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Friday Night All-Stars Week 22

Trevor (95-70-3) : Tyson (87-78-3)




This sets up to be one of the better matches we will see tonight. Team Rodych has been red hot the second half and Team Costello continues to hold ground 9 points above them. Week 21 was a slightly cooler week for team Rodych as they took a close loss against Team Lourenco. Last week saw a Hunger Games like matchup with the child-on-child violence of Quinton Crockett (1000) beating on poor Gillian Lamonica (753). The team’s saving grace was that the rest of the team managed to pull out their totals with both Matt Rodych (840) and Jeston Bartram (936) by 6 pins or less. The only one who truly showed up to bowl last week was Cindy Cousins (959) who continued her 241-average pace through the second half. Team Costello found themselves in one of the most heated matches of Week 21 facing team D. Gelardi but coming out on top 3936-3822. The star of the show was none other than captain Kyle Costello (1160) who joined the exclusive triple 300 crowd, with three consecutive 300s (314, 304, 318) and an added bones to comeback and win total against Dwayne Gelardi (1138). The most exciting game of the night saw them pick up 4 points in an 1149-1093 shootout that featured a season high 354 from Garry Bell (944) on what was also a season high total.

Over/Under: Matt Turanski (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


Match #2 – LEYTE vs. MEURRENS

Team Leyte was out for blood last week after their league low 1-point week in Week 20 and they did not disappoint, putting up 28 points against Team Howarth. The team lost all three points by a combined 27 points. This makes them the single biggest week-to-week jump of any team this season at 27 points. The only one not losing a point was Linda Orne (1006) as she dropped a piledriver onto Mike Devenney (683). Also eclipsing the 1000-mark was Wayne King (1025) falling just 11 pins shy of sweeping Craig Enns (948). Wayne will be the key factor in this matchup as averages just 222 on even weeks, with a 3-6 record. Team Meurrens comes in right behind them last week at 27.5 points as they thrashed Team Youzwa. They also had one lone undefeated bowler and that was Jesse Gagnon (947). He picked up his first sweep of the season over Brad (619) in what can only be described as a mercy killing in most games. The team otherwise was highlighted by Brooke Goulet’s (1078) big night featuring an 846-triple in the back to give her 4 points over Colton Youzwa (917).

Over/Under: Chad Hurd Corner Spares (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens


Match #3 – D. GELARDI vs YOUZWA

Team Youzwa is just going to want to forget about last week. Both Colton Youzwa (917) and Tracy Jubinville (789) saw their winning streaks snapped by Chad Hurd (816) and Brooke Goulet (1078) respectively. Tracy’s one point night comes despite an 82-pin lead after game one, she was beaten down by the 260 or 160 tactics of Chad that was capped off with him stealing total in the last game 268-215. Team D. Gelardi put up a few more points but ultimately are also coming off a loss against Team Costello. The team can rejoice at the return of Dwayne Gelardi (1138) back to form and will possibly go down as one of the highest totals to lose this season after seeing Kyle Costello throw a 622-double to pull ahead. Fresh off his Polo Park Masters win, Dwayne is going to keep those numbers high playing his fellow Avalanche teammate. If there was a bowler who was the definition of consistency… it would not be Roland Flaig (982) who managed to shoot no back-to-back games within 90pins after starting his night 163 to a 327, luckily the big games were enough to offset the low ones as he pulled out total over Matt Turanski (931).

Over/Under: Robbie Hendrickson Chop Spares (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi



Team S. Gelardi found themselves in another case of wrong place wrong time as they got outgunned by Team LaMonica who shot a whopping 4122. The two biggest victims of this were Kelly Smith (1031) who fell just 11 pins shy of completing the comeback on Chris Dewar (1042), and Sam Gelardi (1081) who got hit by Andrew LaMonica’s (1120) rebound week. This is a big moving week for them as a team as they currently sit 4 points back of Team May for the last A-side spot. Team Armstrong got hit with selectively high scores in their loss to Team Nelson. The brunt of the pain was felt by Karen Armstrong (738) as she took a 394-pin ass kicking from fellow Manitoba legend Geoff Born (1132). In fact, it hurt so bad she will be on the injured reserve for the near future while she recovers. The boys held up their end of the night with Richard Parisian (946) and Kevin Boyko (1063) taking 4 points each. Kevin is sitting just 1-pin back of Sam for league high average, meaning we should see one hell of a anchor showdown.

Over/Under: Sam Gelardi Strikes (17.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Match #5 – LAMONICA vs. MAY

Team LaMonica bowls nearly best week despite being picked by the author… maybe their curse is broken. The team saw their bottom three average 266 in a throw down with Team S. Gelardi. The biggest on the night was Andrew LaMonica (1120) even more impressive doing it with no 300s, and against a not small night from Sam Gelardi (1081). This is another testing point for Andrew as he has averaged just over 220 in weeks following an 1100, and has another tough matchup against Kyle Young. On the other hand, Chris Dewar (1042) took advantage of his hot start, 599-double, to coast just ahead of Kelly Smith (1031) for the night with a 3-2 win and new season high. Team May continues to be one of the most unpredictable teams this season getting their chestnuts roasted over Team Stevenson’s open fire. The lone win and game total came on the back of Kyle Young (1031) who put on his rally headband in game four to win 290-253 over Dylan Stevenson (1021) to secure total. The team has several areas they could work on from last week, the most key being Calvin Cline’s (905) right corner spares after going 0-4 last week. Despite that Calvin is actually averaging 240 on weeks where he misses 4 or more right corners.

Over/Under: Kyle Young Corners (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team May



This is a redemption week for Team Howarth after being Team Leyte’s punching bag last week. It won’t be an easy task going up against self proclaimed #1 team in the league, Team Lourenco. The night was even marked by a season high from Mark Prystupa (829) but was only good enough to keep himself close but ultimately a 1-4 loss against Alycia Mann (881). Looking to improve on last week Mike Devenney (683) might have a little PTSD from the last time they faced team Lourenco after having Belle Lourenco (836) shoot over 1100 at him, this week trying his luck against another bowler of his coaching, Quinton Crockett (1000). He is the reason Team Lourenco pulled off the win last week as he was the only player on their team to win total, but doing it in a monstrous way against Gillian LaMonica (753). The team did technically pick up another win from Belle Lourenco (836) despite her losing total to Matt Rodych (840) in a match where scores were so low a billionaire submarine is set to go look for them any day now.

Over/Under: Quinton Crockett Pins Left (29.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #7 – COOK vs. STEVENSON

Team Cook is making a big push this second half, averaging 20 points a week and now sitting just 15 points out of an A-side spot. Team Stevenson sits just 6.5 points ahead of them meaning this is a good proving ground for both teams. Team Cook is coming off their season high, 3990, thanks to one of the most well-rounded efforts from any team this season. The team’s only sweep on the night was from Corey Chaikowski (1003) with only a 41-pin edge on total over Jayden Nickerson (962), the unfortunate part for Corey is so far this season he is winless in weeks following a sweep, currently 0-3. The other big number put up by Team Cook was Char Hurd (1000) joining the 1000-club with her win over Lisa (955), and doing it very consistently with no games under 225. This is another proving point for her too as she has yet to throw back-to-back weeks over 900 this season, looking to break that seal tonight. Team Stevenson leaned heavy on their top half who provided some big scores for them. At leadoff Alley Bourcier (877) shot a season high 305 at Nakia Maxfield (749) and similarly had Michael Young (1033) shoot his season high 343 at Calvin Cline (905). With Michael finally getting over that 1000-pin mark for the first time this season this is uncharted territory for him, but he has not had the hard drop off we’ve seen from other bowlers following high weeks, so I would expect to see him back around average for the night.

Over/Under: Alley Bourcier Pins Left (47.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #8 – NELSON vs. STEEVES

Team Nelson continues their second half run as they made it four straight wins last week, the longest active streak in the league. A big part of that was Geoff Born (1132) joining the short list of players with back-to-back 1100+ weeks, while at the same time laying the boot to Karen Armstrong (738) with only one game being within 100 pins. The sweep gives him 10 points over the last two weeks with Jayden Nickerson lined up for this week. The team was also well supported by leadoff spare Blair Graff (923) who came out of the gates swinging with an early 323-147 win over Holly Chaikowski (825) in a big 4-point night. Team Steeves actually had one of their stronger weeks this season score-wise but ran into a bad matchup with Team Cook shooting nearly 4000. Marc Steeves (970) had a back-and-forth match with Trevor Cook (1031) that saw their closest game be 80 pins apart but with the dagger being Marc’s game three loss of 133 pins, 223-356. The team saw good nights from Jayden Nickerson (962) and Lisa Carvalho (955) but in score only, as the pair picked up just one point after facing Corey Chaikwoski (1003) and Char Hurd (1000).

Over/Under: Marc Steeves Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

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