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Friday Night All-Stars Week 24

Week 23 Recap

Trevor (99-85-0) : Tyson (102-82-0)



This is the only match this week that has both sides coming off wins in Week 23. Team Stevenson despite being heavy favourites, barely survived this one, pulling out the 16-15 win over Team Fleming. The team can thank Michael Linsenmeier (954), the only member to win his matchup and a big part of why they won any total, with his domination of Gillian LaMonica (716) 5-0. Both Erik Stewart (820) and Dylan Stevenson (928) held the lead in their matches going into the last game, but let Mark Prystupa (828) and Brooke Goulet (980) steal the spotlight with game four comebacks. Team Youzwa did not leave their match quite as close but they also can primarily thank one person for their win, and that’s Marc Steves (1151) taking the 225-pin win over Kelly Smith (926). Marc was only a pin away from throwing the bowling cycle (100s, 200s, 300s & 400s) thanks to him shooting exactly 200 in game three, but adding his name to the list of people who have thrown a 400 this season with his game four 418. If Colton Youzwa (853) had been a generous captain he could have lent Marc one of his many 190s to help him get the cycle, as his 584 triple to finish against Randy Morrissette (869) handed away the total. Aside from that Jennifer Duncan (943) also set a season high single of 353 in her losing battle against Linda Orne (998) at leadoff.

Key Matchup

Colton has proclaimed that he is not shooting less than 1150 tonight and Michael Linsenmeier has raised the challenge flag on this saying he’s taking the under. It will be interesting to see who is right.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


With Team Naugler 10 points back of Team Nelson for the final A-side spot, this is a big match for them to close the gap. They already did some of that in Week 23 as they beat down on Team Hendrickson 22-9. Despite the difference in points all the matchups with the exception of Kevin (1061) versus Brett (893) were quite close. Jeston Bartram (1019) and Robbie Hendrickson (997) went into the last game only 2 pins apart, and had a rousing 206-180 finale that let Jeston walk away with the 4-1 victory. At second, Jordan Nickerson (803) pulled off the rare win despite losing total after letting Patrick Walker (809) take back 56 pins with a 229-173 win in the last game. Their opponents, Team Lourenco, would have killed for even those low 800s as everyone who wasn’t named James Jubinville (862) seemingly forgot how to bowl the last three games, failing to break 200 in any game. The trio of Alycia Mann (732), Jon Linley (756), and Belle Lourenco (776) went with the all or nothing mentality and apparently chose nothing as each either had their lowest or second lowest weeks of the season. James managing to pull out a 3-2 over Jennifer Devenney (902) was a small mercy in this blood bath.

Key Matchup

The key for Team Lourenco will be to break 200, if they do that their chances of winning will go up from last week.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #3 – S. GELARDI vs. KING

Team King saw a big resurgence in Week 23, taking the 18-13 win over Team Howarth. Team captain Wayne King (1070) spear headed the charge with his 3-2 win over Glen Howarth (1005), also setting a new personal season high total. Kevin Slippert (919) followed closely behind as he took 4 points off Craig Enns (816), snapping his four week losing streak. Trailing just behind them was Chris Dewar (888) who ordered a crap sandwich of a night, but luckily the bread was good enough for him to pull out the win over Ray Bartel (822). Team S. Gelardi also found themselves in a battle last week as only one match was more than 30 pins apart, and that was Steve Jennings (987) for Team D. Gelardi taking four points off Michael Young (928). This matchup also had the best chances to make this a winning night for Team S. Gelardi as Michael unfortunately lost two games by 7 pins or less. At anchor, Sam (948) won the night over big brother Dwayne (960) stealing the win with a 239-232 in the final game to go up 3-2. Their team did come in clutch in the first two games winning both by a single pin, 880-879 & 971-970.

Key Matchup

I don’t think it will have major implications in the outcome of this match but I think Michael versus Kevin in the third position will be a tight matchup throughout the night. The make or break for this match will be between Dewar and Corey Chaikowski (976).

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi


A match between the 14th and 15th ranked teams this match really serves no purpose except as a warmup or preview for the B-side roll-offs at the end of the season. Both teams coming off losses but will look to build up some momentum to end the half. Team Howarth had a couple positive to take away from their match with Team King as Mike Devenney (917) had a good night throwing a 524-double to finish and taking 4 points away from Garry Bell (732). This marks the first time since Week 1 that Mike has reached the four-point mark. Despite taking a loss, Glen Howarth (1005) has made it four-straight weeks above 1000, averaging 266 across that span. The positive takeaway for Team Hendrickson is that at least there is only 7 more weeks to the regular season. The only player to have played notably well is Robbie Hendrickson (997) averaging 244 over the past three weeks, but those scores have not translated well on the sheets as he only has four points over that same span, showing the competitive level of anchors in our league. Cyndie Barnett (860) did at least manage to pick up one win for her team as she went up 2-0 on Adam Williamson (837) and coasted into the 3-2 victory.

Key Matchup

Having an injury spare definitely leaves a hole in a team’s lineup and Team Hendrickson really needs to see double production from both Hendricksons if they want to pull this one out..

Tyson’s Pick: Team Howarth

Trevor’s Pick: Team Howarth

Match #5 – D. GELARDI vs. FLEMING

Team Fleming is coming off their closest chance at a win this half, and doing it against an A-side team like Team Stevenson makes it all the more impressive. Mark Prystupa (828) picked up his third win in the last four weeks, this time pulling off a big game four comeback 252-235 over Erik Stewart (820), giving him a 4-1 victory. Similarly Chloe Fleming (961) followed suit taking 3 points off Jayson May (867), and a big credit to that was the 574-double she started with, putting her up 164 pins after two games. This was all rounded out nicely by having Brooke Goulet (980) just take the boot to Dylan Stevenson (928), snapping her four-week losing streak. Team D. Gelardi managed to pick up their second win of the half last week after squeaking by Team S. Gelardi 16-15. Credit for the win can go to a lot of places. Calvin Cline (983) snuck up from behind and passed Corey Chaikowski (976) at the end of the night with the help of a 246-210 win in game four. Steve Jennings (987) was the only one to make any notable dent in total as he finished with a 787-triple to go up 49 pins on Michael Young (928), and for reference they only won grand total by 50 pins.

Key Matchup

If Chloe and Mark can keep up the pace they have shown recently I think they could keep this match above 10 points. The only stipulation to this is if Team D. Gelardi gets hot and has multiple bowlers over the 950 mark as they have in the past.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Match #6 – CAMPBELL vs. NELSON

Team Nelson managed to inch their way into the A-side with a 17-14 victory over Team LaMonica that now gives them a 1-point lead for the battle for 8th. The team made a game four push that featured three players making comebacks to win their totals, plus snatching up grand total. At leadoff, Lisa Fetch (895) won game four 255-204 over Jeff Bradshaw (870) to go up 4-1. The you had Cindy Cousins (861) at third doing essentially the same thing beating Matt Turanski (859) thanks to a 258-203 win, after being down over 100 pins after game two. To cap it off Will Thompson (935) made up nearly 50 pins on Andrew LaMonica (917) with a 282-234. The team as a whole made up 48 pins in the last game to walk away with grand total 3541-3510. Team Campbell was on quite the opposite end of that giving up 119 pins in the last game. The lone survivor of their team was Jessica Meurrens (874) who managed four points off Don Carpenter (779) despite shooting her lowest week since Week 14. The real nail in the coffin for this match was Carter Schade (670) at leadoff losing by 390 pins to Derek Sabourin (1060), with the closest match being 67 pins. Alyssa Campbell (906) had given herself a great start going up 2-0 early, but shot herself in the foot with a 165 in game three and coupled with a 313 from Tracy Jubinville (972) in game four, let the match slide to a 2-3 loss.

Key Matchup

With how good Tabby is, there really are no holes in this lineup and Team Campbell comes in as the favourites in every position.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell

Match #7 – ARMSTRONG vs. COOK

Team Cook had a big week last week, taking 24 points of Team Campbell to really cement themselves back into the top 5 for the season. It helps when you have three players shoot over 970. One of those players being Derek Sabourin (1060) who was basically steam rolled Carter Schade (670), setting a new season high and it may even be a career high, the match included an 858-triple as the cherry on top. The other really high score came from Trevor Cook (1083) which both was impressive and not so when you consider the 661-double he started with, making it easy to coast in for the 4-1 victory over Kyle Costello (1009). Team Armstrong after a hot start to the half have come up flat the last couple weeks, dropping 16 points back of first for the half, and 5 for the aggregate. The one player rolling in hot is Linda Orne (998), who despite having a 353 shot at her by Jennifer Duncan (943) still walked away with a 4-1 victory thanks to solid consistent bowling all night. Tim Hooper (806) had his winning streak snapped by Jesse Gagnon (861) and somehow Randy Morrissette (869) came away with a win thanks to Colton Youzwa (853) handing the back three games to him.

Key Matchup

Team Cook might have a bit of rust to shake off as Zach has missed two of the last three weeks and Char is returning after not bowling the past 5 weeks. The big factor will be how their consistency holds up as they get back into the swing of things.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #8 – RODYCH vs. LAMONICA

Team LaMonica had Team Nelson in their hands last week and ended up choking they let them steal three totals and grand total. Jayden Nickerson (895) was the one person able to hold onto their total, beating Dave Duncan (819) 3-2, but in erratic fashion as low game was 131, but high game was 321. After that losing the other three totals by less than 30 pins is a tough way to take a loss. The toughest one to swallow had to be for Matt Turanski (859) who lost by 2 pins after being up 103 pins on Cindy Cousins (861) and had her finish 496 to his 391. Team Rodych made sure to hold onto their lead quite easily as they finished up 490 pins over Team Lourenco, 3616-3126. The weird part was the majority of the team really just bowled average, with the exception of Amanda Devenney (985) who put up her highest week of the season since Week 2, also making it her second sweep of the season shutting out Alycia Mann (732). Matt Rodych (914) broke out of his own four week losing streak managing to take down Belle Lourenco (776). The 26 point night against a top A-side team gives them a small window and some momentum to try and push for the last A-side spot which they currently sit 27 points out of.

Key Matchup

This match will be won and lost in the top half. Both teams have been all over the map in those positions lately and the team that can find someone to get over 900 will come out on top, or the one who doesn’t throw games under 170.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych

Meme of the Week

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