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Friday Night All-Stars: Week 24 Review

Match #1 – Youzwa (15) vs. Enns (16)

This was a close match all night long, coming down to most likely the last ball. Team Enns took grand total by 8 pins, even more impressive when you realize they only won one game total on the night. The other three games had Team Youzwa win total by 23 pins or less. This match saw Team Youzwa’s grip on 7th position shrink by 2 points to the teams sitting in 8th and 9th place. Only one matchup was not a 3-2 split and it was also the only one to be decided by more than 40 pins. At the leadoff position Lana Wachal (772) beat Mark Prystupa (713). Craig Enns (915) had a strong start with a 516 double but slowed up in the last two games to let Brooke Goulet (954) come back for total. Meanwhile, the closest matchup was at anchor and it saw Glen Howarth (943) hand Colton Youzwa (930) the deciding loss in the match. Season series Team Youzwa (36) 1 - 1 Team Enns (26)

Dominant Performances

Very even scores, no standouts

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa ( X )

Match #2 – King (17) vs. Lourenco (14)

Another match coming down right to the wire, with Team King lighting it up in the 10th frame of game four to secure the grand total and the win. This win keeps Team King in the 8th position, as they matched Team Cook on the night. This was a match Team Lourenco really wanted to win, so this loss will put a lot more pressure on the remainder of their season. A close matchup in the second position saw Patrick Walker (859) pull off the comeback on Dave Duncan (849) with a 216-162 win. The bottom half of the lineup actually balanced itself out quite nicely with Karen Armstrong (1071) beating Belle Lourenco (952) by 119 pins but Ethan Buckman (1035) beat Wayne King (909) by 126 pins. The decider in this match was at leadoff, an off night from Tabatha Gelardi (731) was all it took for Chris Fedorchuk (802) to capture grand total. Season series Team King (33) 2 - 0 Team Lourenco (29)

Dominant Performances

Karen Armstrong – 1071 (4)

Ethan Buckman – 321 (1), 1035 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team King ( ✓ )

Match #3 – Rodych (18) vs. C. Jeffers (13)

Team Rodych picks up their first back-to-back win of the season, against Team C. Jeffers who has really cooled off over the last five weeks. Each matchup in this match was predominantly one sided despite several of them having totals decided by 30 pins or less. Of these three, the first was Al Bristow (855) taking four points off a fairly good night from Hailey Roberts (825). Chris Jeffers (729) somehow managed to also take four points despite a 255-138 loss in game one, and only winning total by 10 pins over Carter Schade (719). The last of these was Lexie Sutherland (989) keeping up her strong pace and fending off a big game four push from Anthony Novak (979) that saw him nearly complete the comeback with a 352 game. Season series Team Rodych (42) 2 - 0 Team C. Jeffers (20)

Dominant Performances

Anthony Novak – 352 (1), 979 (4)

Lexie Sutherland – 989 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team C. Jeffers ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych ( ✓ )

Match #4 – Stevenson (25.5) vs. Devenney (5.5)

Team Stevenson kept their momentum going from last week and rolled right over Team Devenney. It was a consistently sub-par night from Team Devenney which unfortunately did not matchup well with a night that featured three 920+ totals from Team Stevenson. Erik Stewart (974) put up a nearly season high total and Neil Stewart (772) just barely avoided the sweep with a game two 182-182 tie. Jennifer Devenney (855) was not so fortunate, as Dylan Stevenson (1098) successfully swept with relative ease due to a very strong night of bowling. Mike Devenney (788) can take solace in knowing he contributed more than half of his team’s points from Calvin Cline (734) so had a slow sparing debut. Team Stevenson now sits only 12 points back of first position in the second half of the season. Season series Team Stevenson (39.5) 1 - 1 Team Devenney (22.5)

Dominant Performances

Erik Stewart – 974 (4)

Dylan Stevenson – 314 (1), 806 (3), 1098 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson ( ✓ )

Match #5 – LaMonica (22) vs. Bartram (9)

Team Bartram was handed their 9th consecutive loss by league leaders Team LaMonica. At least one member of Team Bartram should feel very satisfied with their bowling and that is Colton Harris (904). He put up his second 900 in the last three weeks and swept one of the leagues strongest seconds, Jeff Bradshaw (792). As they have for much of the season, Team LaMonica’s bottom half had a strong showing, taking all ten points between them. Andrew LaMonica’s (878) sweep was partially a product of his matchup, not often you will sweep at third with under 900, but Mark Goldsworthy (731) was feeling generous on the night. Sam Gelardi (1070) worked a little harder for his, it was close for the first couple games and then he ran away from Chelsea Kehler (902) in the second half. Season series Team Lamonica (44) 2 - 0 Team Bartram (18).

Dominant Performances

Sam Gelardi – 311 (1), 861 (3), 1060 (4)

Colton Harris – 904 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica ( ✓ )

Match #6 – Orne (14) vs. Cook (17)

This was a big win for Team Cook as they managed to stay even with Team King who is only 2.5 points up on them in the standings for 8th spot. This match was still as much of a battle as we assumed it would be with the final totals being 3741-3699. Jayson May (1038) continues to steamroll over his competition in the second position, averaging 250 over his last four weeks. This week’s victim was the next hottest running second, David Wastle (940) who still pulled out a couple wins, but was really hurt on total in game two with a 330-207 loss. The other big match in Team Cook’s favour was Alyssa Campbell (1000) controlling her match with Linda Orne (905) taking the last three games and total. Team Orne’s anchor, Darren Maxwell (1038), kept his team in it though with a strong showing, no games under 250, taking the win over a quite capable spare Matt Sutherland (952) who unfortunately struggled to start and finish the night. Season series Team Orne (35) 1 - 1 Team Cook (27).

Dominant Performances

Jayson May – 330 (1), 825 (3), 1038 (4)

Alyssa Campbell – 1000 (4)

Matt Sutherland – 318 (1)

Darren Maxwell – 1038 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Orne ( X )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook ( ✓ )

Match #7 – Hurd (7) vs. Gelardi (24)

After an off-week Team Gelardi picked up right where they left off, just taking it to Team Hurd, 3717-3431. Team Hurd started off good, taking four points game one, but after that team captain Chad Hurd (943) was the only one to take any points in the last three games. With Team Gelardi taking 16/18 points in the last three games, it is fair to say they were shooting well. Probably the most notable of these performances was Robbie Hendrickson (973), shooting his second highest week this season and sweeping Kevin Naugler (819) who could no find his rhythm last Friday. Mitch Dubell (854) returned to his winning ways with a sweep of his own over Ryan Bannerman (731). The lone person on Team Hurd, aside from Chad, to take a point was Brett Hendrickson (938), but after the first game it was all Dwayne Gelardi (1035) putting the finishing touch on his team’s strong night. Season series Team Hurd (15) 0 - 2 Team Gealrdi (47).

Dominant Performances

Robbie Hendrickson –973 (4)

Dwayne Gelardi – 1035 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team Gelardi ( ✓ )

Match #8 – Cousins (7) vs. B. Jeffers (24)

In a pleasant change of pace last week, Team B. Jeffers put Tyson Nelson (918) on their back and dragged him across the finish line in a much-needed big win. This was another match with very dominant performances at the leadoff and third positions, both being sweeps in favour of Team B. Jeffers. Jon Linley (852) showed no mercy on poor Nikoal Cousins (601). While at the third position Adam Williamson (940) put up his third 900+ week in the last four, shutting out Char McIvor (828). The most competitive matchup of the night saw Shannon Pruden (879) and Ben Jeffers (850) square off in a back-and-forth battle, with Shannon winning a big 278-266 match to start the night, and then clutching the match with a 221-156 win in game four. At anchor Cindy Cousins (1009) showed why she is always a serious threat, putting up back-to-back 1000+ weeks and nearly sweeping Tyson. Season series Team Cousins (25) 1 - 1 Team B. Jeffers (37).

Dominant Performances

Cindy Cousins – 796 (3), 1009 (4)

Tyson’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

Trevor’s Pick: Team B. Jeffers ( ✓ )

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