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Friday Night All-Stars Week 21

Trevor (89-68-3) : Tyson (81-76-3)




Team Armstrong rallied together in a big way last week having to fend off Trevor Cook’s (1218), and managing to win a few closes games, the first being 1000-999, and the last game 915-900. The main hero of the night was Richard Parisian (1008) who pulled out a season high for his second sweep of the year, playing Amanda Devenney (728) this time, and giving his team a 280-pin head start. His sidekick doing the dirty work was Kevin Boyko (1103) who despite only taking a single point did limit the damage of Trevor’s big night to only a little over 100 pins keeping his team right in it. Team Nelson did have to worry about keeping it close last week as they put their foot on Team LaMonica’s neck and never let go, becoming the firs team this season to have two 1100+ totals. These came from Tyson Nelson (1133) who swept Andrew LaMonica (831) by 302 pins, and Geoff Born (1049) who also managed a sweep despite only winning total over Jennifer Devenney (1066) by 83 pins. With their big night Team Nelson jumps to first place in the second half, and this match promises to be a good one with two of the league’s highest averages going head-to-head, Kevin vs Tyson.

Over/Under: Ray Bartel Chop Offs (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #2 – STEVENSON vs. MAY

Team May broke out of their slump last week taking 22 points off Team Steeves. The team had lots to celebrate as Nakia Maxfield (718) picked up his first win playing Jenn Duncan (680), also putting his name in the ring for low win of the season with his 146—145 slug fest in game one. Not to be out done, Jayson May (1084) rallied from 0-2 and a 101-pin deficit to take the 3-2 win over Jayden Nickerson (1048) thanks to an explosive 576-double. Following right behind was Kyle Young (1023) who erased his own 0-2 deficit to Darren Maxwell (975) with a 608-double. Team Stevenson had no such theatrics as their two winners, Alley Bourcier (912) and Michael Linsenmeier (943) dominated for most of their night. Alley’s win over Ralph Gelardi (759) makes it three of her last four at 4+ points, and second highest total of her season. The team will be looking to get a bounce back week out of Michael Young (885) not that he was much below average, but his season low strike total of 11 is not the way they want to see him trend. Sitting 15 points out of A-side Team Stevenson is still hanging around in the hunt, and can really close the gap with a win tonight.

Over/Under: Dylan Stevenson Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May



Team LaMonica once again fell victim to the commentator’s curse of being picked to win. Their savior from a truly horrendous night was Derek Sanderson (899) who single handedly took 80% of his team’s points, abusing Erik Stewart (813) for most of the night. Facing Ralph Gelardi (759) tonight Derek will look to win back-to-back weeks for only the second time this season, coming in as a slight favourite. Last week was bitter sweet for Jennifer Devenney (1066) as she set a new season high for total, but also set the new league high for highest total to get swept as she played Geoff Born (1149) in a tight matchup that even saw game one go 334-318 in his favour. With Andrew LaMonica (831) also being swept anchor, each member of Team LaMonica has now been swept. Ralph may not have been swept but his team felt the pain of his season low 30% strike percentage as it resulted in a 153-pin ass kicking from Alley Bourcier (912). Also joining the exclusive club of players to have at least as many head pins as strikes in a night (9-9). The team did some serious recruiting though as they flew out Mikayla Sanderson (929) from Alberta just to hand Jeston Bartram (897) a 3-2 loss. Team Gelardi now sits 7th in both second half and aggregate standings, 13 points out of 4th, but also only 24 points up on 13th.

Over/Under: Derek Sanderson Chop Spares (0.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Match #4 – D. GELARDI vs. COSTELLO

Team D. Gelardi continued their success last week improving to 4-0-1 in weeks with captain Dwayne Gelardi absent. The team was more than happy to watch the revival of Cordell Galbecka (1105) back to his former glory picking up his fourth sweep of the season, steam rolling James Jubinville (866), and finally crack the 1000-mark for the first time this season. Will Thompson (1043) continued his success as Dwayne 2.0 winning 4-1 over Kevin Naugler (957), identical to his spare record. Team D. Gelardi currently leads the pack for the conglomerate of teams from 4th to 13th which are separated by less than 40 points, a win tonight would give them a solid foothold in the A-side. Team Costello is one of the three teams sitting quite comfortably in A-side, and really lost no ground with their tie last week against Team Meurrens. The team turned to a pair of veteran spares to save their asses as Blair Graff (923) and David Wastle (840) combined for 9.5 points over Jesse Gagnon (826) and Chad Hurd (768). The one chink in their armor was Matt Turanski (793) who had been nearly flawless the past three weeks, got hit with his first sweep of the season facing Jessica Meurrens (1059). The team nearly saw Kyle Costello (927) make a comeback on Andrea Alaka (933) but ultimately fell 7 pins shy, most likely wanting a redo of the 162 start to the night.

Over/Under: Dwayne Gelardi Strikes (18.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello


Match #5 – YOUZWA vs. MEURRENS

Team Youzwa tried a bold strategy of replacing 75% of their team to see if it would improve their results, the short answer is no, in fact they became just the third team to lose to Team Howarth this season. Luckily Tracy Jubinville (841) came out on top of a close matchup with Mike Devenney (800) thanks to a 264-223 win in game four. Scott Hitchcock (948) honestly had the best set of anyone on the night in terms of individual performance taking 4 points from Sandi Anderson (858) and claiming his spot as top Scott on the team. Scott Barbour (790) on the other hand probably wishes he stayed home after what I can assume is his worst triple of the season at 528. Last week featured another Dakota Dynamite spare and that was Andrea Alaka (933) who came out with a fairly average night and managed to hold on for the 3-2 win over Kyle Costello (927). Team Meurrens was all girl power last week as the team’s other win came from Jessica Meurrens (1059) who dominated Matt Turanski (793), picking up her fourth sweep, and improving to 7-0 when shooting over 950 against opponents. Sadly Chad Hurd (768) has no such fancy stat but starting a new one that says he’s 0-1 when hitting the middle less than 20 times in a night, as he got walloped by David Wastle (840).

Over/Under: Jesse Gagnon Middle Hits (26.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #6 – COOK vs. STEEVES

Team Cook saw their flame die down a little last week taking a loss to Team Armstrong as it appears Trevor Cook (1218) stole all his team’s gas for himself. The new season high for Trevor launches him into the top four averages in the league, only 1.5 back of Sam Gelardi, and considering he was playing the league’s number two Kevin Boyko (1103) they both came out to play last week. The loss is actually quite surprising when you consider they had three players win their night and a 1200. The team unfortunately took hits in two big locations, one was Amanda Devenney (728) being swept and down 280 pins to Richard Parisian (1008), and the other was their ability to close out close games, seeing as two games were decided by one ball and they were on the losing end of both. Their opponent this week can’t say they did that but only because the team apparently decided to stop bowling after game two. Team Steeves had 7/9 points after the first two games, but thanks to a sub par finish and a nearly 300 average in the back two by Jayson May (1084) and Kyle Young (1023) they saw all totals fly out the window. On the bright side the team did see Jayden Nickerson (1048) show real signs of life starting with back-to-back 300s for a 619-double, hopefully trending in the direction that we may see more of these in the last portion of the season.   


Over/Under: Trevor Cook Strikes (20.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #7 – LEYTE vs. HOWARTH

Team Leyte was inches away from becoming the first team in a long time to be completely shutout on a night, managing just a single point on the night. To put it in perspective, 43 bowlers last week took more points than Team Leyte. That being said, their opponent did put up a league high 4296 with only one total under 1070. The lone point from the team came from Jesse Leyte (912) who pulled out a 314-298 win over Brandon Mansell (1147). The team had previously only had a player get swept twice all season, both times were Jesse, but saw Alycia Mann (734), Linda Orne (865) and Wayne King (836) all take their first of the season. Team Howarth picked up their third win of the season which is a big number because it now ensures they will in fact have a better record than last year’s Team Fleming. The night saw Mark Prystupa (801) pull of a big last game comeback on Louise Stevenson (758) winning 251-184. The other winner for them on the night was their captain and team leader in wins, Glen Howarth (983) who was just 4 pins short of getting his first sweep of the season, losing the last game 259-262 against Scott Barbour (790).

Over/Under: Team Leyte Points (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte


Match #8 – RODYCH vs. LOURENCO

Team Rodych is thinking if only Brandon Mansell (1147) could have bowled a little better in his second game instead of just a measly 298, they could have gone down in the history books as one of the few teams in league history with a perfect night. It most likely is the highest loss taken in a 30-point night, having Brandon lose to Jesse Leyte (912) 298-314. The entire team was a human highlight reel all night, setting the new league high total 4296. The lowest game on the team all night was 230, and only had four games under 250. None of those games were Gillian LaMonica’s (1074) as her low was 257 as she crushed her previous season high of 969. Cindy Cousins (980) was the low member of the team and still swept Linda Orne (865) consistently all night. Captain Matt Rodych (1095) also jumped on the season high bandwagon and picked up his third sweep of the season giving Wayne King (836) a 262-pin beat down. Rounding out the night was Brandon Manell (1147) who after last week became one of six anchors over 250, and lead the team with a staggering 29 strikes on the night. As a team they combined for 87 strikes, averaging 5.5 strikes per person per game. Team Lourenco also did some stuff last week but the only one even in the same area as what team Rodych did was Belle Lourenco (1013) taking four points of Janna (908). Team Lourenco is going to need to step up their game if they want to go toe-to-toe with their red hot opponents.

Over/Under: Cindy Cousins Corner Spare Misses (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

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