Barbour filling in this week, Team Youzwa will look very different than what we are used to seeing.

Over/Under: Mike Devenney Left Corners Thrown (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa



I have seen seagulls attempt to swallow hot dogs and still choke less than Team Meurrens did last week. Not only losing to the 12th ranked Team Cook but only scraping out 4 points in the process. Jesse Gagnon (835) was the closest to a win, needing just 6 more pins in game three to get the third point, but after an untimely 178-280 loss to Char Hurd (849) in game four, she took it 3-2. The ladies at the bottom of the lineup who have been deadly all year, had the rug pulled out from under them last week averaging 206, and facing Corey Chaikowski (1013) and Trevor Cook (1150) resulted in both taking big goose eggs on the scoresheet. Team Costello also fell victim to another David and Goliath story as 14th ranked Team Steeves made a late push to grab grand total 3542-5303 winning game four 1028-889. The team at least got a win out of Garry Bell (826) who extends his winning streak to four weeks, and Jeston Bartram (916) who came back from being down 0-2 to win against Jayden Nickerson (913). Kyle Costello (945) saw his winning streak ended at three weeks by Marc Steeves (1053), Kyle is 4-1 in weeks following a loss, meaning a potential rough night for Brooke Goulet (839).

Over/Under: Jessica Meurrens Pins Left (28.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Match #4 – LAMONICA vs. NELSON

Team LaMonica scrapped out a close win taking grand total by just 5 pins, 3687-3682 over Team Leyte. Their captain Andrew LaMonica (1144) popped off early with a 669-double and coasted to the 3-2 win over Jesse Leyte (1075). He now leads the league with three 1140+ weeks. Despite the 1-4 loss, Chris Dewar (956) and Wayne King (1023) had an extremely close night with three games within 20 pins, and even featured a 321-302 that Chris was on the wrong side of. This is almost cookie cutter of the match between Geoff Born (887) and Craig Enns (914) whose largest win was a 26-pin win, and the other three were all under 15 pins. Joining in on the pile Tyson Nelson (1076) and Glen Howarth (997) also had three games 8 pins or less, capped off with a 312-304 win for Tyson that also gave his team the 915-909 win. The team has pulled off back-to-back 24+ point weeks, only behind Team Cook in that span.

Over/Under: Jennifer Devenney Chop Spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson



Team S. Gelardi came to play last week with season highs from half the team. The big one was Sam Gelardi (1200) who finished big all over Brandon Mansell (1004) with his 686-double. In their two meetings Sam is averaging 294 against Brandon this season. The other season high was Brett Hendrickson (1079) who came out of the gates early with a 348 to set the tone not only in his matchup but also against Dwayne in the MB Challenge which he won later that night. Though subsequently lost it to his own captain this past Wednesday. On a night with lots of close matches Ralph Gelardi (830) was no exception wining his total by 5 pins over Gillian LaMonica (825) and no match spread out more than 25 pins. Team Stevenson, despite what their points say, actually also had quite a few close matchups. Michael Young (951) took game four 225-206 from Quinton Crockett (934) to give himself the 3-2 win. Michael Linsenmeier (1032) was on the other side of that equation letting Belle Lourenco (1048) comeback in game four 305-283 to end the night down 2-3. If Team Stevenson wants to make it to A-side this is a week they need to win or the hole is only going to get deeper.

Over/Under: Michael Linsenmeier Pins Left (23.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Match #6 – RODYCH vs. LEYTE

After their second-place finish in the first half, their current 15th place standing in the second half is a hard drop. A Wayne King team hasn’t fallen this hard since the life alert incident two years ago. This is a big match to stop the bleeding after last week’s near miss that saw them lose to Team LaMonica by just 5 pins, with grand total being the victory clincher. Wayne King (1023) had a strong showing with his second 1000 of the season, against Chris Dewar (956) who did not make it easy on him, especially in game three with their 321-302 matchup. Jesse Leyte (1075) also pulled it back after being down 219 pins after two games, he shot a 623 double to close the game to within 75 pins, a big help in keeping his team close for total. Team Rodych also fell victim to a few high scores thrown at them with Brandon Mansell (1004) continuing to be the league’s punching bag in anchor. Despite his 249 average ranking him 8th for anchor averages, he currently is ranked 16th among anchors for win percentage at just under 40%. Cindy Cousin (938) has been the team’s shining star this second half averaging 241, and last week laying the boot to Kevin Grabowksi (765). The team was also disappointed to see Matt Rodych (941) end his chop spare streak at 6 weeks, after going 0 for 1 on the night.

Over/Under: Wayne King Strikes (15.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #7 – STEEVES vs. MAY

Team Steeves was on a roller coaster last week averaging 189 on odd games, and 253 on even games. This made for a dramatic comeback as they won the last game over Team Costello 1028-889 to steal grand total by 39 pins.  Just as his team did, Dave Duncan (839) woke up in game four and kicked Derek Sabourin (816) in the dangly bits with his 290-208 win to steal total and the 3-2 win. He was well supported by his captain Marc Steeves (1053) who put the nail in Kyle Costello’s (945) coffin with his 336-219 win in game four. Team May did say they love the number 23, which means they really must like Team D. Gelardi since they gave them 23 points. Jayson May (965) was half his team’s points with his 4-1 win over Roland Flaig (902). The early rotation matchups have not been favorable for Kyle Young (1032) this season as so far against the first four teams in the rotation he is 1-6 on the season. Last week falling victim to Dwayne Gelardi (1043) in a close matchup coming down to the last frame of the night.

Over/Under: Calvin Cline Middle Hits (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #8 – COOK vs. ARMSTRONG

Team Cook has been cooking on high heat the last two weeks, putting up back-to-back 27-point weeks, giving them more points in the last two weeks than five teams have for the whole second half. It helps having your bottom two bowlers sweep their points, with Trevor Cook (1150) beating Brooke Goulet (839) by a whopping 311 pins and Corey Chaikowski (1013) not far behind with his 200-pin win over Jessica Meurrens (813). This now puts Trevor at a 277 average for the second half. Team also saw Amanda Devenney (978) put up her season high on Chad Hurd (876), making her undefeated so far in the second half. Team Armstrong did not have as flashy of a night but pulled out a solid night and a win to keep themselves in the hunt for A-side. After a slow starting, Holly Chaikowski (885) pulled off a 714-triple on Lousie Stevenson (668) to give herself a 4-point night, and second win of the half. The magic number for Holly this season is 825, she has yet to lose a week shooting over 825. The team was all female power last week as Karen Armstrong (976) also rained down some old school KFA on Ethan Buckman (840) as she took three points in the last two games with her 578-double.

Over/Under: Corey Chaikowski Corner Spares Misses (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

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