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Friday Night All-Stars Week 25

Week 24 Recap

Trevor (103-89-0) : Tyson (107-85-0)



With the loss last week Team Rodych has nearly shut the door on their chances at A-side, sitting 36 points back of 8th. It was an off the night for the majority of the team except for Jennifer Devenney (932) who had a solid night, with only a minor hiccup in game two, but still enough to take four points from Matt Turanski (904) and snap her four week winless streak. The concerning performance for Team Rodych is Derek Sanderson (766) who has put up less than 770 in two of the last three weeks, and this past week it put him down 0-3 and 283 pins after three games of playing Jayden Nickerson (1011). This doesn’t matchup well with Team Hendrickson who have been fairly successful up top between Cyndie Barnett (802) and Patrick Walker (859). The pair combined for seven of the team’s 10 points with wins over Glen Crockett (767) and Mike Devenney (697). Team Hendrickson really needs a big win from their bottom half though to start getting some totals, neither Robbie (936) nor Brett Hendrickson (927) have picked up more than 3 points on a night since Week 11. Last week was an understandable loss having Craig Enns (1026) and Glen Howarth (1147) combine for 2173.

Key Matchup

Both Derek and Brett are overdue for a breakout night, the question is who can get in that groove and stay there.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych


This is a revenge match for Team Armstrong as they remain the only team to have not beaten Team Fleming this season, after taking a 19-12 loss in their last meeting. They are coming in fairly hot as both Randy Morrissette (1054) and Karen Armstrong (1074) snapped their recent cold streaks. Despite Randy taking four points off Trevor Cook (1051) as the totals dictate it was a close match, with highlights such as the riveting 178-176 win and then winning total on an wild final ball from Trevor. Karen made it a little easier on herself, handedly beating Zach Friesen (845) 4-1, only missing the sweep due to another riveting match, 192-196. Team Fleming isn’t far behind though with Mark Prystupa (928) picking up his fourth win in the last five weeks. Week 24 had him make an epic comeback on Calvin Cline (910) in game four, winning 254-216, and giving Mark a 770-triple to finish. Similarly, Brooke Goulet (1131) set a new season high handing, Dwayne Gelardi (1000) a 3-2 loss thanks to a late game three and four push that saw her shooting a lights out 612-double.

Key Matchup

With Brooke, Mark, Randy and Karen charging in with some serious momentum I think the focus shifts to Linda Orne (748) and Chloe Fleming (802). Both ladies coming off slow weeks, and could provide a big boost if they can get their corners to fall.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Armstrong

Trevor’s Pick: Team Armstrong


Both teams coming off 21-point weeks in slightly different ways. Team LaMonica took a more rounded approach having all players shoot over 880, while Team Howarth either shot over 1000 or under 800. Luckily for Team Howarth they had two of their bowlers over 1000, including Glen Howarth (1147) who extends his 1000+ streak to five weeks, and bringing his average to 270 over that span, the guy is on an absolute tear. His third Craig Enns (1026) is not that far behind, especially if he can break the pattern of 1000-800-1000-etc. The pair of them took down the Hendrickson brothers 9-1, and gave their team a 300-pin lead just from those two positions. Team LaMonica got nearly 250 pins from just one matchup which was a combination of good bowling by Jayden Nickerson (1011) and a not good bowling by Derek Sanderson (766). Aside from that the rest of the team had a fairly average night, not really going big or small. Andrew LaMonica (936) snapped his four-week losing streak beating up on Matt Rodych (838) who really did not put up much of a fight, basically having the four points handed to him.

Key Matchup

Team Howarth will need a little extra production from Ray at the second position as he is going up against Jayden who is always a wildcard with lots of big game potential.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Match #4 – STEVENSON vs. KING

Sitting as the current 6th place team, Team Stevenson will hope to add some cushion from the pack of teams sitting 15-20 points back of them. Last week was a good push in the right direction as they knocked down the top dogs, Team Youzwa. The night definitely centered itself around captain Dylan Stevenson (1233) who set a new personal best with his 410 in game one, and following it up with not only one but two games over 300 in the remaining three games. The 714-double to start the night gave him a comfortable 300-pin lead over Colton Youzwa (905) with them splitting the other two games fairly evenly. The team as a whole shot well, putting up another 4000+ week. A little bad timing for Michael Linsenmeier (1000) as he put up his third 1000 of the year and ended up taking the loss versus Jesse Gagnon (1073), the two were nearly lights out the whole night with the lone blemish being the 189 in game one for Michael that ended up being the difference in their totals as the game was lost 189-251. Team King tried the technique of everyone shooting right around 900 and it nearly would have worked if it wasn’t for a meddling Michael Young (1043) who finished with a 613-double to put himself up 155 pins over Kevin Slippert (888). Wayne King (913) put himself on the other side of that as he started slow but finished with a 532-double to pass Sam Gelardi (892) for total and win the night 3-2 thanks to a 262-261 final game.

Key Matchup

Team King needs to put pressure on Team Stevenson’s bottom half, if they get comfy, they will start to free wheel and this match could run away from them.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #5 – NELSON vs. NAUGLER

Team Nelson continues to defy the critics as they took down yet another A-side team last week in Team Campbell, still maintaining their position in the bottom of A-side. The teams tarted slow two games by a single ball, but were off to the races after that coming back to take 3/4 totals as well as grand total. The biggest comeback came from Tyson Nelson (1051) coming back from 0-2 on Kyle Costello (905) with a 600-double to finish. Though Dave Duncan (950) in the second position is the most dangerous at the moment, averaging 236 over the last four weeks using a strong games two and three to pull out a win over Alyssa Campbell (936). Team Naugler came out a little flat but luckily for them their opponent came out even flatter. Captain Kevin Naugler (912) fought off a sweep by James Jubinville (1039) thanks to a game three tie 266-266 that let him finish 0.5-4.5. The biggest performance of the night for them was most likely Jordan Nickerson (897) taking the boot to Jon Linley (788), really showing how big chop spares can be considering he had six of them on the night. Jeston Bartram (964) had an average night but continues to run hot as he is averaging 250 over his past five weeks with 19 points in that span.

Key Matchup

With Team Nelson bringing out a new spare at third, one who has not bowled a league in years, that will be a big mystery as to the outcome of this match.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Naugler

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson

Match #6 – D. GELARDI vs. COOK

These two teams are well cemented into the A-side so this match is mostly all for pride and acts as a good exhibition match for the upcoming roll-offs. Team Cook barely skinned their way to a win last week, doing so with only winning one individual total and mostly just throwing one off high games. Hard to believe I am saying it but they would not have won without Derek Sabourin (1054) as he finished with the back eight to have his team win grand total by 12 pins. His individual match came as an easy sweep facing off against one of Linda Orne’s (748) worst weeks this season, and Derek showing no mercy on top of that. The only other player who really had a chance at their total and matchup was Trevor Cook (1051) who lost total by 3 pins on the last ball in 10, plus had lost a 2-pin match earlier in the night to Randy Morrissette (1054). Team D. Gelardi saw a Gelardi sweep his matchup last week, but no it wasn’t Dwayne it was in fact Ralph Gelardi (976) sweeping fellow senior citizen Dwight Hurd (701). With the team splitting totals 2-2 with Team Fleming, the big difference was how much ground they gained in those two wins as Ralph went up 275 pins and Jesse Leyte (9180 added another 116 pins on top of that with his win over Chloe Fleming (802).

Key Matchup

Looks like another snowball fight as the league’s top two averages go head-to-head, we should see lots of high scores flying in this matchup.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Both teams took surprising losses last week and will be looking for a rebound, Campbell now having fallen out of the A-side and Lourenco getting pretty close to the ledge themselves. Team Campbell fell victim to a hot finish by Team Nelson coupled with shooting themselves in the feet with a handful of low games. None felt the effects of this more than Alyssa Campbell (936) who lost total by 14 pins thanks to a 166 in game three that let Dave Duncan (950) gain over 100 pins, making it an uphill battle to finish the night. Jessica Meurrens (885) was the lone member to pick up her total now making it back-to-back weeks getting the win despite shooting under 900, this time laying out good friend Cindy Cousins (840). For Team Lourenco if you just look at their bottom half it wasn’t a bad night with James Jubinville (1039) extending his win streak to five weeks, nearly shutting out Kevin Naugler (912). The damage for them unfortunately came from up top where neither Alycia Mann (773) nor Jon Linley (788) were able to break 800 and the fact that they walked away with a combined four points is probably a blessing. The pair have taken a nose dive the last month or so, each only eclipsing the 800-mark once in the last four weeks.

Key Matchup

Tabby is shitty.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Match #8 – YOUZWA vs. S. GELARDI

Michael Young’s (1043) back must be sore after carrying his team to victory. The 613-double to finish made it a pretty impressive night and even featured the rare double up your opponent in one game beating Kevin Slippert (888) 352-176. Apparently the team also likes the number 261 as three of the four shot it in their last game, leaving Corey Chaikwoski (914) out with his 219. Team sits in a tight 4-way battle for first on the season. The one currently leading that battle is their opponent Team Youzwa. Usually they are the ones on the giving end of high scores but with Team Stevenson having three totals over 950, including one of those being a 1200 from Dylan Stevenson (1233) this is a very justifiable loss. Jesse Gagnon (1073) set a new season high with his win over Michael Linsenmeier (1000) looking more like an anchor match than a leadoff match. The two of them only had a single game under 245. Unfortunately the great bowling could not make up for the shit kicking Jennifer Duncan (761) and Colton Youzwa (905) took in the second and anchor positions, leaving only a single team total within 100 pins.

Key Matchup

Corey versus Jesse will be the highlight of this match, both guys have run hot lately and if they can keep it up I would expect to see close to 950 on each side.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa

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