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Friday Night All-Stars Week 24

Trevor (104-77-3) : Tyson (97-84-3)



Match #1 – YOUZWA vs MAY

Team Youzwa made a game of it last week in a match that they were heavy underdogs against Team Rodych, only losing grand total by 33 pins. The scores that really contributed to their success came from Natalie Young (959) who walked over Matt Rodych (888) and Colton Youzwa (1045) taking advantage of a slow night from Brandon Mansell (910). The team saw the return of Tim Hooper (680) for the first time since Week 11, and despite lower scores than we are used to seeing, it actually sits in the top portion of his totals for the season, and likely will take till at least a month before we see anything resembling peak form. Not to be outdone Nakia Maxfield (618) set the league’s new low game with his 90 in game four. Luckily, his team had his back averaging 266 highlighted by a season high from Calvin Cline (1068) and another 1100 from Kyle Young (1159). The highlight of Team May’s night was winning game four by 150 pins 864-714 despite the 90-pin game.

Over/Under: Tim Hooper Strikes (11.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team May

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #2 – LOURENCO vs. NELSON

Team Lourenco took a thrashing from Team Meurrens last week, with half of their team getting swept. James Jubinville (983) saved the team from being completely embarrassed with his sweep of Chad Hurd (779), making it back-to-back sweeps and will go for three straight when he faces Ray Bartel tonight. His 10 points is higher than the number of strikes thrown by teammate Kevin Naugler (723), who finished the night with just 6 strikes, a new low on the season. Someone may want to take away his shoelaces this week for his own safety. He’s currently on a season low slump with just 4 points in four weeks and following his season low week, he has been demoted to third and will look to get back on track versus Geoff Born (948). Team Nelson also took a loss, ending their 20+ point streak at 5 weeks. The team fell victim to too many low games with five under 190. Erik Stewart (875) managed to hang onto his total despite a 168 finish to take 4 points off Alley Bourcier (846). The only other player to take a win for the team managed to do so without winning total, with Geoff Born (948) after losing game four by 87 pins to Michael Linsenmeier (977). With Tyson running away to Regina we won’t get to see any domestic abuse on the lanes as Belle Lourenco (918) will face Max Gibson.  

Over/Under: Belle Lourenco Strikes (15.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco



Team S. Gelardi picked up a much-needed win last week taking advantage of many low scores from Team Steeves. The team was flawless as long as they shot over 200, going 10-0 while going 0-6 under 190. David Wastle (728) unfortunately was three of those losses after starting with a 515-triple against Dave Duncan (778). The rest of the team had a fairly average night with Sam Gelardi (1045) notably shooting his 6th straight 1000+ week, taking 4 points from Marc Steeves (1020) with the only loss being a 193-pin mauling, 172-365. The team sits 11.5 points ahead of 9th place and win tonight will only further that cushion. Team Costello is going to make it difficult as they currently sit in 2nd place, after taking a fairly straight forward win from Team Howarth. Garry Bell (799) improved his second half record to 5-1 with his 4-point match against Mark Prystupa (786) who almost snuck back in for total after a 254-156 win being the only blemish on his night. The team also saw Derek Sabourin (926) make a sandwich with some shit bread sandwiching his 280 games between a pair of 180s. Team Costello sits 9 points out of first in the half behind Team Nelson, meaning a win tonight can set them up well.

Over/Under: Garry Bell Headpins (3.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi



Team Meurrens is coming off their hottest night of the season shooting 4030 against Team Lourenco. The team saw one of the league’s highest week-to-week individual improvements with Jesse Gagnon (1098) going up a staggering 416 pins from his Week 23 performance much to the dismay of Quinton Crockett (876) who took the full brunt of it all night. He will look to snap his current streak though of alternating between sweeping and being swept with the last four weeks (0-5-0-5). The team’s other sweep came from a season high for Brooke Goulet (1156) which ended in a 433-pin win over Kevin Naugler (723) highlighted by a 190-pin win to finish the night 358-168. Team Howarth did not quite have the same high scores but did see a good night from Craig Enns (1005), who has been on a solid run averaging 243 over the past three weeks. Mike Devenney (788) will look to snap his 8-week losing streak against Jesse.

Over/Under: Brooke Goulet Right Corners (4.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens



Team Armstrong continues to ride the struggle train with only 24 points in the last three weeks getting the boot taken to them by Team May. Holly Chaikowski (710) got the team nearly half their points winning 4-1 over Nakia Maxfield (618) taking advantage to win the last game 185-90 to pull way ahead for total. Kevin Boyko (1030) inched his averaged slightly up despite only taking 1 point off Kyle Young (1159) and could have had an even bigger night if not for the 161 finish. He was one of many to fall victim to the commentator’s curse of the writeup breaking his chop-off streak going 0-3 for the night. Team Steeves savior was once again Dave Duncan (778) who took all three points from David Wastle (728) with games under 200 and lost the only game he shot over on a sort of backwards night you don’t often see. Something you do see quite often though is Marc Steeves (1026) saving his night with one high game, shooting 365-172 over Sam Gelardi (1045) and saving average despite only shooting the one game over average. Marc is currently riding a three week losing streak, tied for his longest of the season, but he currently averages 265 when facing a potential fourth straight loss this season.

Over/Under: Garry Bell Middle Hits (24.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Steeves

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Match #6 – LEYTE vs. COOK

Team Cook had an up and down week last week against Team LaMonica. The team started with an 847 but finished with a season high 1190 in game four thanks to a pair of 330s from Trevor Cook (993) and Corey Chaikowski (1029). This team continues to run hot in the second half with Char Hurd (984) picking up her third week over 975 in the last five weeks and improving to 5-2 with her easy win over Derek Sanderson (786). The team has similarly watched Corey shoot lights out every second week, shooting over 1000 in every odd week of the second half, but only averaging 215 on the even weeks between those. If he can get over 17 strikes tonight he can likely break that streak. Team Leyte had a tightly contested match against Team Gelardi only needing one more point to pick up the win. The team saw a strong showing from Jesse Leyte (1055) who managed to win total from Dwayne Gelardi (1035) despite losing the night 2-3, thank in part to his 108-pin win in the first game. The key factor missing from the team last week was Wayne King (749) who was their only in body, but failed to break 200 on the night as he only avoided being swept by Roland Flaig (976) thanks to winning the last game 193-185. Team Leyte really needs this win to kickstart some momentum for their team in the second half.

Over/Under: Linda Orne Corners (9.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Leyte

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #7 – RODYCH vs. D. GELARDI

Team D. Gelardi was on the winning end of their close match with Team Leyte and took grand total despite only Roland Flaig (976) winning total. The 227 pins he gained on Wayne King (749) was more than enough when all the other matches kept within 50 pins. The closest match was Robbie Hendrickson (862) who lost only 3 pins despite only taking 1 point on the night from Alycia Mann (865) thanks to a 71-pin win in game three 274-203. Dwayne Gelardi (1035) pulled off the 3-2 win without getting his total facing off with roommate Jesse Leyte (1055). He sadly was yet another bowler to fall victim to the commentator’s curse also having his chop streak broken early in game one. Speaking of broken, Matt Rodych (888) continues to be lost in February averaging under 220 for the month and getting abused by Natalie Young (959) in his 5th loss in the last 6 weeks. Last week it was all the women who saved the team as Cindy Cousins (995) put up nearly 1000 against Tracy Jubinville (838) and Gillian LaMonica (772) also took 4 points off Tim Hooper (680) in his first week back. The pair have been on a tear the past month with only one loss between them, and Cindy currently riding a 5-week winning streak.

Over/Under: Cindy Cousins Pins Left (34.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi



Just when we thought team LaMonica was back and good… they went out and proved us wrong, getting tossed around like a ragdoll by Team Cook. The power couple of Derek Sanderson (786) and Jennifer Devenney (831) got power bombed by Char Hurd (984) and Corey Chaikowski (1023) who lost by a combined 396 pins taking three points. Once again the team relied on Chris Dewar (997) for their only win, now winner of three straight and averaging 249 in February. Luckily, he should have help from Derek this week as he is undefeated on even weeks in the second half, taking 4 points in each of those weeks. Team Stevenson came out to play and took down the league’s first place team, Team Nelson last week. The team had big help from both Michael Young (907) who brutalized Scott Hitchcock (793) for 4 points, and Dylan Stevenson (1063) who had a strong showing against Avalanche teammate Will Thompson (991). This will be the first week we have seen Dylan bowl back-to-back weeks since early January as he looks to keep running hot facing Andrew LaMonica. The key factor in this match will be Michael Young as he is 0-3 in even weeks during the second half, last picking up back-to-back wins in early December. This is setup to be likely the closest matchup of the night.

Over/Under: Which will be higher? Chris Dewar middle hits or pins left

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

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