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Friday Night All-Stars Week 23

Trevor (99-74-3) : Tyson (92-81-3)



Match #1 – COOK vs LAMONICA

Team LaMonica pulled off a grinding win last week over Team May squeaking out an 8-point win in game three 922-914 and then capping off the night with an 862-766 win that secured them total by just 51 pins. Sitting 16.5 points ahead of 9th Team LaMonica has a little cushion but can’t afford any big losses in the last quarter of the season. The team once again leaned heavily on Chris Dewar (942) as he picked up a win over Calvin Cline (810) thanks in part to doubling up his opponent in game two 298-149. After beating up on a child last week, Declan Gagnon (699), Derek Sanderson (847) has set himself up again to try and pick up his second back-to-back win of the season. His opponent tonight is Char Hurd (821) who is looking to avoid losing two straight weeks for the firs time since Weeks 3 & 4. A feeling that has also escaped Trevor Cook (1038) who picked up his 7th straight win, taking the 4-1 victory over TD Holland (922), currently on the longest active winning streak in the league. Wife, Amanda Devenney (888) is right on his heels as she improved to 6-1 over the last 7, handing Michael Young (773) a 115-pin loss.

Over/Under: Amanda Devenney Corner Spares (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #2 – STEEVES vs. S. GELARDI

If nothing else Team Steeves was consistent in their points through their lineup with each player contributing equally with two points. The one player who had a chance to break that streak was Jayden Nickerson (852) going against Geoff Born (866) until a 3-pin, hole combination on the last two balls of the game saw him take a 204-199 loss, and with only 14 pins separating them for total. The team did have one player shoot over average, but even with Dave Duncan (938) putting up his second highest week of the year, it was untimely met by Ray Bartel (957) who had the slight edge on him. It was also the end of an era last week as Marc Steeves (869) was the last man standing in the over 900 club after he was unable to recover from his 365-double to start the night, featuring a season high 12 head pins. Team S. Gelardi had a much better night with none of their players shooting under 950. Ralph Gelardi (961) picked up his first sweep of the season after starting the night with a 1-pin win over Holly Chaikowski (797). Following suit with his third 1000 of the half, Brett Hendrickson (1040) made quick work of Richard Parisian (833) with a sweep of his own. The team has also had seen Kelly Smith (957) break out of her slump, averaging 240 over the past three weeks and don’t see her slowing down tonight against Dave Duncan!

Over/Under: Marc Steeves Head Pins (8.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


Match #3 – ARMSTRONG vs MAY

Team Armstrong looked a little Armweak last week, taking just 4 points off Team S. Gelardi. Luckily anchor Kevin Boyko (1034) got them three of those points in a tight knit match against Sam Gelardi (1025). He also stretches his chop-off spare streak to 9 straight weeks going 21/21 over that span. Things unfortunately did not go as well for Richard Parisian (833) who got swept for the second time this season and with a season low 8 strikes on the night, nearly equal to the number of chop-offs he threw which was 7. His pain was shared by Calvin Cline (810) who also had a season low on strikes with 11, just barely outpacing his head pins on the night which was a season high 9. Team May is currently 2 points out of the A-side sitting in 10th place and this is a week they cannot afford to lose. This is the same point in the first half where they started their run back up the standings.  Kyle Young (1081) certainly will help that if he keeps up this pace having yet another strong night starting with an 871-triple in an easy take home win over Andrew LaMonica (950). This is setting up to be a big showdown at anchor with a pair of the top anchors Kevin and Kyle going toe-to-toe.

Over/Under: Jayson May Chop-offs (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #4 – RODYCH vs. YOUZWA

Team Rodych pulled out a nail biter against Team Costello getting grand total by 40 pins and getting 20 of those in the last game after going 962-942. The team had Brandon Mansell (1108) on the winning side of another high scoring match going against Kyle Costello (990). This makes it three 1100+ weeks in his last 6, and back-to-back for the first time this season. Brandon’s magic number has been 1020 this year, he is currently 8-0 when above that line, but 0-8 when under it. The only one on their team not loving February is Matt Rodych (904) who had another slow night, after going on a tear in January, giving similar vibes to the trends we saw between his November and December bowling. A pattern he will look to break over whichever spare Team Youzwa has filled their third hole with. Speaking of such Team Youzwa took it in every hole last week from Team D. Gelardi who put up 28 points on them. With five games 170 or under and only three over 225, you knew it wasn’t going to be a fun night no matter who they faced. Colton Youzwa (860) took two straight losses for the first time this season at the hands of his fellow Avalanche players, first Brooke and then Dwayne Gelardi (1137) this week. The keys to this game for them will be taking advantage of the close games and squeezing out double digit points hopefully.

Over/Under: Colton Youzwa Strikes (18.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych



One of these teams is coming in fresh off a win, the other is Team Costello. Team Howarth pulled off the underdog story last week taking down Team Lourenco. The team may want to consider making a late season trade and sending Mike Devenney away as the team is undefeated in weeks with him absent (2-0). That being said, the brunt of the heavy lifting was done by Glen Howarth (1028) who gained nearly 300 pins in games two and three going 610-320 against Kevin Naugler (816). Helping take a little load off his shoulders Craig Enns (961) discovered the winning formula was just shoot 255 and you’re likely to win (250-255-255) against Belle Lourenco (862) as he took 4 points on the night. In matches following 4-point nights Craig is 1-3 (25%) meaning he is likely to have a tough matchup with Matt Turanski (1090) who is coming off a nearly season high himself. He claimed his spot as the superior Matt taking 4 points off Matt Rodych (904). He had a much smoother ride than Kyle Costello (990) who was apparently afraid of having games within 100 pins of each other after a roller coaster of a night that saw his first game almost 200 pins higher than his last game (340-195-299-156)… so good on odd games, but atrocious on the even games. Things are likely to go in his favour tonight though as he comes in as the favourite plus, he is 5-2 the week after shooting a game under 200.

Over/Under: Garry Bell Middle Hits (24.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team Costello



Team Nelson continued their consistent trudge through the second half kicking around Team Steeves last week. Tyson Nelson (1006) had an easy start to his night going up nearly 200 pins after the disaster that was Marc Steeves (869) double, giving Tyson a 560-365 lead. It was the top half of the lineup that really pulled through for the team with Ray Bartel (957) going shot for shot with Dave Duncan (939) and throwing bowling balls occasionally between that. The cherry on top was Erik Stewart (881) throwing his high total of the second half against Jennifer Duncan (803) giving him his third win in four weeks. Team Stevenson had a much flashier night as they pounced all over Team Cook. The heavy lifting was done by the leadoff and third as Alley Bourcier (1007) had her second 1000 of the season highlighted by a new season high 326 in game three to leave Char Hurd (821) eating dust. The other big win they took was from Michael Linsenmeier (1064) who took nearly 200 pins off Corey Chaikowski (868) with his second highest night this season and joins the elusive no corner club with 25 of his 33 hits being strikes. He averages 244 in weeks following a 1000so expect him to be close to the 980-mark tonight.

Over/Under: Dylan Stevenson Head Pins (5.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson



Team Lourenco was left stunned and speechless last week after taking a loss to the league’s #16 Team Howarth. The top half held up their end with James Jubinville coasting to a chill 5 points over Mark Prystupa (740), making it his third sweep of the half. Unfortunately, the bottom half got bottomed by the duo of Craig Enns (961) and Glen Howarth (1028). It wasn’t too difficult of a task with Kevin Naugler (816) laying down in games two and three for a season low 320-double and only trending down since the 1100 week early in 2024.  His captain has followed his pace with Belle Lourenco (869) throwing back-to-back sub 900s for the first time this season. The team still sits second in the league, but now is withing striking distance of several teams just below them. Team Meurrens is not one of those teams as they are just trying to fight their way back into the A-side, currently 1-point out. The 5-point week last week against Team Leyte certainly did not help their case. Not to point fingers but given that the bottom two were an even split on points and actually up 18 pins… the boys might have some explaining to do, giving up 522 pins. Chad Hurd (790) got slapped around by Alycia Mann (974) and Jesse Gagnon (682) saw his solid stretch of bowling through the second half swept out by Linda Orne (1020). Kevin and Jesse could have had a great match with their 320-269 doubles… I expect we will see an uptick in scores from both bowlers and chalk those scores up to a lot of unfortunate events all together.

Over/Under: Kevin Naugler First Ball 3 pins (1.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco


Match #8 – LEYTE vs. D. GELARDI

This will be a big proving ground match for both these teams who are coming off 26+ point nights, and both season high totals, averaging a combined 250 between all eight bowlers. Team Leyte had the more well-rounded lineup with their low person being Wayne King (931) who made an epic comeback on Jessica Meurrens (925) to squeak out his win 3-2. The women once again though seem to be the key to this team’s success as both Alycia Mann (974) and Linda Orne (1020) swept their points and doing it by a combined 522 pins over Chad Hurd (790) and Jesse Gagnon (682). Linda especially has been on a tear through February with back-to-back 1000+ weeks. Her hill to climb over will be the fact they are on lanes 15&16 which she is only averaging 208 on all season. Team D. Gelardi’s low man wasn’t far behind at 903 for Robbie Hendrickson. The bulk of their pins came from Dwayne Gelardi’s (1137) second straight 1100, which can be credited to the 693-double to finish the night. Dwayne is also on his own chop-off spare streak as he is now at 8 straight weeks, 13/13 over that span. This was complimented perfectly by Cordell Galbecka (1012) who put up his second 1000+ in the last three weeks. These two teams sit a point apart in the standings and this week will be huge in separating the boys from the men.

Over/Under: Jesse Leyte Middle Hits (33.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Leyte

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