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Friday Night All-Stars Week 25

Updated: Mar 8

Trevor (107-82-3) : Tyson (101-88-3)




Team Meurrens continues to be the boom or bust team we have seen from them all season. Last week’s 27-4 win over Team Howarth puts them as the league leader in 27+ point weeks at 3, while also holding the bottom spot in most weeks with 6 or fewer points, with 5. All four points surrendered last week came from Brooke Goulet (1038) who despite a close total could only manage a single point from Glen Howarth (1053), with two losses coming by 5 pins. The hottest part of Team Meurrens right now though has to be Jesse Gagnon (1101) who now basically has back-to-back 1100s and has swept three of his last four weeks. Last week he added himself to the list of players who have shot 1100 at Mike Devenney (775) this season. The match also saw Chad Hurd (903) pick up his first sweep of the season picking on Mark Prystupa (660). Team Stevenson also had their leadoff picked on as Alley Bourcier (639) put up a season low going against Derek Sanderson (875) also resulting in a shutout. Luckily the rest of the team had her back taking 13/15 of their individual points, and averaging over 100 pins up on their opponents. Dylan Stevenson (1009) nearly pulling off the sweep of Andrew LaMonica (875) but had a 1-pin loss in game three, 222-223. The team currently sits 0.5 points back of Team LaMonica for an A-side spot.

Over/Under: Jesse Gagnon Left Corners (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Meurrens

Trevor’s Pick: Team Meurrens



Team Rodych had a fairly decent night from their regulars with both Gillian LaMonica (909) and Cindy Cousins (923) over 900 but facing Robbie Hendrickson (1004) and Cordell Galbecka (996) that only amounted to 3 points. The loss snaps Cindy’s 5-week winning streak.  The lone win in their match came from the spare battle at anchor resulting in a 4-1 victory for Kevin Slippert (885) over fellow experienced bowler Cam Boon (790). The team sits 26 points back of A-side meaning they need a hot run to finish the season if they have any aspirations of getting into the top-8. This means Team Armstrong will be out to play spoiler tonight as their B-side spot is well locked up after getting tossed around by Team Steeves. The team kept things fairly close at the top splitting their points 2-3 for each but losing the bottom two matches by nearly 400 pins was the nail in the coffin. Richard Parisian (908) was keeping it closer with Jayden Nickerson (1104) until an untimely game four 160 derailed what could have been a strong night. Game four has plagued Richard in the second half with just 2/9 over 220, this will be a bey key in him keeping his match close against Matt Rodych.

Over/Under: Matt Rodych Corner Spare % (68.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Rodych

Trevor’s Pick: Team Rodych



Team Howarth avoided getting shutout last week thanks to Glen Howarth (1053) who took all 4 of his team’s points last week with just a 15-pin win over Brooke Goulet (1038). Going against Andrew LaMonica this week should make for a pretty even match as the two of them sit 15th and 17th in average, and Glen is hunting down his first back-to-back win of the second half. The team being without Craig Enns (875) tonight means they are going to have to grind out every point they can get. For Mike Devenney’s (775) sake he’s just hoping to not have another 1100 shot against him as he has faced three in the second position this season. Since he will be facing Chris Dewar (908) who does not have one yet this season the odds are in his favour… but then again none of the others had one before him either. Last week the team was actually the Derek Sanderson (875) show as he took 5/7 individual points for the team, and single handedly got the team total in game two 1025-992 thanks to his 138-pin win, 306-168 over Alley Bourcier (639). After an ass-whooping from Dylan Stevenson (1009) last week, Andrew LaMonica (875) is now 2-6 in the second half, and with both wins coming from his 1100+ weeks. This will be a good testing as he looks to break that trend but also to find his way back over the 950-mark.

Over/Under: What’s Greater… Derek Sanderson (Pins Left) or (Middle Hits + Strikes)

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Match #4 – MAY vs. COSTELLO

This will be one of the more important matches on the night as Team May sits just 3 points back of Team LaMonica for the A-side and Team Costello still right in the hunt for the second half currently in third but needing to makeup 24 points on Team Nelson. Both teams had unfortunate setbacks last week, Team May losing a close one to Team Youzwa. The team missed a golden opportunity for a win with Nakia Maxfield (760) getting his first sweep of the season beating up on Tim Hooper (623) as he regains his footing in the league. Poor timing when you factor in Calvin Cline (835) having the rug pulled out from under him by Tracy Jubinville (1036). Team Costello’s setback was a little more managing to scrape out just 10 points off Team S. Gelardi. The bulk of those points came from David Wastle (1003), the high total on the set, taking three points from Kelly Smith (960). Garry Bell (901) nearly joined him in the winner’s circle but couldn’t quite rebound all the way back up after his 125-pin loss in game three 189-314, falling just 13 pins shy of Ralph Gelardi (914). The key to this match will lie in two distinct people, Nakia for Team May needs to keep it close with Garry but on the other side it depends which version of Matt Turanski (808) we see tonight as well as he takes on Jayson May (869).

Over/Under: Kyle Young Chop Offs (2.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Costello

Trevor’s Pick: Team May


Match #5 – COOK vs. LOURENCO

Team Lourenco is currently a team in a sinking boat with just 14 points in the last two weeks, they have dropped from 2nd to 5th and now sit only 17 points head of 9th. The hole in ship continues to be Kevin Naugler (816) who now rides a five-week losing streak and is averaging just 196 over the past three weeks. The team’s lone shining star was once again Quinton Crockett (1037) who despite being over 1000 for the 5th time this season just barely hung on to keep total against Scott Hitchcock (1026), but in the end giving him his fourth win in the last five weeks. Team Cook was in the exact same boat last week, and their Quinton was none other than Craig Klassen (1021) who handled Jesse Leyte (913) with ease. His night also featured the near 500-double with games 195 pins apart (347-152). This was quickly offset by Corey Chaikowski (749) falling victim to the even numbered week once again as he shot a new season low and having Linda Orne (933) kick him while he’s down. At the top Char Hurd (879) had a good personal showing but ended up on the wrong side of just too many close games to Alycia Mann (913) with all matches within 20 pins. Team Cook still has a chance at the half, but they will need a win this week to do it. Lucky for them Corey has yet to shoot under 1000 on odd weeks this half.

Over/Under: Trevor Cook Headpins (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook


Match #6 – STEEVES vs. D. GELARDI

Team D. Gelardi once again struck oil in the absence of captain Dwayne Gelardi. The team’s top three combined for a 252 average and collectively winning their totals by over 300 pins. The strategy of the team was apparently either shoot around 190 or over 300 as 9/12 games fell into this category, luckily it was a pretty even split. The biggest highlight for the team would have been Roland Flaig’s (1015) 643-double, Roland taking the strategy quite literally being one of the only players this season to shoot over 1000 with no 200 games, and two games under 200. The other complimentary headline was Robbie Hendrickson (1004) throwing his first 1000 since back in Week 5, and setting a new high game for himself in the process opening the night with a 337-262 win over Gillian LaMonica (909). The big scores continued over on Team Steeves as well, with both Jayden Nickerson (1104) and Marc Steeves (1127) cracking the 1100-mark for the first time this season. Marc finally clued in that throwing three games a week makes it way easier to have a good night, starting with a 934-triple but not to let his average get too out of control reigned it in with a 193 to finish. Jayden tried a different approach picking up a 135-pin win over Richard Parisian (908) in the first game, 362-227 and just coasted down gently to an easy 1100. This match has much bigger implications for Team D. Gelardi, as they are right in the thick of things for both the half and aggregate standings.

Over/Under: Dwayne Gelardi Headpins (7.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi


Match #7 – NELSON vs. LEYTE

This should prove to be one of the tighter matches on the day as these two teams sit in the top 3, and combined for 51 points last week. Team Nelson shot a season high 4071, and the top three averaging 258 for the night. The league’s high game last week came from Geoff Born (1058) as he buried Kevin Naugler (816) so far down there is a cold case file on it, also picking up his third sweep in the last five weeks. Another big reason for their dominance was Ray Bartel (1013) stepping up despite a 10-pin underdog to James Jubinville (853) and sent him packing up back to boot camp, improving his record to 5-1 in the second half. Team Leyte had a very similar night with just slightly lower scoring. Their MVP was their own old guy as Wayne King (1030) bounced back very well from his season low in Week 23 to his second highest last week against Lisa Fetch (859). The key to this matchup will be the success of Alycia Mann (913) and Linda Orne (933) as both are riding four-week win streaks and taken 35/40 points over that span. These lanes are a mixed bag for Linda as she averages the fewest head pins per game (0.91/gm) on this set but also has her lowest hit percentage at just 62%.

Over/Under: Alycia Mann Middle Hits (27.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team Nelson

Trevor’s Pick: Team Nelson


Match #8 – S. GELARDI vs. YOUZWA

Team S. Gelardi gained some good ground last week with a pretty well-rounded night against Team Costello keeping every between 915 and 975. Kelly Smith (960) was the lone loss on the team but was in one of the more back and forth matches of the night after losing game one 291-317 to David Wastle (1003) and winning the next two by a single ball. As the only other core member there last week Ralph Gelardi (914) managed to pull off the 3-2 win by a narrow margin over Garry Bell (901) improving himself to 5-1 over the last six weeks and a big reason for their second half success. This is a must win week for them if they want to make a big push for the second half as they are currently second and just 17 points back of Team Nelson, meaning they can’t be giving up unnecessary points to B-side teams. On the other side much like last week Team Youzwa looks to play spoiler as during the final stretch of the season. Team Youzwa definitely got an important piece of their puzzle back having Ethan Buckman (930) return last week and quickly picked up a win over Jayson May (869), and actually stretches his success to 6-1 over his last 7 weeks which with his absences goes all the way back to mid November. After last week the team owes Tracy Jubinville (1036) a massage because she must be sore from carrying them on her back as she fought off Calvin Cline (835). Not a surprising number when you consider she smashed her season high for hits shooting 37 last week with also a nearly perfect record in 10th frames taking 47 attempts.

Over/Under: Sam Gelardi Headpins (6.5)

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

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