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Friday Night All-Stars Week 26

Week 25 Recap

Trevor (110-90-0) : Tyson (112-88-0)


Match #1 – COOK vs. FLEMING

With the top facing the bottom, 238 points separate these two on the standings coming into tonight. Team Cook has now squeaked out back-to-back 16-15 wins, last week managing to win despite losing grand total by 48 pins 3643-3691. Char McIvor (756) may not have scored as high as she wanted but, on the scoresheet, she was dominant, taking all five points off Chris Jeffers (572) who definitely did not play like he wanted. Zach Friesen (1004) was on the same pace as his teammate going into game four but a devastating 217-335 loss to Jesse Leyte (1019) saw the game and total fly out the window. Derek Sabourin (941) tried to contribute but ultimately was beat down by Steve Jennings (1085), though he gave himself a chance with his 530-double to start, before falling off a cliff and missing the middle nine consecutive frames only to punch a headpin in 10 for a 158, pretty much sealing his night. Team Fleming… they had fun and that’s what counts. Brooke Goulet (1023) did manage to steal away two points in the last game with a 360-246 win over Randy Morrissette (1005), and salvaging her total on the night.

Key Matchup

I would say Team Fleming needs to chip away points at the top half of Team Cook. In particular if Gillian LaMonica (705) can take advantage of Char still getting back into a rhythm after being away several weeks.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Cook

Trevor’s Pick: Team Cook

Match #2 – HOWARTH vs. RODYCH

This is another pride only match, as these two teams have locked up their spots in the B-side realistically. The top half for Team Howarth kept their night from being a complete disaster, capturing 9/12.5 points for the team. Mike Devenney (762) was the second of two leadoffs to sweep with a sub-770 total as he came out on the right side of a lot of close games winning three games decided by less than a ball against Jeff Bradshaw (694). The other half of that duo was Ray Bartel (951) who despite a slow start pulled out a 4-1 win over Jayden Nickerson (804), finishing with a solid 762-triple. The pair nearly combined for as many points as Team Rodych. The majority of their points came from Jennifer Devenney (895) who pulled off a game four comeback on Brett Hendrickson (854) winning 279-207 putting up back-to-back wins for the first time in the second half. Her sister Amanda Devenney (898) was the only other one who had an above average night and unfortunately got rewarded with a big night from Cyndie Barnett (985), giving her only a single point.

Key Matchup

With Matt Rodych (918) currently nursing a hand injury the anchor matchup will be a bit of a wildcard. Especially given Glen Howarth (831) despite last week has had the stronger season between them, coming in at a 243-237 advantage.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Howarth

Trevor’s Pick: Team

Match #3 – NELSON vs. LOURENCO

Both teams are coming off big wins, they each have a lot of momentum on their side. Team Nelson now sits 1-point back of first in the half, but only has a 10.5-point lead on 9th to stay alive on the A-side. Team Lourenco with their week was able to get back in the hunt for aggregate now 5.5 points back of the leaders. They were lead by captain Belle Lourenco (997) who swept Kyle Costello (826) in dominant fashion snapping her three week losing streak and making a big contribution to total. As it has been most of the season James Jubinville (1002) is right there next to her with his own 4-1 win over Jessica Meurrens (874), only missing the sweep by 4 pins, losing game four 243-246. Tyson Nelson (970) had an almost identical night as he also missed his sweep of Jeston Bartram (900) by 3 pins due to a 230-233 loss. Team Nelson had their bottom three, all taking four points with the closest match being 70 pins apart and the biggest difference coming from second with Dave Duncan (878) making it a 146-pin gap between him and Jordan Nickerson (732). The icing on the cake for them was having TD Holland (909) resurrected from the bowling graveyard to lay a can of whoop-ass on Kevin Naugler (793).

Key Matchup

With an undisputable advantage at every position Team Nelson is the heavy favourite early on. If they ask nicely Team Nelson may let them get over 10 points.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Lourenco

Trevor’s Pick: Team


As we just finished talking about their opponents, you may have figured out these two teams did not have stellar nights, combining for 14 points. Team Campbell despite having top-3 averages in three of the four positions has not found the win column as much as you would expect. They currently sit 16 points back of 8th place Team LaMonica with only five weeks to go. Alyssa Campbell (1013) snapped her three-week losing streak smacking around Jon Linley (904) with ease most of the night. That was as good as it got though as no one else took more than a point. Kyle Costello (826) got hit with his second shutout of the season facing Belle Lourenco (997) with his only other coming against Tyson in the first half. Team Naugler may have shot themselves in the foot last week as they dropped to 11th and now sit 25 points out of A-side. Adam Williamson (800) managed to get his team’s only win as just held on for a 3-2 victory thanks to his 468-double to start, winning total by 13 pins over Lisa Fetch (787). This match was also a good example of a captain going down with his ship as Kevin Naugler (793) got his worst triple of the season out of the way early in this one going down 0-3 on TD Holland (909) and being down 553-680 after three.

Key Matchup

Both Kevin and Kyle coming off one of their lower weeks on the season I would expect each to bounce back with a little more oomph this week. Between the pair of them I easily see them shooting over 2000 and turning part of this match into a high scoring affair.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Campbell

Trevor’s Pick: Team Campbell


This is a must win for Team LaMonica, given their remaining schedule they cannot take anymore losses to teams lower than them in the standings. They currently hold a 4-point lead on Team Armstrong. The duo of Andrew Lamonica (998) and Matt Turanski (998) put the team on their shoulders as they combined for 8.5 points and a 253-pin lead on Glen Howarth (831) and Sandi Anderson (912). Much to the dismay of Jayden Nickerson (804) he saw his seven week streak of being over 220 come to an end as a rough 340-double to finish was the knife in both the back of his streak and his match against Ray Bartel (951). Team Hendrickson ended their own four-week losing streak with big nights at the top and bottom of their lineup. At the top, Cyndie Barnett (985) extended her win streak to four weeks taking down Amanda Devenney (898), with this being possibly her most consistent performance all season shooting nothing under 230. The bottom had Robbie Hendrickson (997) end his four-week losing streak on Matt Rodych (918) with a very similar night to Cyndie keeping all games over 220.

Key Matchup

Team Hendrickson is in full spoiler mode and playing with no expectations can sometimes be a big advantage. Look to see which of these teams stays loose throughout the night.

Tyson’s Pick: Team LaMonica

Trevor’s Pick: Team LaMonica


Team Stevenson and S. Gelardi sit 17 and 23 points ahead of 9th respectively so as long as either of them can avoid a big loss tonight they are in good position to coast into the A-side rolloffs. Team S. Gelardi did not help themselves last week with only a single player over 840. Michael Young (1037) kept his team afloat despite splitting his night with Marc Steves (1072) 2.5-2.5. Michael held the 2.5-0.5 lead going into game four up 819-792 for total, but let a 218-277 loss bring the match back to even. Otherwise there was also some Snowman violence as Sam Gelardi (837) got kicked in the snowballs by Colton Youzwa (926) taking just one point. Team Stevenson just hung on for their win over Team King, despite being up 150 pins for total. Part of this was due to Dylan Stevenson (970) winning total but losing his night as he won game one 274-165 over Wayne King (948) but proceeded to lose the remaining three games by roughly 30 pins a piece. The team’s real saving grace was Jayson May (1053) who both provided a massive break on total as he beat Kevin Slippert (810) by 243 pins, but the more important highlight was he was the only point they got in game four winning 243-235, otherwise this would have turned into a losing night for them.

Key Matchup

Looks like another snowball fight as Sam gets to face his newest teammate, Dylan. We might see the loser sitting on the bench come this Sunday.

Tyson’s Pick: Team S. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team Stevenson

Match #7 – YOUZWA vs. KING

Team King nearly pulled off a game three and four comeback on Team Stevenson, only falling one point shy. Chris Dewar (839) pulled off the sweep of Erik Stewart (754) taking each of the first three games by one ball. This makes Dewar the winningest player in the second half as he is currently 9-1 through 10 weeks. The only other member of his team that managed to pickup a win was Wayne King (948) who pulled off the win over Dylan Stevenson (970) despite losing total. Team Youzwa didn’t keep things as close as they took advantage of Team S. Gelardi’s off night. The only really close matchup was Jesse Gagnon (836) as he held on to beat Gord Caron (812) 3-2, which also makes him the second winningest player in this half at 8-1. This means the battle at second will be for title of winningest player in the half. Colton Youzwa (926) managed to break his own losing streak taking down Sam Gelardi (837), a positive change despite him currently being on a slump averaging 223 over the past three weeks.

Key Matchup

Battle of seconds is the focus, winner gets to hold the crown or championship belt depending on their preference.

Tyson’s Pick: Team Youzwa

Trevor’s Pick: Team Youzwa


Team Armstrong needs a good night as they sit only four points back of the A-side. Last week was a good start on that as the entire team managed to find the win column, with only Randy Morrissette (1005) losing his total due to a big last game from Brooke Goulet (1023). Tim Hooper (859) has also continued his hot run through the second half making him 6-1 over the last seven weeks, his latest victim being Mark Prystupa (769). The same can be said for Karen Armstrong (953) who is also 6-1 over that span, and was one of three people on the night who missed a sweep by 3 pins, as Tracy Jubinville (776) managed a 198-195 win to stop the shutout. On a night that saw low scoring across the board Team D. Gelardi’s leadoff Chris Jeffers (572) unfortunately took that to the extreme with his 394-triple. Unfortunately, due to this, Team D. Gelardi becomes the first team this season to lose with three players over 1000. Dwayne Gelardi (1015) was one of those players and he took advantage of a slow night by Trevor Cook (941), this brings him to 9-1 on his fellow snowman teammate this season, maybe foreshadowing how the rolloffs will play out next month as well.

Key Matchup

I predict Chris will go up from last week, and make it a fairly close match with Linda Orne. I expect to see this as a 3-2 split, if it goes 4-1 then the winner of that matchup will be part of the winning team.

Tyson’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

Trevor’s Pick: Team D. Gelardi

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