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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 22 Preview

Prediction Records

Tyson Nelson: 81 – 47 – 0 Previous Week: 7-1-0

Trevor Cook: 78 – 50 – 0 Previous Week: 6-2-0

Match #1 – Hurd vs. C. Jeffers

Last time these two teams met it was potentially the upset of the season with the C. Jeffers team taking the victory. It will be a slightly different narrative this time. Both teams are looking to get back into the win column, Team Hurd after losing back-to-back close matches, and Team C. Jeffers after managing only a single point last week. With both teams seeking redemption, I expect to see some good scores, especially at the anchor position with Brett Hendrickson facing Anthony Novak. Given that Team Hurd boasts the strongest 2-3-4 in the league, Team C. Jeffers will be forced to match that level. This will fall heavily on the pair of Al Bristow and Tim Hooper. The best chance Team C. Jeffers has is to build a cushion with the leadoff Chris Jeffers and anchor Anthony and hope the middle two positions can keep it close.

Key Matchup

With the focus on the middle two positions, it’s only natural we should keep an eye on them. Al Bristow takes over the second position and will have his hands full with Chad Hurd. Given the roughly 20-pin difference in average Al will need a strong night just to hold even with Chad.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Hurd

Trevor’s Pick: Team Hurd

Match #2 – Orne vs. Stevenson

This match has some serious implications. Team Orne can possibly look to move into the top two with a win in tonight’s match while Team Stevenson looks to maintain their distance from the pack of team sitting around the 8th spot. Both teams boast very solid, well-rounded lineups. These teams match up fairly well at leadoff, Jennifer Duncan versus Erik Stewart, with Jen typically being more consistent average scores and Erik with a lot of bigger games mixed with some really low ones as well. With the recent success of Dylan Stevenson at the Regina Classic I would have to give him a fairly even matchup with Darren Maxwell as well, both guys can go off at any time. Where Team Orne has been killing teams is the second position, David Wastle has been one of the strongest seconds this season averaging 245 over his last 5 weeks. Team Stevenson will either need Tyler Reynolds to step up to the plate or hope David cools off a little.

Key Matchup

Despite her general consistency, Linda Orne has struggled over the past three weeks averaging just 209. I think if Team Stevenson is looking for a good spot to take advantage of, they need to go for the third position and have Jayden Nickerson put up a winning week. This could be a momentum shifter as Team Orne does not have any weak points in their lineup typically.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne

Trevor’s Pick: Team Orne

Match #3 – Gelardi vs. Youzwa

This is a tough one, you have two teams that both have a lot of potential for big scores. Team Youzwa would like this win just to give themselves some breathing room from that pack of teams hunting for the 8th spot as they currently sit 6th. Team Gelardi has an undeniable advantage at leadoff with a matchup that could most likely see Mark Prystupa playing catch up to Mitch Dubell who comes in 17 pins up in average. This matchup though is fairly evened out when you factor in the thirds Robbie Hendrickson and Chloe Fleming, as Chloe comes at a 230 – 215 advantage over Robbie. The second position is a complete wildcard this week, both Jenna Gillrie and Wayne Wolanski had good weeks, but the prior weeks have struggled, so it is still unclear if they were one-off good weeks or a legitimate end to some slumps.

Key Matchup

Dwayne Gelardi vs Colton Youzwa. Any time you have two captains as competitive as these two will not be going easy on each other. I fully expect to see a shootout with both guys being around or over the 1050 mark, but with a fairly even split of the points. If either of them gets hot or the other slacks off, the difference in this match could be enough to sway the grand total.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi

Match #4 – Rodych vs. LaMonica

This is practically a top versus bottom matchup as Team LaMonica is edging close to doubling the amount of points Team Rodych has on the season. For Team Rodych I would be happy tonight if they walk away with 10 or more points in this match. Team LaMonica has a very strong pair up top between Cyndie Barnett and Jeff Bradshaw, making it almost a mountain for league youngsters Hailey Roberts and Carter Schade. The only spot Team Rodych should have an advantage this week is at the third position as Matt Rodych is starting to get back his rhythm and most likely will see one or two really big games.

Key Matchup

For Team Rodych to even get a sniff at being in this match I think we need to see either Hailey Roberts or Carter Schade put up a 900+ week or them collectively average over 200 for the night. So keep an eye out cause if this happens, things could get interesting.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #5 – B. Jeffers vs. Enns

This is a must win game for Team Enns as they sit in 9th, right in the middle of the pack of teams fighting for that 8th spot, only ½ point back from 8th. Standing in their way is Team B. Jeffers who currently sits in 4th. I think you see a fairly even split at leadoffs, despite the possible mental games played by Dwight Hurd. Adam Williamson and Garry Bell will make for an exciting match, both guys have been up and down this season so it will really be a coin flip which way this goes, all depends which Adam comes out tonight the 930 Adam or the 830 Adam. Team Enns will have a slight advantage at third with Craig Enns being good for a 900+ week, every other week, has only had a few this season and could really use one tonight.

Key Matchup

The anchor position is where Team B. Jeffers has had most of their success this season and with Tyson Nelson averaging 289 over the past six weeks it will mean no slacking off for Glen Howarth. That being said, Glen is no stranger to big scores himself so all it will take is a night where Tyson cools off and Glen finds his groove and suddenly this match can be flipped on its head.

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers

Match #6 – Devenney vs. Lourenco

Team Lourenco is starting to feel the squeeze as they currently sit in 10th, 19.5 points back of the pack for the 8th spot. They will be looking to put up a big number this week to try and close that gap even a little. Team Devenney is just hoping to stop the bleeding with 12 consecutive losses, and only 22 points in their last three. They definitely have the potential to take some points in the top half of the lineup with Neil Stewart only trailing Tabby by 5 pins and Mike Devenney only being down 7 pins to Dave Duncan, so a couple good games could really swing both matchups. Despite the gap in average the anchor matchup between Belle Lourenco and Jennifer Devenney should be a good match, especially if Jennifer can find a groove and hold her own against Belle.

Key Matchup

The most advantageous matchup for Team Lourenco has to be at the third position. With Ethan Buckman dropping out of anchor and into third he will be a daunting opponent for Holly Chaikowski who is still trying to find that groove this season. Holly will need to keep this match within 100 if not more likely 50 pins if Team Devenney wants to give themselves a chance at that elusive win.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #7 – Cook vs. Cousins

Team Cook joins the long list of teams desperately seeking a win this week, especially with them being part of the bottleneck around the 8th spot. Unfortunately for Team Cousins, they are playing for just pride and points, barring a miracle finish in these last 10 weeks. After the success of last week, Team Cook is coming in with a lot of confidence and should be looking to roll it into this week. They come in as favourites in every position, with the exception of leadoff. At leadoff Team Cousins will look for Gillian LaMonica to do some big damage to Dave Priestley who comes in as a 25-point underdog. Trevor Cook has been on an impressive 284 average pace over the last three weeks, the second highest three game stretch in the league this season.

Key Matchup

Shannon Pruden and Char McIvor both are going to need big weeks to keep themselves in it. Especially given the recent success of their opponents Jayson May and Alyssa Campbell. I would say both Shannon and Char need to be north of 900 to put themselves in the running.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #8 – King vs. Bartram

The last team of the night trying to secure that 8th position is Team King and they come into a favourable matchup against Team Bartram. With both Karen Armstrong and Wayne King out for the night it will make things more interesting though. I will make some predictions inside this match and say that Derek Sanderson will take the win over Chris Fedorchuk, just given he had a bit of a bounce back week last week and I could see it flowing over into this week. My other prediction is that the anchor matchup one way or another will be a sweep, no rhyme or reason just got a feeling. Looking at the numbers though Team King still has the advantage at every position, and Team Bartram should really look to just control the damage

Key Matchup

Typically, Patrick Walker is clear favourite over Colton Harris, but after a bit of a slip up last week from Patrick and strong showing from Colton, this match could end up being a little closer than the numbers suggest. I still think Patrick will walk away with it, but Colton won’t make it easy on him.

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

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