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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 20 Review

Match #1 – Lourenco (10) vs. Gelardi (21)

Team Gelardi did what they do best last week and made a late-night comeback to seal themselves yet another win, 3645-3627. This was another example of Team Lourenco’s inability to finish off a night despite shooting well, combined with high averaging opponents. The biggest difference maker in this match had to be Mitch Dubell (1043) putting up his personal best, and first 1000+ week against Dave Duncan (865). The other big contributor to the cause was Robbie Hendrickson (905) completing the 90- pin comeback on Belle Lourenco (901) in the last two games to steal total. Team Lourenco did gain an edge at second with spare Mark Goldsworthy (884) providing some big games in a rather up and down night. At anchor, Ethan Buckman (977) makes a strong case for why he is the anchor on the team, handing Dwayne Gelardi (930) his first loss of 2022.

Season series Team Lourenco (20) 0 - 2 Team Gelardi (42)

Dominant Performances

Mitch Dubell – 769 (3), 1043 (4)

Ethan Buckman – 977 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( ✓ )

Match #2 – Youzwa (21) vs. Devenney (10)

Team Youzwa with the assistance of Micheal Linsenmeier (1074) captured another big win last week keeping pace with the other top five teams. Week 20 unfortunately extended Team Devenney’s losing streak to 11 straight. The top half for Team Devenney, Neil Stewart and spare Bob Borden, only won total by a combined 31 pins, but managed to take 8.5 points winning almost every game by less than 20 pins. Despite the success up top, Team Youzwa brought too much firepower to the table, winning the matchup in the bottom half by a combined 608 pins. Holly Chaikowski (914) for the second straight week faced an opponent who shot over 1070, really not catching any breaks despite bowling much better in this half of the season. The anchor match went much as to be expected given the success of Colton Youzwa (1055) and the continued struggles of Jennifer Devenney (807).

Season series Team Youzwa (30) 1 - 1 Team Devenney (32)

Dominant Performances

Micheal Linsenmeier – 312 (1), 600 (2), 1074 (4)

Colton Youzwa – 310 (1), 1055 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( ✓ )

Match #3 – C. Jeffers (8) vs. Stevenson (23)

This match was a slug-fest, the highest combined scores of the night, 3860-3672. Team C. Jeffers simply had poor luck when it came to opponents as they only managed 8 points despite being the 4th highest total of the night. The leadoff matchup saw better scoring than most of the anchor matchups this week, with Erik Stewart (977) making a late game four comeback on Al Bristow (967), 226-212. The second position saw Chris Jeffers (886) fend off Tyler Reynolds (881) to take the lone individual total for Team C. Jeffers. The biggest blowout of the night was Jayden Nickerson (1049) putting up his second 1000+ total in as many weeks, not giving Tim Hooper (917) any room to catch him. Team Stevenson had their night complimented with some anchor level bowling from Dylan Stevenson (953).

Season series Team C. Jeffers (16) 0 - 2 Team Stevenson (46)

Dominant Performances

Erik Stewart – 751 (3), 977 (4)

Jayden Nickerson – 320 (1), 823 (3), 1049 (4)

Al Bristow – 563 (2), 967 (4)

Tim Hooper – 319 (1)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Match #4 – B. Jeffers (17) vs. King (14)

Team B. Jeffers emerged victorious in match where grand total was the difference between a win and a loss, and even that was only 21-pins apart. As predicted a big factor of this match was the anchor matchup which saw another struggling week from Wayne King (806), and furthermore it did not help going up against Tyson Nelson (1155) who had the night’s high total. Wayne was well supported by his team; Karen Armstrong (1065) put up her second big week in a row, and Patrick Walker (924) after a slow start finished with a solid night. The leadoff matchup was probably the most intense to watch as the last game and total literally came down to the last frame, where Scott Saunderson (790) took the win 201-192 over Chris Fedorchuk (785). Of note, Tyson has a combined average of 295 between the two matches he has faced Team King this season.

Season series Team B. Jeffers (36) 2 - 0 Team King (26)

Dominant Performances

Tyson Nelson – 316, 321 (1), 890 (3), 1155 (4)

Patrick Walker – 756 (3)

Karen Armstrong – 350 (1), 875 (3), 1065 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

Match #5 – Rodych (5) vs. Cousins (26)

Talk about getting your hopes crushed, both teams came in on slumps looking to grind out a win, but Team Rodych was left stomped and trampled over by Team Cousins. They put up a season high 3856, surpassing their previous high of 3599. The top half had a flawless night, sweeping all 10 points. Gillian LaMonica (921) put up her third best week of the season, and Shannon Pruden (960) putting up a season best. At the third position, unfortunately for Lexie Sutherland (995), she also faced a season best from Char McIvor (1028) who finished with a big 312 to win total. At anchor, Matt Rodych (919) had a better night than we’ve seen from him recently but still fell just short of catching Cindy Cousins (930).

Season series Team Rodych (17) 0 - 2 Team Cousins (45).

Dominant Performances

Gillian LaMonica – 729 (3)

Shannon Pruden – 745 (3), 960 (4)

Char McIvor – 312 (1), 1028 (4)

Lexie Sutherland – 320 (1), 995 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych ( X )

Match #6 – Hurd (15) vs. Orne (16)

Another close match between two of the top teams in the league and it really came down to the wire. Luckily for Team Orne, Jennifer Duncan (798) kept it close enough to Ryan Bannerman (778) in game four to hold onto total, the point that Team Hurd would have required to complete their steal of the win. The biggest contribution to Team Orne’s success has to be the continued hot streak David Wastle (1099) has found himself in, putting up another season high and sweeping Chelsea Kehler (958). This really helped offset a rough night by Linda Orne (791), that resulted in Brett Hendrickson (982) taking a rather easy sweep. The tough pillow for Team Hurd to swallow is that despite winning three out of four game totals, they could not hold onto the grand total, really making the difference in this match.

Season series Team Hurd (39) 1 - 1 Team Orne (23).

Dominant Performances

David Wastle – 306, 324 (1), 842 (3), 1099 (4)

Matt Sutherland – 328 (1)

Brett Hendrickson – 982 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd ( X )

Match #7 – Bartram (12.5) vs. Enns (18.5)

Despite a slow start team Enns managed to pull off a much-needed win against Team Bartram. This week also saw Team Bartram with their complete lineup for the first time since Week 10. Speaking of which, Cordell Galbecka (1098) made a statement coming back and shooting a big week after a 9-week break. The anchor matchup was close all night with Jeston Bartram (971) starting off hot, but slipping with a game four 165 to open the door for Glen Howarth (997) to come in and walk away with the total. Team Enns actually found themselves in a hole due to the bottom half, but had a strong showing from their top half to secure them the victory. Dwight Hurd (792) and Garry Bell (860) won their matches by a combined 147-pins and took seven points. Season series Team Bartram (22.5) 0 - 2 Team Enns (39.5).

Dominant Performances

Cordell Galbecka – 325 (1), 1098 (4)

Jeston Bartram – 300 (1), 573 (2), 971 (4)

Craig Enns – 316 (1) Glen Howarth – 997 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Enns ( ✓ )

Match #8 – Cook (12) vs. LaMonica (19)

Team Lamonica both lucked out, and taught Team Cook the importance of finding a spare bowler. The portion of pins lost for using Dave Priestley’s blind score was more than the difference for grand total, and possibly taking a game total which would have swayed things in favour of Team Cook. As it was, Team Lamonica took all totals in the top three positions. The battle in the second in third positions was quite close with Jeff Bradshaw (890) making a comeback on Jayson May (882) and Andrew LaMonica (866) also pulling off some game four heroics against Alyssa Campbell (842). Team captain Trevor Cook (1149) attempted to put the team on his shoulders with back-to-back season high weeks, but Sam Gelardi (917) was able to keep it just close enough to keep grand total. Trevor does become the third player this season to shoot three 300+ games in a single night. Season series

Team Cook (28) 1 - 1 Team LaMonica (34).

Dominant Performances

Trevor Cook – 300, 325, 336 (1), 636 (2), 849 (3), 1149 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( X )

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