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Friday Night All-Stars Week 23

Week 22 Recap

Trevor (93-83-0) : Tyson (97-79-0)

Ghost Writer Recap

King vs Armstrong - Dewar taking the sweep pushing team king to the win!

Campbell vs Hendrickson - You could not predict someone losing a game with a 311.

Cook vs Youzwa - 3 players over 1000 will probably take the team win.

S. Gelardi vs Flemming - Ouch…. Just Ouch.

Lamonica vs Stevenson - Both anchors struggle to find rhythm.

Howarth vs Naugler - 1 point win. Those are the matches you love to watch.

Nelson vs Rodych - Team Nelson storms away with 28.5. Rough night for team Rodych.

Lourenco vs D.Gelardi - A 383 game 1. Not bad I guess, but team Lourenco held on for the win.


Match #1 – NELSON vs. LAMONICA

With Team LaMonica currently holding onto the last A-side spot, and Team Nelson now sitting 2-points back this match could have big playoff implications. Both teams are coming off big wins, especially Team Nelson whose 28.5 points sits as the fourth highest night of the season behind only the three 29-point weeks of Naugler, Stevenson and S. Gelardi. The domination started at second where Dave Duncan (1066) played Mahomes to Derek Sanderson’s (728) Hurts, only letting Derek within 95 pins in one game. Similarly Lisa Fetch (865) laid the same sort of beatdown on Sam Hunt (692) with 3/4 games were won by 50 pins or better. The 729-pin victory at total is the largest for Team Nelson this season. Team LaMonica had an equally impressive control of the leadoff position with Jeff Bradshaw (922) sweeping Kevin Grabowski (770) and even handing him a humbling 296-289 loss in game two. The only other win on their team came from Matt Turanski (1012) claiming a 4-1 victory over Jayson May (879), getting him back to a 50% win rate. Andrew LaMonica (806) is definitely thanking his team for carrying him, and Dylan Stevenson (822) for being nearly just as bad as him.

Key Matchup

Dave Duncan has been on a tear the past couple weeks averaging 253 and sitting 10-0 in that span. Jayden Nickerson (911) is 3-7 over that same span, giving Dave the edge in momentum and he will need to be stopped for Team LaMonica to hang in.

Ghost Comments

Both teams coming off big wins. Who can make it 2 straight?

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Ghost Pick: Team Nelson

Match #2 – D. GELARDI vs. S. GELARDI

With a win big enough to tie them for the league high in a week, Team S. Gelardi rocketed themselves up and now only 6.5 points away from first in the aggregate. The team swept all points in the second, third and fourth position. The only two lost points were from Holly Chaikowski (755) losing the two middle games to Gillian LaMonica (720). At third Michael Young (1005) did what he has done well the past couple months and that was really limit his low games, with his third week in the last six with no games under 220, even making a dramatic comeback on Tyler Reynolds (824) in the last game to edge a win 257-247. Team D. Gelardi took yet another loss last week, but still remain 21 points ahead of 9th place so really are in no danger of dropping out of A-side. The loss could have very easily been a win as they won all but one individual total. Unfortunately, that one loss was by 166 pins where Jesse Leyte (804) dropped his lowest week since Week 1, facing James Jubinville (970), and really gave up the majority of pins in game three losing 191-318. Aside from that Calvin Cline (877) triple his point total from the previous three weeks going 3-2 over Jon Linley (862) in a match that was back and forth all night. The same back and forth battle was happening at leadoff with Chris Jeffers (858) pulling off the game four comeback 261-217 to close the gap on Alycia Mann (831).

Key Matchup

Both these teams have been fairly erratic at the second position so I think the team that has their second, either Calvin or Corey, really show up this week will be the favourite.

Ghost Comments

I have a feeling that team Gelardi will win!

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Ghost Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Team Fleming wanted it to be known that Team Rodych still did better than them and that’s all that needs to be said to summarize their night. To put it in perspective, Dylan Stevenson (822) still managed more points than the entirety of Team Fleming, which speaks to how rough of a night both them and Andrew Lamonica (806) had that Dylan’s 822 was able to pickup a win at anchor. The 175-170 win may be one of the lowest anchor matches we have seen this season. The only really strong performance from Team Stevenson last week was Michael Linsenmeier (979), who had a commanding victory over Jayden Nickerson (911), also setting his highest total in the new year. Team Stevenson sits in 6th place, still 14 points up on 9th place, so stockpiling some points tonight would help them cushion that lead.

Key Matchup

With only one of the eight bowlers in this match coming off a good or even average week, I would say the team that can bounce back quickly will take control. Team Stevenson is not in a position where they can hand away any low wins.

Ghost Comments

Which team will bounce back after a harsh last week.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Ghost Pick: Team Stevenson


Team Youzwa now sits as both your second half and aggregate leader with their win over Team Cook last week. A pair of 1058s was the real key to their success as both Travis Manek (1058) and Marc Steves (1058) swept their opponents. Travis took down Derek Sabourin (847) a feat completed by many many people this year, but doing it by over 200 pins was especially dominant. At third Marc was even more mean than Travis, nearly beating Zach Friesen (767) by 300 pins, on his first sub-800 week of the season. Much to her dismay, Jennifer Duncan (869) did finally lose a week, after 9 straight victories, officially ending the longest winning streak in the league this season, all thanks to Tracy Jubinville (912). Team Armstrong is the next best team this half as they sit 9 points back of Team Youzwa, and only 1.5 points back of Team LaMonica for the last A-side spot. Tim Hooper (1010) set a season high with his first 1000+ week, only missing the sweep due to a 285-285 tie with Mitch Dubell (844) giving him a 4.5-0.5 win. Apparently, the rest of his team did not get the memo though as Linda Orne (778) and Karen Armstrong (843) both had one of the lowest weeks of their respective season and combined for a less than stellar one point. The pair of 980s shot at them by Chris Dewar (984) and Wayne King (982) were definitely win worthy, but Linda and Karen never even gave themselves a shot.

Key Matchup

Karen will be the key to Team Armstrong staying in this match, she has now had back-to-back weeks under 900 and facing the highest averaging third, Marc Steves she’s going to need to at least get to the higher 900s to really stay in it.

Ghost Comments

The Young Kid taking on the Legendary KFA. A good match will definitely be had!

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Ghost Pick: Team Youzwa

Match #5 – KING vs. HOWARTH

These two teams are both solidly cemented in the B-side, but with this being a good warmup match for when roll-offs come around. In preparation I imagine these teams will go hit the early bird specials prior to league and come ready to play. Team King recently took down Team Armstrong thanks to a couple of big nights from Chris Dewar (984) and Wayne King (982). Chris got his fourth 980 of the season, still on the hunt for the elusive 1000 before the season ends, but he had more than enough to sweep Linda Orne (778) by 206 pins, perfectly matching high game to high game and low game to low game the whole night. After the struggles of Week 21, Wayne bounced back in a big way, much more to the level we typically expect to see from him, besting Karen Armstrong 4-1. Team Howarth continues to be a tough team to predict week in and week out, last week just skimming by Team Naugler 16-15. After a small slip-up last week, Craig Enns (1044) got right back on the 1000 train as he now has three of his last four weeks over 1000, last week making roadkill of Kevin Naugler (786). When you add Glen Howarth (1025) being the best captain over the past three weeks averaging 272, it’s no wonder they have been taking down some of the biggest teams in the league, last week Glen knocked down Jeston Bartram (960). So if you hear these two teams getting loud tonight it could be from some hot bowling, or possibly just the battery alerts on their hearing aids going off.

Key Matchup

As a special birthday present to Kevin Slippert, he gets the pleasure of playing Glen. If this was the 1980s, I’d be really hyped for this match right about now. That being said, as long as both keep it over 950 I think we will see a pretty good battle.

Ghost Comments

Who will be the true King at the end of this battle?

Tyson’s Pick: Team King

Trevor’s Pick: Team King

Ghost Pick: Team King

Match #6 – RODYCH vs. LOURENCO

Team Rodych would much rather not relive last week, so I will give the the unbiased breakdown... Team Rodych got ran over and then back over repeatedly by Team Nelson. That’s what I assume happened, it was hard to piece together without the sheet completely filled in. The power couple of Jennifer Devenney (828) and Derek Sanderson (728) had the plug pulled on them as they both put up their second worst weeks of the season and unfortunately for Derek is came on the night that saw Dave Duncan (1066) shoot his season high. On the plus side Matt Rodych (970) did salvage average for the night thanks to his 318 in game four to keep him from getting shutout by Tyson Nelson (1050). Team Lourenco will be coming in a little more satisfied with their bowling last week as they took down Team D. Gelardi. The team had a slow start with only 2.5 points after two games and then turned on the jets taking 10 of the next 12 points, and capturing the ever crucial grand total by 28 pins, 3647-3619. James Jubinville (970) put the team on his back as he was the sole member to win total, taking down a fellow strong third in Jesse Leyte (804) who had an off-night for sure. At anchor the 2-3 loss to Dwayne Gelardi (1080) gave Belle Lourenco (1004) her first losing week since Week 13. Team Lourenco currently sits 0.5 points back of Team Youzwa for first on the year.

Key Matchup

Team Rodych essentially locked themselves in as a B-side team with the loss last week, meaning this week can be a good rebuilding week for them to get things figured out roll-offs. If this team can keep up their energy and find a way for both Jennifer and Derek to gain a little momentum, they will be a strong contender come playoff time.

Ghost Comments

Can team Lourenco withstand the (Matty) Smoke?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Ghost Pick: Team Lourenco


Team Naugler comes into this one on quickly thinning ice as they sit in 11th, 17 points back of Team LaMonica for A-side. With only 8 weeks left in the season they do not have room for any single digit weeks. Week 22 saw them lose a nail biter to Team Howarth 15-16, where only one game finished within a ball and that was Kevin Naugler’s (786) 244-249 loss to Craig Enns (1044) that inevitably ended up being the closest match that could have flipped the loss to a win. Their team did see a lot of success up top and got beat down at the bottom which has typically been the reverse of their season thus far. Jordan Nickerson (884) has really started to look comfortable in the second position the past three weeks as he has averaged 223 over that span and 9 points, a personal high for this season over any three week set. Team Hendrickson still continues to look lost since losing Chad Hurd, picking up just two wins in the six week since. The main difference in their match last week was the 332-pin advantage they gave up at the third position with Jessica Meurrens (1037) dragging Brett Hendrickson (705) around by the beard hairs all night. With the total pin difference between these teams only 293, they technically won the battle of the other three positions. Even notably having Patrick Walker (1062) take down Alyssa Campbell (1020) making up over 100 pins in the last two games, this all coming after losing game two 311-333.

Key Matchup

The battle of the beards in third has to be the focus. Both Bret and Kevin are in slumps with Brett now having six-straight without breaking the 900-mark and Kevin now with three straight under 860. Look for these guys to light a fire in each other this week, I am calling both over 900.

Ghost Comments

This will be a good match but the real question is, who can throw the ball the hardest?

Tyson’s Pick: Team Naugler

Trevor’s Pick: Team Naugler

Ghost Pick: Team Naugler

Match #8 – CAMPBELL vs. COOK

These two teams are pretty heavily locked in for A-side but this will make a great exhibition match coming up on roll-offs. Last week Trevor Cook (1031) showed Colton Youzwa (1030) who has the bigger snowballs as he committed Snowman on Snowman violence winning 4-1 despite the one pin difference. Aside from Trevor the rest of the team did not far so hot with neither Derek Sabourin (847) or Zach Friesen (767) picking up a point. This was the first time Derek had been swept this season, and the first time Zach has been swept since Week 2.Team Campbell continues to be a top-3 team in this half as they put up their fifth 20-point week in this half. Jessica Meurrens (1037) continues to be a wrecking ball for anyone getting in her way as she has been averaging 259 so far in the second half, only losing once in that timeframe. Last week she barely left anything identifiable of Brett Hendrickson (705), taking her second sweep of the half. Even despite taking the loss to Patrick Walker (1062), Alyssa Campbell (1020) had another strong showing, even winning a shootout of a match 333-311 and then just unfortunately having the wheels fall off the car for the last two finishing with a 423-double to Patrick’s 531, handing him total in the process.

Key Matchup

Team Cook needs to get their interior going again as Alyssa and Jessica are not going to go easy. Anything less than 1900 and there is a good chance their team flirts with that 10-point mark.

Ghost Comments

It looks like it might get a little chilly on this pair of lanes. SNOWBALL FIGHT!!

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Ghost Pick: Team Campbell

Meme of the Week

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